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How to unlock the Farewell achievement

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    Here is what I did to get this ending:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Hope this helps.

    Jotuns360Tag commented the following Solution that should give you all 4 endings in one go (I did not try this myself but several people mentioned it worked for them):

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    VirusTk GaMBit I was going for this achievement and chose to refuse the ritual. For some reason, the achievement did not unlock for me. After a hard reboot of my Xbox and a checkpoint reload everything worked out as it was supposed to.
    Seems this achievement is potentially glitchy.
    Posted by VirusTk GaMBit on 25 Jul 19 at 15:59
    Breedhate68 Just finished for the 4th time and still no "refuse the ritual". How can it be there are 2 guides that are polar opposites of one another, drink, dont drink, submit to leviathan, dont submit, save cat, no save mitchell. Literally every fucking option is different, now which is correct because ive done both to no avail
    Posted by Breedhate68 on 07 Aug 19 at 19:56
    Faiiloman I tried to do it the way the achievement walkthrough described the first time and the second time I tried I used this guide. Both did not work for me. Instead, I used the guide that was published on Basically, :
    -Never drink
    -Pushing Irene to the limit
    -Accepting help from and saving Drake
    -Reading all unholy books
    -Choosing the first 4 possible answers in R'lyehian
    -Struggling with the leviathan and refusing the truth
    -Sparing Bradley
    -Saving Cat
    -Refusing medicine, flesh and gun
    -Calling Sarah crazy
    In addition I went for all the occult objects (which I ended up with about 65%). My character was psychotic in the end, btw.
    I hope this helps.
    Posted by Faiiloman on 24 Jan at 06:14
  • StiltongrenadeStiltongrenade362,956
    07 Feb 2020 Yesterday Yesterday
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    Personally, I avoided anything could lower sanity, even without drinking.

    Spending my starting points on Investigation.

    Not responding in R'lyehian, nor reading any of the unholy books. But collecting the other occult objects.

    Chapter 2: Take the backdoor into Warehouse 36, not the underground passage, an event occurs here that lowers sanity.

    Chapter 3: Allowing Bradley along to the mansion.

    Chapter 5: Do not enter the asylum morgue, even if bringing the asylum patient sleeping pills. (This means you'll have to use the gas as a diversion to escape as an electrical breaker is in here.)

    Chapter 6: Go easy on Irene Sanders. Do not partake in the reconstruction. (Edward loses a bit of sanity from interacting with the painting.)

    Chapter 10: Do not partake in the reconstruction in Sarah's study, resist Leviathan and refuse the knowledge. Save Drake during the banishment.

    Chapter 11: Spare Bradley.

    Chapter 12: Do not partake in the reconstruction in the Harbormaster's office and bringing the first-aid to Mitchell.

    Chapter 13: Resist all of Leviathan's commands.

    I did three playthroughs and by the end of the third I was presented with only two endings, Counter-ritual and Refuse.
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