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Black Friday 2018

In Lifeline, hold off 5 zombie sieges in November.

01 Nov 2018 until 01 Dec 2018

Black Friday 2018
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Challenge Guide for Black Friday 2018

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    01 Nov 2018 01 Nov 2018
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    Credit goes to Tricka for writing the solution from three years ago:
    State of Decay: Year One Survival EditionBlack FridayThe Black Friday challenge in State of Decay: Year One Survival EditionIn Lifeline, hold off 5 zombie sieges in November.

    I decided to give a little more detail below for anyone that needs it.

    Start up a new game of Lifeline.
    Clear out the first mob of zombies and get to the truck. Should take no more than two minutes.
    If this is your first time playing then follow the blue arrow on the mini-map in the lower-left of the screen to the LZ/base. (Press the view/back button cn_back if you need to see a full map of where you're going.)
    Once at the destination, run into the gated area which will activate the NPC soldiers inside to fight. You can run over to the supply locker and grab the Grenade Launcher if you want.
    -Press cn_Y on the locker
    -Press cn_LB/cn_RB to get to the gun menu
    -Highlight the Grenade Launcher and press cn_A
    -Then move your cursor to your inventory and highlight the Launcher again and equip it by pressing cn_X, then cn_B to close it
    Once all zombies in the area are dead it will go to a little cutscene, you should get your progress right as it starts, feel free to quit out and then start a new game to repeat. Killing the zombies and reloading should take about three or so minutes all together.

    If you're being efficient this should take well under thirty minutes to complete.
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