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Nameless Cults

Refuse to take part in the ritual

Nameless Cults+39.9
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How to unlock the Nameless Cults achievement

  • Winters z99Winters z99463,381
    05 Nov 2018 06 Nov 2018 20 Dec 2018
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    This is what I did to get it.
    - I began with all the points in Occultism
    - I never drink ("More sober than Zadok Allen")
    - I found the 12 occults items ("Strange secrets") -> Became master in Occultism.
    - I accepted Drake's help ("Scholar of the unspeakable")
    - I saved his ass ("Companion in arms")
    - I read all the unholy books ("Complete revelation")
    - I replied every time I could in R'lyehian ("Fluent in R’lyehian", I can choose that ending, reload and do the other.)
    - In jail, I submitted to the Leviathan and I accepted the knowledge
    - I killed Bradley
    - During the visions, I refused to take the medicine, refused to eat the flesh but I killed the Dr.

    At the end, kill yourself and pop :)

    EDIT : I invite you to look the comments of Jotuns360Tag and Funky Monkee just below for an access to all the ends in one time.
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    Boost17 Jotun's advice worked perfectly for my second playthrough, though I did have to do the Summon Cthulhu ending first just to make sure I got the Fluent in R'lyehian achievement as well.
    Posted by Boost17 on 22 Jan 19 at 12:15
    DJ RJester I had followed the TA walkthrough previously for the game and didn’t even get this ending option.

    Thanks Jotuns360Tag this was a big help and worked perfectly for me, had all 4 endings, when I followed your tips.
    Posted by DJ RJester on 12 Mar 19 at 21:34
    Lyzyrd Followed Wolf's and Ry Fry's steps to the letter and did not get the refuse option :( Jotun's solution was spot on, I got all 4 choices.clap
    Posted by Lyzyrd on 04 Apr 19 at 18:13
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