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Cartel Wrecker achievement in HITMAN 2

Cartel Wrecker

Feed Delgado to his hippo, crush Delgado and Martínez with the statue, push Franco off a cliff.

Cartel Wrecker0
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How to unlock the Cartel Wrecker achievement

  • MarsRoverDudeMarsRoverDude308,263
    26 Nov 2018 26 Nov 2018
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    1) Make your way to the hippo pit, throw the meaty bone (or guard standing nearby) into the water and the hippo will emerge. Wait for the hippo "expert" to arrive. He will notice the hippo is active and immediately leave to get Delgado. Delgado will arrive and will dismiss the "expert". Once he is gone, use the opportunity to push him into the pit by pressing cn_A and enjoy the cut-scene between Delgado and his mijo.

    2) Grab a wrench from the car repair tech next to the general store. What you want to do is follow the mission opportunity for the statue unveiling, by loosening the statue and getting the band together. Once you gather the other 3 band members and blend in for the cut-scene, you can immediately leave and head up to the statue. Since the achievement isn't clear on if they have to be crushed at the same time, or can be crushed using the statue at separate saves, I used a save scrub method. I saved my game here, and pushed the statue onto Martinez before Delgado arrived. Once that was completed I reloaded my save and waited for Delgado, killing them separately. However, if you are standing at the statue, after Delgado's speech he will request a drumroll twice. After the second request, Martinez will move to the opposite side of the stage. If you time it right and push the statue using cn_Y as soon as she starts moving from right to left, you can crush both of them at once. Be aware you run the risk of getting spotted, as I was noticed every time I killed them at the same time.

    3) Nestled in the drug fields there is a hut that requires a keycard housing Franco's prized possession, a rare flower. Use the fuse box on the side of the building as a distraction, acquire the disguise and keycard from the guard, and enter the hut. Once the other scientist is not paying attention, destroy the flower in the container. Inside the hut there is an option to blend in as a scientist. Use that, and eventually Franco will make his way over to the hut, complain about the flower being destroyed and venture out to get a new one with some guards. Follow him up to the cliff, hiding amongst the plants. Once he gets near the area, make sure you walk ahead and hide in the leaves near the edge, as the area will become a trespassing zone once he dismisses the guards. Franco will meander on up to the cliff side and reach out for the plant. Use this opportunity to shove him to a watery grave and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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    Lolo KeeganI got lucky, I pushed the statue on Delgado and didn't crush Martinez and the achievement still popped.
    Posted by Lolo Keegan on 02 Apr 20 at 15:17
    R4GINGFOXYou can also use the remote explosive to kick the statue down :)
    Posted by R4GINGFOX on 02 May 20 at 09:23
    The SharkopathYou can kill both the statue in one go however have to time it just right. I found that when Delgado said "Drumroll, dammit!" Martinez will step a little closer to him to get the double kill. So when he says that line push the statue as he's saying it.
    Posted by The Sharkopath on 11 Sep 20 at 03:45
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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT242,592
    22 Nov 2018 20 Jan 2019
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    This is completed in the third location of Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna - Three-Headed Serpent. Take a basic loadout with a lock pick (Unlocked at Mastery level 2 Miami). Start by heading to the Hippo pit, taking out the guard and exciting the hippo with the meaty bone, then wait for Delgado to come and push him in. Restart the mission, grab a wrench and start waking up the three band members. Take out the guards by the statue and then loosen the statue with the wrench. Disguise yourself as the fourth band member and join the band on stage, wait for both targets to head to the stage then leave and push the statue on to them. Finally, head to the coca field hut and tamper with the microwave to ruin the flower, which will make Franco walk up on the cliff and give you a chance to push him off.

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