Hawke's Bay

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Hawke's Bay

Completionist achievement in HITMAN 2


Complete all Nightcall Challenges.

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How to unlock the Completionist achievement

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    The challenges for The Classics 1 and The Classics 2, which require you to complete all "the classics" challenges in all missions in the game on master difficulty (legacy maps included), are not required for this achievement.

    When the achievement unlocks, you should see The Classics challenges showing 18/22.

    Text guide for all other challenges below. You need to complete all of them. Most can be done on Casual difficulty. The Classics needs to be done on Master difficulty (difficulty completions stack). Challenges are complete once you fulfil the requirements for them, so you can technically make a save before doing one, complete it, and reload checkpoint to work on another to save time. The sequence you want to do is entirely up to you. The guide will expect you to already be familiar with the level.

    A Clean Kill
    I’ll explain this in more details because this kill is the easiest way to get Suit Only, Silent Assassin on Master Difficulty.

    On Master, start from default location and with default items, and head to the pool. Shoot the vase to get the hidden key (see Under the Mat). Enter the house with the key, and head to the second floor. Interact with the painting on the wall to open the panic room. Grab the frag grenades on the wall, pick up the dongle, and destroy the CCTV evidence.

    Use the dongle on the laptop, quickly run to the bathroom, and hide in the closet. When a guard comes by, subdue him, and toss him into the closet. Hide again.

    Wait until Alma and Orson go into the bathroom. I’d suggest to make a save now.

    While waiting for Orson’s shower door to fog up, pick up the house key from the bedside table (Alma’s side). Sneak back to the bathroom, ensure that Orson can no longer see Alma, and quickly garrotte Alma.

    This challenge will unlock here.

    Read on to get Suit Only, Silent Assassin on Master Difficulty.

    Pull her body to the closet, and toss it inside. Escape by the window beside the bath tub. Make a left turn, use the house keys to open the door, and go the panic room. Run down the stairs, open the door, and distract the lone guard near the van with a coin.

    Once he walks away, run past his location. You’d now need to escape a beach that’s full of guards.

    Crouch, run and hide from bushes to bushes, while using coins to lure guards out of the way. At the bush nearest to your boat, you’d notice three guards at your boat. Toss a frag grenade to the right to move them away, and quickly make a run for the boat to escape.

    This is a longer method to get Suit Only, Silent Assassin on Master. However, since you need to do A Clean Kill for an achievement anyway, it presents the easiest way to do so. I’ll explain another method for this later.

    Smells Like Nail Polish
    Kill Alma by sabotaging the bathroom vent system.

    Very easy. Plan your mission, and start in the office, and swap the fibre wire out for a vial of deadly poison, If you don’t have that, you’d need to find a poison in the second floor medicine cabinet. This requires a lockpick. If you haven’t unlock a lockpick, You’ll find one in the Panic Room beside the dongle if playing on Casual.

    Sneak up to the roof, kill the two guards there, and wait until Alma and Orson go into the bathroom. Introduce the poison into the bathroom air vent to kill both of them.

    Sugar, Honey, Honey
    Kill Alma by poisoning her tea.

    Same method of obtaining the poison, or carry one with you if you already unlock it (I did).

    Before using the dongle, make a save in the kitchen at the sugar. Poison the sugar, and wait until Alma drinks the tea.

    Now, I’ve played this mission countless times, and found that Alma asks for sugar almost every time when tea is made for her. However, I’ve seen a video where she actually asks for honey. This is why I suggest to make a save before introducing the poison. If, for some reason, she chooses honey, quickly reload the save, and poison the honey instead.

    Suggested by sU Butters: If you've the deadly poison as an unlockable, pick up the deadly poison from the medical cabinet anyway. You can now poison both the honey and the sugar to ensure 100% success. smile

    Sleep Tight
    Kill Alma by smothering her in her sleep.

    Follow the method in A Clean Kill. Do nothing until Alma and Orson go to bed. Walk up the the bed, and you’ll get a “Smother” option. Use it to unlock the challenge.

    Like Fish In A Barrel
    Kill Alma from the roof while she's in the panic room

    Start in the office with poison equipped. Get both the frag grenades from the panic room. Use the dongle on the laptop to trigger the multiple hostiles. Once everyone’s home, head to the garage, and kill the lone guard there. Leave his body there. You want it to be found.

    Get to the roof, and kill off the two guards. From the staircase, head slightly straight and left, and look down from the roof. You should see the dead guard. Toss a frag grenade near him. This is to make someone discover the body, and therefore triggering a target lockdown.

    During the lockdown, Alma will run into the panic room. Quickly run to the panic room vent, and wait for her. Once she’s inside, introduce the poison into the panic room vent. This is by far the easiest way to kill her when she’s in the panic room.

    Alternate method:
    If you don’t want to use poison, head to the panic room vent during the lockdown, and toss another frag grenade at the rounded vent grilles. Wait there until Alma comes into the panic room. She’ll somehow stand near the opening for you to shoot her in the head.

    Under The Mat
    Find the hidden house key.

    Easily found on first run. From the default starting location, run to the pool in the house. You’ll find a vase at the corner of the pool, to the left of the door that’s on the right. Shoot the vase, pick up the key, and unlock this challenge.

    Wood You Believe It?
    Find the driftwood weapon.

    From the default starting location, hug the left of the beach until you reach some ruined structure near the house. A piece of driftwood is found on the left of this structure.

    Alternatively, when escaping the house after the kill, a piece of driftwood is found in one of the bushes en route to your boat. This piece is very close to a guard who doesn’t move, so you’d probably want to pick this up, and use it as a distraction anyway.

    Don’t Tread On Me
    Find a squeak toy.

    One of them is just beside the bath tub in Alma’s bath room.

    The other is just under her bed (on the side where she sleeps).

    Discover Hawke’s Bay
    Uncover all areas in Hawke’s Bay.

    There are six:
    - Ruined boathouse
    - House Exterior
    - House Exterior, Roof
    - House Interior, Main Floor
    - House Interior, Second Floor (Master Bedroom)
    - House Interior, Panic Room (move a painting on the wall on the second floor to open this secret room)

    You can freely roam the house before using the dongle on the laptop to discover all locations. No one will be in the house until you use the dongle.

    Acquire all disguises.

    There’s only one disguise in this mission, and it’s useless because pretty much everyone except one type of enemy will see through it. It's so bad, it's almost like playing Hitman Absolution!

    Easiest way to get one is to get up to the roof, shoot the two guards there in the head, and take one of their disguises.

    If you want to do it stealthily, hide in the closet near the bath room immediately after using the dongle. A guard will patrol the bath room in a few minutes. Subdue him, and take his disguise.

    No running on the tiles
    Push someone into the pool.

    This one was strangely the hardest for me. It’s very random, and no guards actually walks near the pool enough for an easy push. You’d need to lure one with coins or other items to as near the pool as possible until you get the “push cn_A” option to appear.

    Best to do it on Casual when you’re in a guard disguise. Wait at the pool until one of the low level patrollers walk in. This will take several minutes. I’d randomly throw some coins to quicken the process but I’m unsure if it actually helps. Anyway, when the patrolling guard walks in, make a save, as this may take several attempts, and you don’t want to wait again.

    I find it easiest to push him into the pool by tossing the coin to the right of the pool (assume I’m facing the pool from the wall with the vase that holds the hidden key). I tried to throw the coin directly or to the left of the pool a few times, and didn’t get the push option.

    NOTE: As mentioned in the comments, some gamers have unlocked the achievement without having to do this challenge. You may want to leave this for last. It was certainly needed for me though so don't put your hopes too high.

    Tasteless, Traceless
    Kill a target with poison.

    You’ll get this automatically after doing Smells like nail polish.

    Orson Bathes
    Kill Orson with a Kitchen Knife while he showers.

    The knife is found in the area where Orson prepares tea for Alma, hanging on the wall just beside a meat cleaver.

    Hide in the closet in the bath room. Once Orson’s shower fogs up, and Alma goes to brush her teeth (you can kill her with another method, e.g., with a headshot or fibre wire for other challenges), aim the knife at his head and throw the knife at him to unlock this.

    Death of a Statesman
    Kill Orson by poisoning his whiskey.

    Get poison as described in Smells Like Nail Polish.

    Orson’s whiskey is found in the master room, near the door leading to the balcony where Alma and Orson will have a long conversation before they go to bed.

    Straight Shot
    Kill a target with a headshot.

    See Orson Bathes.

    Piano Man
    Kill a target with the fibre wire.

    See Orson bathes.

    Someone Could Hurt Themselves
    Kill a target via an accident kill.

    Get the emetic rat poison from the garage – it’s found near to the door that’s leading to the roof, or bring one if you've it unlocked.

    Make a save when you’re at the kitchen. Introduce the poison to the sugar in the kitchen before using the dongle. Use the dongle, and sneak to the toilet near the kitchen, Wait until tea is prepared for Alma. She drinks it, feels sick, and will go to the kitchen to throw up. Drown her in the toilet bowl.

    As mentioned, Alma usually asks for sugar. If she doesn’t, reload save, and poison the honey instead.

    Suggested by sU Butters: There's another rat poison in the ground floor bathroom above the laundry machines. You can now poison both the honey and the sugar to ensure 100% success in making Alma sick.

    Hold My Hair
    Kill Alma by drowning her.

    See Someone Could Hurt Themselves.

    Mr Sandman
    Kill Alma with a headshot from the roof while she's sleeping.

    Sneak up to the roof, kill the two guards there, and wait until Alma and Orson go to bed. Hide near the glass roof where they sleep. This will take several minutes. Wait a bit more after they go to bed (a minute or two should be sufficient). Shoot Alma in the head through the glass roof to unlock this.

    Now, I did all the above kills (e.g., Orson Bathes, Straight Shot, Piano Man, Mr. Sandman, etc.) by making a save right after both Alma and Orson go into the shower. This allowed me to complete all the necessary kills and feats, and reload the save to cut down on the time wasted on waiting for them.

    Versatile Assassin
    Complete the following feats:
    - Tasteless, Traceless
    - Someone Could Hurt Themselves
    - Piano Man
    - Straight Shot
    - Hold My Hair

    See the relevant sections for details.

    Alma Reynard.

    Doing any of the kills mentioned above will complete this challenge automatically.

    The Classics
    Silent Assassin, Suit Only x3 (Casual, Professional, Master)
    Silent Assassin x3 (Casual, Professional, Master)
    Suit Only x3 (Casual, Professional, Master)
    No Evidence x3 (Casual, Professional, Master)

    All the above will have difficulty-related challenges. Thankfully, difficulty stacks, so you’d only need to do a one perfect run on Master to fully unlock the whole set of challenges.

    Simply follow the guide above for A Clean Kill, and all the above challenges will unlock.

    If you want to get a higher score without having to hide in the bathroom, below is an alternative method that can complete Master difficulty with Silent Assassin, Suit Only in about four minutes.

    Start on Master in the office with default items. Go into the panic room. Grab the frags, get the dongle, and shoot the CCTV evidence. Use the dongle to trigger the enemies.

    Head down the panic room stairs, and subdue the lone guard. Hide him into the nearby container. Use instinct to ensure that no one is looking, and enter the door beside the container into the main floor. Hide behind the nearest sofa.

    After some talking, Alma will ask for tea. This is when the chief guard will turn his back, and walk away. Meanwhile Orson will walk to the right to make tea, and Alma will also turn her back against you.

    Sneak up, and garrotte her. Quickly drag her body to the container outside the door that you came in from, and toss her inside.

    Sniper Assassin x3 (Casual, Professional, Master)

    Start on Master in the office with a briefcase. During the planning stage, put a sniper rifle into the briefcase.

    Few ways to unlock a sniper rifle so that you can bring one into the mission for this challenge:

    - Complete challenges in Paris (legacy) for a Jaeger 7,
    - Complete challenges in Sapienza (legacy) for a Jaeger 7 Lancer (this comes with a zoom, pretty handy)
    - Complete The Cheveyo Calibration escalation in Marrakesh (legacy - A House Built On Sand). It's only 3 levels, and rewards you with the Sieger 300 Ghost (credit to SadisticBane).
    - Reach Level 10 of the Isle of Sgàil campaign (credit to JohnnyC3PO) for a silenced sniper rifle.

    Once mission begins, drop the briefcase, and retrieve the sniper rifle. Holster it.

    Interact with the painting to go into the panic room. Grab the frags, get the dongle, and destroy the CCTV evidence. Use the dongle to trigger the multiple hostiles.

    Leave via the stairs in the panic room to head into the garage. Subdue the guard there, and toss him into the nearby container. Be careful now as there are several enemies patrolling outside. Find a spot outside when you can hide in the bush. I’d suggest doing this in a nearby bush that’s at about 45 degrees facing the house and the pool, where you’ll get a clear view of Alma and Orson, who should be talking into the main floor now before she asks for tea. From the same location, if you look right, you should see the balcony where Alma and Orson will have a long talk later, but you don’t need to wait so long.

    Wait until Alma walks to the kitchen top to drink her tea. Make a quick save in case you screw up the sniper shot. Snipe her from your position, and start the usual escape route towards the boat.

    Once you successful escape without anyone spotting you, all three Sniper Assassin challenges will unlock.

    The Classics x3 (Casual, Professional, Master)

    Complete all the above five types of classics challenges to unlock these.

    Please let me know if I miss anything. All in all this mission will take around 3-4 hours for 100% completion.
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    PoiaAssassin 11/11
    Exploration 4/4
    Feats 5/5
    Target 1/1
    Classic 14/22
    Unlocked it when I did sniper assassin on easy, I didn’t do sniper assassin on professional difficulty.
    Posted by Poia on 31 Oct 20 at 15:24
    Ohh WerdCan confim you can use the Jaeger silenced, but you must hide Alma's body. If found it will not unlock.

    After she asked for tea, i knocked her out with the bust that is to the right of the 2nd floor safe room door as it shatters. I then dragged her upstairs to the safe room, sniped her, put her in the closet in the garage and then snuck down the beach, destroying the gas can in the bed of the truck as a distraction when prompted.
    Posted by Ohh Werd on 26 Nov 20 at 02:26
    FlipYourWigHDSo you can't get this achievement if you only have access to ICA training and Hawkes bay? Because I have no other way to get a sniper rifle, is that correct?
    Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 28 Jan at 21:14
    FlipYourWigHDJust got it without completing "No running on the tiles"!!
    Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 17 Feb at 23:20
    Gilbert PrimeNot too bad for Nightcall but I have a feeling that doing the same in the other 3 missions is going to be a nightmare.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 22 Feb at 05:24
    Dr MartyI have a strategy with which you can get every single classic challenge in one go. In brought terms:
    1. Play on Master difficulty and select the sniper rifle (silenced Sieger 300 Ghost) for your loadout.
    2. Get the sedative from the van in the garage and poison the Scotch in the bedroom (this will knock the guy out without killing him).
    3. Now interact with the computer to start the second stage of the level.
    4. Leave the house through the panic room and the garage. (Knock out the guard outside the garage door and hide him)
    5. Make your way almost all the way to the boat where you escape and wait here in the bushes until the target goes to the balcony. - Make a save here.
    6. Once the guy goes back inside, give it another few seconds to be sure he drank the Scotch.
    7. Snipe the target > snipe the gas canister on the truck > make your exit.

    This way you get the Silent Assassin, Sniper Assassin, Suit Only and No Evidence challenges.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 23 Feb at 23:59
    Dr MartyI also got it without finding the key in the vase.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 24 Feb at 00:00
    RossCowanCheers Dr Marty - spot on.
    Posted by RossCowan on 26 Feb at 22:44
    EternallyBrokenAssassin 11/11
    Exploration 4/4
    Feats 5/5
    Target 1/1

    When looking at challenges when you are ingame and playing the map Nightcall. And still no achievement. The last one I did was "no running on tiles" which is one of the feats.

    So after that I brought sniper rifle as I had done the other 4 out of 5 in "The Classics", the one missing was killing with a sniper rifle. Took out Orson while in the shower and then shot her with the sniper rifle while she was sleeping on the bed. Then went and completed the map. When the map was completed and game was checking my challenges the achievement popped.

    In other words the five different challenges in "The Classics" seems to be a must to complete. As it popped when I did the sniper challenge on proffesional difficulty and completing the mission with a silent assassin rating.
    Posted by EternallyBroken on 01 Mar at 06:04
    Anno MundiAlso got it without completing "No running on the tiles"
    Posted by Anno Mundi on 22 Mar at 21:29
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