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House Cleaning achievement in HITMAN 2

House Cleaning

Eliminate Reynard while Orson showers, from the roof of the panic room, and with a pillow.

House Cleaning0
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How to unlock the House Cleaning achievement

  • xTGExTGE326,142
    09 Nov 2018 09 Nov 2018
    31 1 5
    A very simple achievement, that will require you to play the mission 3 times to complete.

    Eliminate Reynard While Orson Is In The Shower - The easiest way to do this is to hide inside the dressing room when Reynard says that she's going to bed after the phone call. Orson will go into the shower and the steam will block his view which allows you to walk up and assassinate your target. Make sure to drag her into a hiding place so she doesn't get found. Here is a video guide:

    Eliminate Reynard With A Pillow - Similar to the last one, except this time you're actually going to let both Orson and your target do everything they need to until they fall asleep. You will also need to collect the rubber duck from beside her bed so you can do this. You will need to give it maybe 30 seconds after they have laid down in bed till they are asleep but afterward you can smother her with a pillow by walking up to her. Here is a video guide:

    Eliminate Reynard From The Roof of The Panic Room - This is the most challenging out of them all but the way I did it had some pre-planning. First, grab the Rat Poison down in the pantry then head upstairs to the panic room and grab both frag grenades and the lockpick. After starting the encounter where everyone comes into the house, head on down the panic room steps into the garage, knock out the guard and steal his clothes. Now head through the pantry and up the stairs to the roof. Knock out or kill both these guards then throw a frag grenade down to where the cars are. The enemies will find the body which will cause the target to go into Lockdown so both Reynard and Orson will run to the panic room.

    Use the rat poison on the vent and give it some time to kick in, then throw a grenade at the cover on the roof which will allow you to see her and kill her quickly. This will unlock the achievement if you did them in this order. Here is a video guide:

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    jeginoLike fish in a barrel.
    In the upper floor bathroom there is a cabinet containing a lethal poison pill jar.
    Kill the guards on the roof. Throw a granade off the roof. When the target is in the panic room use the pill jar on the vent system. Done.
    Posted by jegino on 15 Nov 18 at 15:05
    neeker75I didn't have to use the rat poison to make her go into the panic room, she just ran in anyway.

    Since I also have the deadly poison unlocked, I introduced the poison into the panic room vent to kill her off without having to risk shooting.
    Posted by neeker75 on 16 Nov 18 at 05:05
    IrrotationalYes as per comments above, I did that one by accident. I had picked up the lethal pill jar from the bathroom, and then accidentally got spotted and set off a load of guards. A couple come up onto the roof but there is plenty of cover to hide. Just use the lethal posion on the panic room vent.
    Posted by Irrotational on 19 Jan at 18:09
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  • Maka91Maka911,266,397
    10 Nov 2018 13 Nov 2018
    13 0 0
    To grab this achievement, you must complete 3 challenges. In all 3 scenarios, you will want to gain access to the house, find the panic room, get the electronic dongle, and interact with the nearby computer to start the level. The recommended loadout involves spawning with the lockpick when possible. The 2 requirements for this achievement are:

    Eliminate Alma While Orson is in the Shower - As soon as the target enters the house, sneak into her bedroom closet and wait 5 minutes for her and the target to use the washroom. After the shower steams up, use fiber wire to garrote her, dump her in the closet and leave out the washroom window. Sneak through the panic room, out the garage and to the level exit.

    Eliminate Alma by Smothering with a Pillow - Similar to above, hide in the bedroom closet, or chest next to the bed. Wait almost 10 minutes for them to do their nightly routine and fall asleep. Go up next to Alma and interact with her using Smother. Exit the level.

    Eliminate Alma from the Roof of the Panic Room - This last method can be a little tricky. It requires you to pick up the two fragmentation grenades from the panic room first. Go through the panic room to the garage. Kill the guard in the garage. Use the back area of the garage to find a staircase that leads to the roof. On the roof, kill both guards here. Use the frag grenade to throw it off the roof for it to land near the guard you took out before at the garage. This will cause a lockdown and the target goes to the panic room. As she approaches the panic room, use the other frag grenade to blow the vent off the roof. Quickly pull out your gun and shoot her. Make your way off the balcony, drop down, drop down to the main floor from above the pool and exit the level.
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT242,592
    13 Nov 2018 19 Nov 2018
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    This is completed in the first location of Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay - Nightcall. Before activating the computer, use the lock pick to unlock the cabinet in the upstairs bathroom to get lethal poison. Once the target arrives, save the game and then head up to the roof to cause an alarm and poison the ventilation system of the panic room. Reload your save and head to the upstairs bathroom, the target and Orson should come into the bathroom, save the game and the kill Reynard. Reload your save and wait for them to go to bed to suffocate her with the pillow.

    Here is a video guide with English commentary!

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