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A New Champion

Win all races.

A New Champion+2.6
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How to unlock the A New Champion achievement

  • adiash73adiash73838,769
    30 Aug 2019 30 Aug 2019
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    Warning - This achievement can be buggy.

    After completing the final Master Cup event and having all 1st places on all individual races and each race in all cups the achievement did not unlock.

    Annoyed and thinking it was glitched, I tried the old strategy of replaying a race, I re-played the very first race in C class and got a first place finish, that was enough to trigger the unlock.


    First lower the difficulty, go to Settings then Gameplay and reduce the level down to D to make it easier.

    Don't forget to switch it back to S rank if you are going to be AFK grinding for money in A Class Plus, Event 6, Takedown

    I expect most people will get stuck with the final Rally race on B Class Plus and matching event in A Class Plus, I found these the hardest in the game

    B Class Plus - 16. Rally
    I had to use a fully upgraded "Evolution" to get 1st in this race.
    I first tried in the fully upgraded "Impression" as that what i had used in most of the other races, but it just didn't have the top end to get the distance required.

    A Class Plus - 20. Rally
    Similar to B Class, I used a fully upgraded takedown car, the "Taurus"
    I tried the fully upgraded "Lance" first as that's what I had used for most of the races and had already upgraded it, I won those ok, but it just wasn't quick enough in my hands for this event

    I was cautious of over upgrading the "Concept" as advised by JTorto in their solution comments, in the end I never used the "Concept" for any race in any of the race tyep events, I just stuck to the Lance or Taurus

    After blowing all my money on upgrading the Lance I had to AFK grind for money for quite some time to get the Taurus upgraded enough to beat the rally, you do need some luck with course layout.

    If this hadn't worked for me, and as i will be going for the completion, I would have moved onto upgrading the concept in stages to see if that worked, but although i didn't need to, that may work better for you

    After beating this event the final master cups events it unlocks will seem easy and this achievement will be yours, just be aware of the bug I had.
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  • JTortoJTorto279,320
    03 Dec 2018 27 Nov 2018
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    This includes winning all individual races within the Rookie, Master, and Pro Cups, and not just placing first overall in the points standings for each Cup. So you may need to re-run all these several times to complete.

    Upgrade your cars as you go, and you'll find they get easier to win (no surprise there).

    Tips -

    Winning Grinding Cups: if you are having trouble with Grinding (drifting) cups, remember you don't need to do any set # of laps, you just need to rack up points. Do a lap or 2 to hit all the bonus barriers, then find an open area of the track. One your nitro level is upgraded a few bars, you can simply run donuts and continually rack up points until you hit the threshold.

    Winning Crash Attack Cups: Again, you don't have to hit a specific # of laps, so once the pack separates out, you can run backwards and hit the opposing cars head on to knock them out.
    Showing only comment.
    JTortoAdditional note: Be cautious when upgrading the 'Concept' car to knock out your Pro cups, too much top speed and acceleration and it starts to become unwieldy in the tight chicanes and short double hairpins. You don't need to max those attributes out to win these races. You'll want to increase them, but maxing out is likely not needed.
    Posted by JTorto on 03 Dec 18 at 16:12
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