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Grin and Bear it

Survive 18 bear attacks and kill the bear each time in Story Mode.

Grin and Bear it0
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Achievement Guide for Grin and Bear it

  • Instant DnBInstant DnB346,139
    02 Nov 2018 03 Nov 2018 03 Nov 2018
    82 8 26
    I used the 2 grizzly bears between wallace station and watsons cabin. Once killed, take the train to saint Denis. Save game. Quit to dashboard. Reload game. Take train back to wallace and the bears are back. Rinse and repeat. Worked everytime and took about 2hours to get all 18. Make sure you save and quit to dashboard in saint denis as that resets the spawn. It costs a bit of money to use the train but i was selling the pelts and meat in St Denis and this covered most of the travel costs
  • MynameisnosremeMynameisnosreme327,904
    03 Nov 2018 03 Nov 2018 05 Nov 2018
    37 5 13
    I tried a strategy to force the bears to respawn in the photo area. Traveling from Wallace Station
    External image
    to Emerald Ranch
    External image
    and returning. Then head to the map area and look for the bear, if it still does not appear i advise sleeping 2 to 5 nights using the maximum hours. If everything works out just by repeating the process, it will take some time but the achievement will come.

    UPDATE: If you're having difficulty increasing your percentage try this. Use Springfield rifle in one of the empty slots, the other is empty. When you are attacked by him keep pressing B without stopping, after the animation he stabs the bear he is in a kind of slow motion, at that moment you press RT to shoot. a single shot of the gun is enough, just like the video. Before that I also had trouble tracking. My friend RodrigoBahls was one of the first to win the achievement, he used this method and then i did too.

    I'm tired of working so hard on this achievement and now I'm going to sleep. I will update with images and videos later. Sorry for bad English.

    Eu tentei uma estratégia para forçar o respawn dos ursos na área da foto. Viajando de Wallace Station para Emerald ranch e retornando imediatamente. Depois, dirija-se para a área do respawn e procure o urso, se ele ainda não aparecer eu aconselho dormir 2 a 5 noites usando o máximo de horas. Se der tudo certo é só ficar repetindo o processo, vai levar algum tempo mas a conquista virá
  • TenrethTenreth408,708
    31 Oct 2018 30 Oct 2018 07 Nov 2018
    29 11 29
    You'll have to survive 18 bear attacks. It seems only Grizzlys will attack you. American black bears run away.
    When you find one, select your repeating rifle (fast reload and good amount of dmg), but don't shoot it yet.
    Let the bear mangle you down and spam the B button. You will break free eventually and have the chance to shoot at the bear. Quickly press RT (three to) four times. That should kill the bear while you're still on your back on the ground and give you progress towards the achievement.
    If you upgrade your weapon and/or use better bullets, you'll kill the bear faster. You save some ammo and you have a better chance to make it count.

    Grizzly bears can be found in the region Grizzlies East in Ambarino. There are muliple spawns north east of the legendary bear (north and south of the railroad tracks). For exact locations, see the picture down below. You can sell the hide to the trapper and return later or save the game and reload or camp. Leaving the area (e.g. visiting the trapper, works best).
    I used the one near Elysian Pool. This has the chance to be far enough to reset at least one spawn. While reaching the spawn south of the railroad, the bear was not there most of the time. However, it should be enough to cross the tracks and then turn around. This can force a bear-spawn, but that is not 100% guaranteed.

    Location and best way to scout both locations
    External image

    Maka made a great video explaining the achivement and a different approach. Try it, it might work better for you too!
  • whateverkenwhateverken128,088
    18 Jan 2019 18 Jan 2019 04 Mar 2019
    13 2 2
    Just got this last night. Used the following youtube as a guide.

    Thanks to PS4Trophies for the video.

    Setup camp near the area the video suggests.
    Wonder around till you find a bear and kill it.
    sleep 16 hours
    sleep 18 hours
    save / load
    sleep 16 hours
    sleep 18 hours

    I was able to consistently find a bear doing this. And they only appear during the day from what I've seen. Or during the evening before it goes ark.
  • IloveTEST400IloveTEST40043,737
    24 Nov 2018 24 Nov 2018
    13 6 7
    Just got this in like one hour - I know there’s good in depth guides/solutions already out there but here’s one I used that doesn’t require a camp, a train or anything of the sort. Between Wallace station and the bear icon on the map is the location you’ll be using. Once you’ve found the bear, killed it head to the general store at Wallace station and do this -
    SAVE game in a NEW SLOT
    DELETE old save
    RELOAD the new save

    Usually heard the bear growling somewhere as soon as I loaded back in - if not have a quick scan around anything over 5 mins go back rinse repeat
  • YAT0YAT0527,848
    22 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018
    9 3 7
    This is how I did it, got all 18 in about 2 hours

    Equip carbine with express bullets (do not have any other weapon equipped)

    Find bear by Wallace station (in and around the area shown in other solutions. Credit to them great spot). Not always in the same spot so ride around the area.

    Mash b when on ground, kill bear whilst lying on ground when he lets you go

    I had two bears spawn four times whilst farming them, so get ready to take health tonic if needed in case you get another spawn

    Skin bear and drop bear skin on ground

    Go over by the nearby river, sleep until night...

    Save game

    Load game (no need to dashboard just load save just made)

    Sleep until morning (sometimes it’s morning already so no need to sleep)

    Find bear again in above location

    Rinse and repeat

    I found a bear nearly every time using this method... only time didn’t spawn was when raining

    Good luck
  • Mad MaverickkMad Maverickk106,859
    05 Dec 2018 05 Dec 2018 05 Dec 2018
    9 5 2
    Hey guys I followed the guides above but just putting my input in for those who are having a hard time with the achievement tracker updating. I found out when I was just killing a bear or multiple in one spot near Wallace station and the area next to the legendary Grizz. Then id just reload my last save in an attempt to spawn new bears.... Well come to find out why my tracker would not update If I recalled I had got my tracker to 11/18 but when I reloaded the game in the stats for the Grizzly Bears I only killed 8!! so I had to kill until I got back past 11 then it started to count towards the achievement... Hope that helps I also found a new spot that I don't believe has been listed on this guide its below I don't take credit for finding it but its the easiest one the bear is just sitting looking over the cliff..

    External image
  • snipershot333snipershot333107,905
    02 Dec 2018 03 Dec 2018 03 Dec 2018
    7 4 0
    Just adding on to the other solutions. A great way to accomplish this without feeling like your grinding too much (this takes the fun out of it) is to do as follows.

    First you need to save right next to a bear location by setting up camp and then making a manual save. Every time you logon to play, either online or offline, tell yourself you only need to grind 1-2 times before doing what you actually got on to play. While this takes a lot more time to get the achievement, it feels WAY less grindy and still is a bit fun every time you do it. Using the methods above and this way of thinking i naturally unlocked the acheivment in about a week without feeling like I grinded at all.

    TIP: If you have the pump shotgun use it as it is a guaranteed kill without having to aim. Also, make sure you're facing the bear when it attacks you and you're not standing too still or the bear will just swipe you and insta-kill you without triggering the fight.

    Also a quick way to get the bears attention is to fire a couple rounds in the air, if it doesn't attack you it didn't spawn. (make sure to switch back to your shotgun)
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