Nicely Done achievement in WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY MAXIMA

Nicely Done

Impressed Enna Kros.

Nicely Done-0.1
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How to unlock the Nicely Done achievement

  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man471,360
    22 Jan 2019 23 Jan 2019
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    The other solution explains the strategy perfectly fine, I just wanted to throw in what I did for this fight, and all the end game fights.

    My secret was the XL mirages. As soon as I got an Adamantoise it never left my party. I would summon it at the beginning of a boss fight and have it sit on my opponents until the AP ran out. It is free damage and you can see what the boss will do.

    By the time I got to Enna Kros I had just about all the XL mirages maxed out and in the 60s. I went into the fight with my strongest team and the rest of my party was XLs. Once I burned through all of Tama's timewalks it was the XL party. I would use a mega-ether with one stack and summon the XL mirage with the other. Not all XLs are created equal. Diablos with his Gravity, Bahamut with MegaFlare are really good while Iron Giant and the two big robots are not so great.

    The true unsung hero is the Behemonster. With Last Stand and revenge blast I would wait until Enna Kros knocked him low and then hit her with Revenge. At 1 HP (which you are guaranteed to be there for at least one attack) he would hit Enna Kros with Revenge Blast for 27,000 HP. Two of those and she died.

    Once one XL ran out I would use another Mega-Ether and summon the next one. This fight is what you are saving all those items for anyway, go wild!
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  • MuscleSenpaiMuscleSenpai165,267
    04 Dec 2018 04 Dec 2018
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    In the post-game, there should be a rumor through Seraphie titled Challenge From a God.
    Inside the Coffee Shop, Enna Kros will be awaiting your challenge.
    I would recommend being above 80 before taking her on, bring a lot of Hi-Ethers and don't use mirages weak to the light element.
    It's not particularly difficult as there's a sort of a pattern, it's just long really.

    I will give you damage estimates but these are based on level 96 average characters.

    Enna Kros is accompanied by Tama and Seraphie.
    Tama and Seraphie sport 48k health roughly, while Enna Kros about 52k.
    Seraphie primarily uses 3 abilities: Loud Whisperwind does a small amount damage to all party members roughly 1.5 to 2k.
    Rumor Radar: Points out a weaknesss of yours for Enna Kros to do a Telegraphed attack.
    Tickle: 2k damage to one person but doesn't occur very often.

    Enna Kros I believe has at least 7 abilities (possibly more).
    Her basic attack, she blows a kiss at one of your party members which dealt 2k in damage.
    Quake which I resisted but still dealt 2k.
    Kind Of Holy: Hits both party members twice. With no resistance it dealt about 5k damage.
    Waterja/Fireja/Thundaja/Blizzaja (Maybe other elements too): Whenever Seraphie uses Rumor Radar, Enna will immediately follow up with that a -ja spell on whoever Seraphie identified. Big 7k+ hit at least.
    She has some sort of reflect as well, your spells will damage her but you may get damaged back.

    Finally Tama:
    Uses Haste, Regen, Faith, Foxfire, Dispelga and Timewalk.
    Foxfire dealt around 2-3k damage.
    The real annoying ability is Timewalk, basically whenever you deplete her own, or the other two's HP. She will auto-cast Timewalk to restore them to full HP. I didn't count how many times she does this but I'm assuming 9 times.

    It's really just a war of attrition but I'd recommend targeting Seraphie until Tama is out of Timewalks as she's weak to ice.
    Just pummel her with Blizzara until Tama runs out of revives while keeping your party HP up.
    I would suggest using Physical abilities on Enna Kros (Meteor hits hard).
    It's basically a repeat of movesets from them.
    Tama boosts/foxfires you.
    Enna Kros will Quake, or basic attack, using Kind of Holy every so often, and -Ja spell after Rumor Radar.
    Seraphie will basically use Whisperwind but every so often Rumor Radar.

    Once you win, you'll get an achievement some mega-ethers or w.e and on the chair next to her will be a shiny Initial Regen Mirajewel.
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    TG Airborne 88Although I haven't reached this part in the game yet, I was wondering. What if you were able to k.o. the three of them altogether, would Tama's timewalk still kick in or not?
    Furthermore, awesome guide on how it's all explained, thumbs-up!
    Posted by TG Airborne 88 on 29 Mar at 18:42
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