The Richest Man in Gotham. achievement in LEGO Batman

The Richest Man in Gotham.

Max out the stud counter.

The Richest Man in Gotham.+2.3
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How to unlock the The Richest Man in Gotham. achievement

  • z0rrofoxz0rrofox399,586
    15 Oct 2008 15 Oct 2008
    61 4 6
    To max out the stud counter, you need to have 4 billion studs. In your wallet, ie not a cumulative total.

    Multiplier cheats DO NOT disable achievements. So you can get a hold of all the multiplier cheats and then put them all on, and you can get a "x3168" multiplier and you can walk out of most levels with at least a few hundred milion,

    If you are a purist though, just play your favourite levels over and over....alot. Or you can find the Red Blocks from the first 5 villain levels. They unlock the multipliers for purchase also.

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    Seamus McLimeyFYI, you need to return to the Batcave before this will pop. It didn't pop for me once I hit 4,000,000,000 studs until I went back to the Batcave.
    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 08 Sep 13 at 22:49
    z0rrofoxDrewsten, I mean you can't get 3.99 billion, spend some and then earn the final 0.01 billion. You need to have 4 billion studs in your wallet at the one time.
    Posted by z0rrofox on 20 Feb 14 at 00:08
    Le CarltonIn the “Penguin’s Lair” level go to the final room and into the room you use the sonic suit to enter and you can infinitely freeze the treadmill penguins until you have the max. Good to do with two controllers.
    Posted by Le Carlton on 26 May 21 at 19:04
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  • YoungSpicyBoyYoungSpicyBoy209,065
    02 Mar 2009 18 Mar 2009
    59 6 3
    z0rrofox made it pretty clear what to do here, and this is probably the most logical method since getting that many would be way to time consuming. I would like to contribute to the solution above with some cheats for score multipliers.

    Score x2 Multiplier N4NR3E
    Score x4 Multiplier CX9MAT
    Score x6 Multiplier MLVNF2
    Score x8 Multiplier WCCDB9
    Score x10 Multiplier 18HW07

    (thanks to
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    MattricusI used the codes and had it within 2 levels or so, works fine for me ;)
    Posted by Mattricus on 02 Jul 14 at 01:08
    YoungSpicyBoyWow, 2009. I don't even remember making this solution haha.
    Posted by YoungSpicyBoy on 02 Jul 14 at 02:27
    SANDROCKLQIf this dosen't unlock for you at the end of the level you get 4,000,000,000 studs, return to the batcave and it should unlock.
    Posted by SANDROCKLQ on 29 Mar 15 at 21:54
  • TKD 117TKD 11734,555
    08 Dec 2009 08 Dec 2009 08 Dec 2009
    47 2 1
    You need to have 4 billion Lego studs at once. Given that:

    Silver stud: 10
    Gold stud: 100
    Blue stud: 1,000
    Purple stud: 10,000

    This will be painful to do without the x2, x4, x6, x8. and x10 multipliers on, *all at once*, for a total multiplier of x3840. If you want to do this the "right" way, you can unlock these multipliers by finding the red Lego brick in each of the five levels of the first Villain episode, and then purchasing each of the multipliers as Extras. All told, the five multipliers will cost 15 million studs.

    Alternatively, you can use the "Enter Code" feature of the game to unlock the multipliers early:

    x2: N4NR3E
    x4: CX9MAT
    x6: MLVNF2
    x8: WCCDB9
    x10: 18HW07

    Just make sure to turn on all of the multipliers in the Extras menu. After doing so, you should see a magenta-colored x3840 in the upper-left part of the screen. Extras reset every time that you load your game, so make sure to repeat this step after loading.

    Other than that, just play through anywhere from about 7-20 complete levels with the x3840 multiplier in effect. (I got about 600 million studs going through Hero level 1-5 in Free Play.) Make sure to destroy as many objects and complete as many build-its as you can. Free Play works best, because you'll be able to switch characters and suits on demand to access more areas and therefore more studs.

    Places to find lots of studs:

    1. Multipliers count while in the Batcave and Arkham, too. With the x3840 multiplier in effect, a character with double jump (Clayface, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn) can earn almost 100 million studs in the Arkham mission room. The Batcave and Arkham studs regenerate after reloading the game and when returning to the Batcave/Arkham from playing a level.

    2. Machines for the Attract Suit sometimes cough up a lot of blue studs if you feed them a *second* set of 25 pieces. Usually, it is possible to gather that many pieces only in Free Play.

    3. Completing a minikit by finding all 10 pieces of memorabilia in a level will earn you a lot of blue studs.
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    coffeenebulaThis is a great help, thanks. I also purchased the "stud magnet" and "character stud" abilities; the magnet makes it easier to get all your studs in time, and the character stud makes the enemies throw studs when you break them, adding to your possible stud total per level.
    Posted by coffeenebula on 19 Oct 10 at 03:57
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