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Hippocratic Oath

Heal all the patients

Hippocratic Oath+6.0
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How to unlock the Hippocratic Oath achievement

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    Chapter 8

    You start this level playing as Doctor Marie Colden and you don't have to worry about your medical skill level.
    I'm unsure exactly what counts as healing a patient, I simply walked around the ward, reading every chart, interacting with all patients and nurses where possible. Check behind all curtains as some patients are slightly hidden. I got the achievement after speaking to the two men sitting in the hallway waiting for news of their mother.
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    JohnnyInterfnk I believe this is tied to the three patients one of the nurses at the front desk asks you to check on. Most likely, you'll have checked all three patients already so the nurse may not tell you about all three (she'll just tell you about any you missed). The three are:

    1.) The patient going into shock near where you start the level, in the middle curtained area (aka not against the windowed wall). When you click on the patient, you'll notice the patient is going into shock and you'll call a nurse over to start a new IV.

    2.) Halfway through the second section of patients, along the windowed wall, is a woman who was going to need a nephrectomy (kidney removal), though her charts shows Dr. Fuller saved the kidney. After check on her, her two sons are located on a bench out in the hallway, simply talk to them and let them know their mother will be alright to finish this requirement.

    3.) At the back of the second patient area, along the windowed wall, is the last patient. When checking on this patient a nurse will ask you about the patient. You'll have to do several medicine checks on the patient, noting that the patient is frothing at the mouth and has injuries on his wrists. The nurse will ask what to do -- give any answer and this will solve the third requirement.

    I don't think you need to look at every chart, though I don't know this for sure.
    Posted by JohnnyInterfnk on 06 Dec 18 at 16:07
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