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Gold Rush

Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.

Gold Rush-5.1
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Achievement Guide for Gold Rush

  • jcupmainejcupmaine216,053
    26 Nov 2018 28 Oct 2018 15 Jan 2019
    143 11 115
    This guide is split into sections; Introduction, Tips & Tricks, General Tips for recurring objectives (Accuracy, time etc.), New Save method, REPLAY method and finally Video walkthrough.

    There are a total of 104 Gold Medals you can achieve just from story missions. (NOT strangers)
    You are able to replay missions from any chapter by pressing start cn_start and selecting "PROGRESS". From here head into "STORY", it's the first tile you open up to, here you can select any chapter and replay any mission. Your guns & gear won’t carry over! You will be given the bare minimum needed to complete each mission. However, plenty of people prefer using the replay method as you already have gold medal progress, you will be familiar with the story and remember your experiences so you can choose to replay the missions that weren't difficult for you. Either method works and has it's perks.

    Tips, Tricks and information.
    You MUST achieve all objectives in ONE playthrough. You can't play a mission and complete 1 objective and replay it again for another. You also can't transfer gold medals to another save. If you get 35 medals in one save, then create a new save, you must get greater than 35 medals for your achievement tracker to continue to make progress.

    You can’t get a “FAIL” or “DEAD” screen if your objectives include overall time, headshots, or accuracy. If you do you must restart the mission from the beginning
    Pausing the game WON'T effect time.

    General Tips for recurring objectives(Accuracy & Time):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    New Save Method

    Make sure to save your game after EVERY mission! The autosave feature can be very buggy/frozen, count023 said they lost 14 medals because of this broken feature!

    I highly recommend creating a new save exclusively for this achievement. I found myself genuinely enjoying the story once again and didn’t get annoyed so much on my progress with the gold medals. If you choose to do this I recommend using a money exploit as soon as possible or grinding side missions for money since with this you can buy better guns, chewing tabacco and other tonics, better equipment and a better horse AND you’ll be able to use them for every mission. In “Replay” you will not have any of your things with you. Create a save before every mission, and reload the save if you fail. Stock up on ammo and tonics and you will be fine!

    REPLAY Method
    I found that a lot of people would prefer using the replay feature over creating a new save, for efficiency, personal preference and for the satisfaction of having a 100% game save WITH the gold medal. I understand why you would prefer using replay.

    The replay feature, I thought, was a bit more difficult as you don't have any of your saved gear and the game provides you with the basics needed to complete the mission. However, there are a lot of missions where the gold objectives are fairly easy- If you open the video walkthrough section you will find that I have rated each mission; Aim to complete the easy missions first as the gear given to you won't make/break your outcome and these mission should be easy to complete.

    In the replay option you are able to see what objectives you have/haven't got in that current replay (bare in mind, if you complete an objective it WON'T carry over to another replay, you must complete ALL objectives in a single playthrough of a mission. If you press the back button you are able to see the status for the current mission, restart or quit the mission and you are able to see the objectives.

    Replaying missions will be easier if you have already got a lot of gold medals, so you WILL SAVE TIME using this method if you already have progress toward it.

    LOOT LOOT LOOT- the key to using the replay feature is that you can get a lot of your gear from dead enemies, they will have a lot of chewing tobacco which you can use to get more dead-eye. Using Chewing tobacco WON'T effect your objective to not eat/drink health items.

    Video Walkthroughs (provided by GtaSeriesVideos)

    I have added a star rating next to each mission which displays the mission difficulty in my opinion! This is based on the rating I got on each mission, how many replays it took me (if any ) and whether I needed a guide. A "★☆☆☆☆" rating says that a mission is the most difficult. A "★★★★★" rating means I completed it with with ease. This difficulty was based on a new save NOT replay.
    Objectives may include spoilers, proceed with caution.

    Chapter 1
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 2
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 3
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 4
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 5
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 6
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Epilogue – Part 1
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Epilogue Part 2
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    GTA Series Videos have uploaded a playlist for every mission which I used for video reference when I needed it. I have added a link next to the title of every mission .

    I Hope you find this guide helpful and good luck partners wink
    -If you have any other suggestions or found an error in this guide please comment the issue so the solution can be updated ASAP.
    If you're going to dislike this solution please explain why so we can try to solve your issue.
  • BLACKandBIGBLACKandBIG94,482
    11 Nov 2018 11 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
    38 5 20
    Few TIPS for those who missed the opportunity to complete this on the FIRST PLAYTHROUGH or don't want to spoil it by endless restarts.
    *I've completed almost all missions (60+) after finishing the game.

    My Gold Medals:
    *Need to log in to see

    My Settings:
    Lock-On Mode: Wide
    Aim Assist Strength: Maximum


    1) It sounds much harder than it actually is. I've never had any situation restarting a mission because of lack of Dead Eye or Stamina.
    2) You can check objectives status by pressing Left (D-Pad), choosing mission and scrolling right. You also can Restart Checkpoint or Quit from there by holding X.
    3) There are more than 70 "Easy" missions. I had ~ 5 more left after 70th.
    4) You can't die or fail if the objectives are: Headshots, Accuracy, Time (Overall) or Using Health Items
    5) If your Dead Eye ends, you can try looting Chewing Tobacco from enemies.
    6) Always abuse Auto-Aim. Press LT and then flick RS a little bit up for headshots. If there are no Headshots required or you've already done them, shoot the bodies to increase your accuracy.
    7) I think that Talisman Bonuses work in Replay, so they can make life a little bit easier
    8) Upgrade and clean all your weapons as they are the same in Replay (not Always)
    9) Sometimes missions that looks easy are much harder than hard looking ones
    10) As you've already finished campaign, you know which missions were easy for you. Start this achevement by clearing from the Easiest ones.
    11) If you stuck on a mission, search a video guide on YouTube.
    12) If you need Tips for any mission that I've completed ask in comments. I'll try to help.
    13) Good Luck! I've had much more restarts because of missing it
  • EggplantMan69EggplantMan69360,753
    05 Feb 2019 09 Feb 2019 09 Feb 2019
    26 2 2
    Alright guys so it’s not much of a guide you guys know how to play the game but for this achievement for those who needed to use replays, cause I can for sure say I was one. This is my list which I find are easiest and may take one or two tries. But as someone who wants to help out I find these are the easiest for chapter replays.

    **Please keep in mind this is using the replay mission, where your items are limited**

    If your having trouble, I personally would watch the GTAseries vids for a quick run down of thy said mission

    Chapter 1 - Gold 4
    Outlaws from the West
    Enter, Pursued by a Memory
    The Afternath of Genesis
    Eastward Bound

    Chapter 2 - Gold 14
    Who is Not Without Sin
    Americans At Rest
    Paying a Social Call
    Polite Society, Valentine Style
    Money Lending and Other Sins III
    Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego
    A Quiet Time
    The First Shall Be Last
    Blessed Are The Meek?
    The Spines of America
    We Loved Once and True III
    A Fisher of Men
    A Strange Kindness
    Good, Honest, Snake Oil

    Chapter 3 - Gold 12
    Further Questions of Female Suffage
    The New South
    The Course of True Love II
    The Course of True Love III
    Advertising, the New American Art II
    Sodom? Back to Gomorrah
    The Fine Joys of Tobacco
    Horse Flesh for Dinner
    Magicians for Sport
    Blessed are the Peacemakers
    Friends in Very Low Places
    The Battle of Shady Balle

    Chapter 4 - Gold 9
    The Joys of Civilization
    Help a Brother Out
    Fatherhood and Other Dream II
    Brothers and Sisters, One and All
    No, No and Thrice, No
    The Gilded Cage
    A Fine Night of Debauchery
    American Fathers II
    Country Pursuits

    Chapter 5 - Gold 4
    Welcome to the New World
    Dear Uncle Tacitus
    A Fork in the Road
    That’s Murfree Country *may take a couple tries*

    Chapter 6 - Gold 11
    Icarus and Friends
    Do Not Seek Absolution I
    Do Not Seek Absolution II
    Visiting Hours
    The Course of True Love V * may take a couple tries*
    A Rage Unleashed
    Archeology for Beginners
    Honor, Amongst Thieves *just be quick getting the meds*
    The Delights of Van Horn
    The Bridge to Nowhere
    Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow II

    Epilogue Part 1 - Gold 10
    The Wheel
    Simple Pleasures
    Farming, for Beginners
    Fatherhood, for Beginners
    Old Habits
    Fatherhood, for Idiots
    Jim Milton Rides, Again? *may take a couple tries*
    Gainful Employment
    Home of the Gentry?

    Epilogue Part 2 - Gold 6
    Bare Knuckle Friendships
    Home Improvement for Beginners
    A New Jerusalem
    A Really Big Bastard
    Tryin Again
    A New Future Imagined

    This makes 70 hope this list helps ya fellow gamers cheers :)
  • Silvery DeathSilvery Death233,700
    19 Jul 2019 19 Jul 2019 19 Jul 2019
    4 1 1
    This is not really a guide but just some missions that that you can kinda "cheese" to help people trying to do this in replay. If anyone knows more let me know in the comments. Also, I would recommend checking out Platinum Chasers videos on YouTube if you need help on any mission. His guides really helped me out.

    In the Chapter 2 mission "A Strange Kindness" go to Rhodes before Dewberry Creek. On the table to the right side of the Fence should be a thing of chewing tobacco you can take. Then go and loot Trelawny's house. Go back to the Fence and sell what you can. Then head to the general store in town and sell what you can. Buy however many deadeye and horse stamina tonics you can.

    You can also kind of do the same in the Chapter 3 missions “Magicians for Sport” and “Advertising the New American Art II.” When you get to (or make a detour to) Trelawny's place, head directly over to the same table next to the Fence and there should be chewing tobacco to help you on top of the snake oil in the end table drawer inside Trelawny's home.

    In the Chapter 2 mission “The Sheep and the Goats” after hitching my horse I went behind the sheriff's office, robbed the pig farmer and killed one pig (you can try for more but I did not want to risk alerting the law) hiding behind the shed. Brought its body to the butcher's and sold it, along with the meat I already apparently had on me. Then went inside the General Store and brought some chewing tobacco.

    Also on this mission, search the saddlebags of the horse the herders were riding to check if they have any dead eye consumables. Finally, there is a loottable chest under an abandoned cart you ride by on the way back to Valentine that has some dead eye stuff.

    Map of where above loottable chest is located:
    External image

    In the Chapter 3 mission “The New South” if you die while trying to knock out Anders Anderson without getting hit you can just retry the mission and start from right before the fight without any of the objectives being affected.

    In the Chapter 3 mission “An Honest Mistake”, headshot the guy who walks into the barn for an easy one but then loot his body. He might have chewing tobacco on him which can be a big help. First time I tried this mission he did not, but he had some on my successful second attempt.

    In the Chapter 4 mission “American Fathers II” after dealing with Danbury and leaving his office do not get involved in the gunfight. Instead just run to where Eagle Flies is waiting. This makes it so all you have to worry killing the horse back riders without missing a shot to keep within the 80% accuracy.

    In the Chapter 6 mission “Delights of Van Horn” after the opening cutscene climb on top of the cart in front of you and then on to the awning of the house. Head into the open window. On your right is a bottle of snake oil on the cabinet, a health tonic inside. Then on your left from the window open all the drawers in that cabinet to find another snake oil and health item.

    After the ambush in town (you have to get the 5 headshots in this section btw), do not get on the wagon. Go up the side stairs of the building to the right of the bar. Go through the door at the end of the hallway and head left for another snake oil tonic on top of a dresser.

    In Epilogue - Part 1 during "Fatherhood, for Idiots" when you get more then halfway back to Pronghorn Ranch you can abandon the quest from the left d-pad menu. Then you start closer to the Ranch and it does not affect the time requirement.

    My final gold medal breakdown by section to give an idea of which ones might be easier. I would say I did about 60-70% of the gold medals in replay. It might seem impossible at first, I thought the same. On Saturday, when I started going for this again I only had 43 gold medals. I then got 27 between then and Thursday night. You just have to get on a roll and nail down shooting without relying on Dead Eye as much.

    Cha 1: 4/6
    Cha 2: 15/18
    Cha 3: 12/17
    Cha 4: 10/14
    Cha 5: 3/9
    Cha 6: 10/19
    Epi 1 : 10/10
    Epi 2 : 6/11
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