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Finally achievement in Mutant Football League


Win Mayhem Bowl in fifth season in Dynasty Mode

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How to unlock the Finally achievement

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    05 Jan 2022 06 Jan 2022 06 Jan 2022
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    First and foremost this is going to be a little bit of a grind nowhere near the seriously type grind in Gears of War or something like that but you're going to be playing close to 100 games. Pick a team that you are comfortable with using and that you like once you have your team picked you can sign three Legend players from the free-agent pool in each season I would first focus on defensive players such as enforcers or linebashers. The players you want will have a gold star beside their name with a capital L inside of it.

    From there you want to upgrade your best players on defense from their focussing on traits such as hit power and the stat that increases dirty hits and speed as well. You can only upgrade a certain times each week you can also have three trades per season so again trade for the best players to make your team even more stacked. Skip the halftime mini game if you get to have time because kills on referees do not add anything to your kill totals it's just a waste of time.

    Best advice I can give is play on the easiest difficulty because there's no difficulty related achievements in this game put the damage setting on berserk and the two things I would recommend before you even start playing your first game in your first season is to create a new playbook and the two defensive plays that worked for me were in the dirty tricks section on defense were Thunderclap and QB kill ( I can't remember the exact name but it costs two million dollars to get this play)

    With Thunderclap it sent a bolt of lightning and instantly kills a Defender with in two to three seconds of the play being run I would try to get the quarterback killed or they're running back. Then I would go to the other dirty play and use the quarterback kill play this will be what you do an instant kill on the quarterback you have a short window to run and kill him instantly before the play starts. After I've killed one or two quarterbacks I would continue to run plays on defense to either get quarterback sacks or tackles on their wide receivers to kill them so they would forfeit after they fall below the required numbers. When you tackle them after the play press a near them and you will jump on them if they're somebody close by quickly hit the B button and use the tackle with that player as well to lower their health bar to nothing. What I also did on defense is if they're facing a situation like 4th and 20 or longer is to go in the dirty tricks section and click on rathkeale and make up the yards for them in penalties so they get a new set of downs and rinse and repeat

    Keep in mind if you kill every running back the game still continues but the opposing team cannot put in a running back they can only run with the quarterback or throw the ball. On offense I would immediately punt the ball back to them and kill the punt returner add rinse and repeat it till the team forfeited to me this is the fastest method to grind through the seasons. Doing this it took me probably 15 to 20 minutes of real time to finish a game. Best thing to do would probably be to turn the volume down on low to avoid hearing the same commentary over and over and throw on something like a podcast or music to make this less monotonous.

    If you have any questions or tips please leave them in the comments and I will be sure to add them and give you credit for them
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