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Combat Veteran

Play 200 ranked Multiplayer matches

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How to unlock the Combat Veteran achievement

  • Kovy88Kovy881,755,689
    21 Jul 2012 21 Jul 2012 13 Jan 2017
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    The reason why I created this solution, is because I did something that a lot of people obviously don't do and I got the achievement around when it should unlock. I got this achievement in my 4th boosting session after boosting around 8 hours 55 minutes. The achievement unlocked after playing something like 200-300 matches. I didn't keep count. Also, I was on winning or losing side around 50/50, so that doesn't matter. My leaderboard score was 74026 after unlocking the achievement.

    These 2 things I did every time before and after I booted the game and started boosting:

    When I saw this message appear:

    External image

    I always went to Options -> Storage Location, and I always selected my hard drive, because I think this message means, that everything that you boost during that session, is not saved if you don't go to options and select your hard drive. Leaderboard score is saved, because it saves it to the game servers, not your hard drive.

    Second thing I always did was after the boosting session, I went to play the single player campaign and played until it saved a checkpoint. So I suggest you do this too.

    So we just boosted it with 6-8 people on the Den-map with the lowest score limit, it saved some time if 2 people go to the animus device from the blue team and starts uploading the animus, the bar fills much faster. Usually one alpha-werewolf drops from the left side of the corridor after dropping down, but not always.

    So this is how I got the achievement, it is possible it's still luck based, but please try this method and let me know, did it work. Good luck!

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    paul1986Worked perfectly for me. Got it at just over 200.
    Posted by paul1986 on 08 Oct 13 at 19:19
    paul1986Worked perfectly for me. Got it at just over 200.
    Posted by paul1986 on 08 Oct 13 at 19:30
    Bill 133 of us just got it pretty much dead on 200 (3 or 4 under but my counter was probably off) using this method. Great solution, thank you.
    Posted by Bill 13 on 13 Jun 15 at 06:21
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  • jj carnagejj carnage262,222
    10 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011
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    For me personally, i started counting hopefull of getting it dead on 200, but i can safely say its very unlikely this will happen. I also recommend not keeping count either, even if you think its a good idea, it will grow to taunt you. it took me over 600 games, and putting a line after every game just drives you insane.

    Now if theres anyone that is actually still in for the long grind, there is a very easy method to boost it which takes about 3 minutes per game including loading times.

    You will need a party of 6 minimum to start up games. One person must host, set it up on the map 'Den' with creature density on high, animus limit of 100 and alpha werewolves on.

    Blue team will win every game just because it is easier that way. One person, from spawn, run down the corridor and jump down the trap hole. When you hit the floor turn left and walk forward about 3 metres and look up, you should see an alpha werewolf drop from the ceiling, Kill him and suck up the animus using 'Y'. Now do a full 180 and sprint using the 'LB' towards the animus machine, the first corridor on your right should take you there, drop down and hold 'Y' to fill the machine and there you go, one game done, 599 to least...

    Best of luck guys :)

    Oh and it makes no difference if you win or loose or anything like that, though i would suggest watching the cut scene and press 'A' and 'A' to leave, not 'B' and 'A'
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    Homunculus Furykept track of every game played unlocked at 250. Not sure where I lost games but when I tried for the Follow the leader I played at least 25 games before it unlocked. also for the first 17 games I was hitting B then A so that might be where the extra 50 games went.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 10 Nov 12 at 06:27
    ComanderDrizzleCarnage do you ever go back and check the leader board on this game to see if we are still on top from playing this abomination of a game for so long to get this achivo??
    Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 07 Mar 13 at 03:15
    jj carnageNope, I may have to do that next time I have access to my xbox, I'll let you know
    Posted by jj carnage on 18 Mar 13 at 15:11
    25 Nov 2009 29 Nov 2009
    14 7 5
    After getting this achievement for over 7 different people (including myself) I can definitely say that this achievement is glitched up. I wouldn't recommend trying for 200 ranked matches, your best bet is 200 ranked wins, and most importantly: KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WINS!

    To get a ranked match started, you need 6 different gamertags in the lobby (3 vs 3, you cannot start with severely uneven teams). Make sure to set the creature density to HIGH and the animus max to 100. Keep Alpha werewolfs "ON".The map I found easiest to boost on was New York, simply because right at the beginning of the match, an Alpha werewolf spawns at the firetruck right outside of spawn. Alpha's drop exactly 100 animus energy, so if you absorb all that (holding down the "Y" button next to the energy) you should be ready to fill up your machine. Once your team wins, in most cases, watching the cut-scene didn't matter, you can skip it with the "A" button. DO NOT LEAVE BY PRESSING "B and A"! Leave the match only by Pressing "A" then "A" again. This is the only reasoning we can think of why some people got the achievement at 200 wins and not 310-400 wins, so better to be safe than sorry.

    So just rinse and repeat. I suggest you keep one side the winning side but switch the people out every 5 matches to be fair.
    **EXAMPLE: Red Team wins 5 matches, then everyone on red team moves over to blue team and blue team moves to red team. Red wins 5 and then switches with blue team again.**

    Well good luck to anyone who tries to get this achievement in this game, and remember to be fair and stick around until everyone in your boosting session gets the achievement, you couldn't have gotten it without them.
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    B8TINGUAgreed with COURAGE.. comepletly random.. in everyway.. took me over 500 matches and I tried ever imaginable way of doing this. I started with the push A button twice to leave the matches..and nothing.. It poped for me after I continued to watch the end cut scene, all the way thru but I think even that had little to nothing to do with it.
    Posted by B8TINGU on 03 Jan 11 at 03:08
    NEO CRIMS0NRegardless of how glitchy this achievement is, I posted what my group did and we unlocked it at roughly the 200 game mark for the most part. Negative votes are completely unnecessary
    Posted by NEO CRIMS0N on 03 Mar 11 at 03:42
    xxx ALUp to 600 matches, no achievement.
    Best advice ever?

    Don't start this game.
    Posted by xxx AL on 14 Aug 14 at 17:56
  • Dropkick Hope86Dropkick Hope86530,071
    29 Nov 2010 24 Dec 2010 03 Jan 2011
    8 2 4
    firstly if u like to 1000G games and u haven't popped an achievement in this game yet don't start it!!! this is a painful achievement to get!!

    after playing over 650 online ranked matches i can say that this achievement pops completely randomly.

    nothing makes this achievement pop any faster so don't worry about :

    getting 200 wins
    get 200 wins and 200 loses
    doing anything in the matches
    alternating team wins
    making sure teams are even
    being on red or blue team
    trying all maps
    getting more kills than anyone else
    filling the animus machine

    it wont make the slightest bit of difference.

    one thing to do each time is to watch the cut scene after the match because everyone who i know has got this achievement, got it while they were watching the cut scene. it pops when the werewolf is slamming the guy to the floor.

    the other thing is everyone i know who got this achievement is to exit from the scoreboard to the main menu press A twice

    the best way to get this achievement is to find a team of 6 people who are good fun and talkative and just play until it pops.

    all of what i have written comes from experience after people i was playing with one got the achievement at 216 matches another just over 400 matches another over 800 matches and for me over 650 matches

    hope this helps people
    thanks goes to all the people i boosted with
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    Hi and welcome to my small guide on this achievement today we have a great feast on this achievement since 4 people unlocked it in my session ill give you a quick few tips to speed up the progress

    My achievement popped dead on 200 matches played ive kept a tally and was deadon 200 matches

    First of all go into campaing after every 30 odd games and reload the last checkpoint this game is kinda weird saving your data well use the campaign save as a means to save your multiplayer data if your game crashes you potetntially lose all the matches that sessiok happened to one of our boosters

    One of our guys also reported that he forgot to save campaign before dashboarding but he unlocked the achievement also deadon 200 still i would highly reckonmend saving every 30 matches in the campaign to save your headache

    You can this with a mix of 6p 7p 8p games

    Afk boosting does count

    To be 100% sure save the games data to the cloud since this game is kinda weird with local saves

    Hope this helps if you need more tips hit me up in private messages
  • Dancsi27Dancsi27184,289
    10 Apr 2011 11 Apr 2011 11 Apr 2011
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    The achievement is glitchy, I finally got it today and I boosted this achievement with 5 other people for like a week if not more. I had more loses than wins, so that doesn't matter. I played over 200 matches (maybe 300-400) before getting it. I also hosted 15-20 games only, i don't know if that's matter at all who is hosting.

    And of course I always watched the cutscene and pressed A twice.
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