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    For those who don't like videos, here's a written list of Occult items. IMPORTANT: if you fail to see one of these items in the denoted place, you have failed a Spot Hidden role. Immediately go to menu and reload last checkpoint to ensure you don't miss it. The Spot Hidden requirement has so far been verified for the Sketch Pad and the Hound Amulet, and may be required for other items on the list.

    Chapter 3
    Sketch Pad -- In Sarah's room to the right of the bed, between a chair and a cabinet.
    Celtic Runes -- In Charles' office (entered after chasing the thief). On a table with a vase and tea kettle next to the entrance door.

    Chapter 4
    Drawing -- In the chest involved in the first investigation of Chapter 4, available after you do the first discovery scene (Investigation skill pass required)
    Carved Bone -- On the altar to the right of the painting near the sacrificial pit. NOTE: Make sure you pick this up before approaching the painting.
    Ritual Dagger -- After falling into the sacrificial pit, then seeing a short cutscene of cultists talking, its on the bench on the left.
    Annotated Bible -- Same location as the ritual dagger above, just on the bench to the right, not the left.

    Chapter 5
    Rosary -- In the Asylum, in the patient block, it will be in one of the padded cells along the back wall near the guard desk. There's a large blood streak just inside the doorway leading to this item.

    Chapter 6
    Art & Mysticism, Forgotten Objects, by Francis Sanders -- In the Piano in the room where you first talk to Irene Sanders. Play the four keys from left to right, then play the second from the left again.
    Amulet -- On the table in Francis Sanders study (the room where you talk to Cat). Its the room before you enter the museum.
    Malleus Bestarium, Volume 2* -- Same room as above, on the desk to the left of the museum door by Cat.
    Drawing of a Dagger -- Behind and to the right of the Shambler painting in the museum. NOTE: get this before inspecting the painting. NOTE 2: Not sure if this actually counts or not, since it doesn't give the usual hints that its an occult item; however, this achievement unlocked for me right after picking up this item. So, to be safe, make sure to grab it.

    Chapter 7
    Malleus Bestiarum* -- In a wooden crate on the floor in the last row of shelves, past the clerk's desk.
    Book of Dzyan -- On the shelf in the second to last row of shelves, across from the clerk's desk.
    Hound Amulet -- In the back left corner of the room with the safe, among a pile of book on the floor.

    Chapter 8
    Malleus Bestarium, Volume 3* -- In Fuller's office, on the coffee table.

    Chapter 9
    R'yen Key Unmissable. Its the amulet that Algernon Drake has you looking for in the mansion at the end of the chapter.

    * These item will also help you work towards the below achievements, as long as you read them:

    Call of CthulhuBeyond realityThe Beyond reality achievement in Call of Cthulhu worth 21 pointsAccept to read an unholy book

    Call of CthulhuComplete revelationThe Complete revelation achievement in Call of Cthulhu worth 59 pointsRead all the books of unholy knowledge
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    Breedhate68 you do not need all in same play through, i just unlocked it in bookstore on 2nd play through after grabbing book of dzyan
    Posted by Breedhate68 on 17 Jul 19 at 01:25
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