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Ghost of the Jungle achievement in HITMAN 2

Ghost of the Jungle

Complete Three-Headed Serpent on Master Difficulty.

Ghost of the Jungle-0.1
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How to unlock the Ghost of the Jungle achievement

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT241,154
    22 Nov 2018 22 Feb 2019
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    This is completed in the third location of Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna - Three-Headed Serpent. Take a basic loadout with a lock pick (Unlocked at Mastery level 2 Miami). Start by heading to the right and take out the mechanic, he will drop some glue that you need to pick up. Then get the pharmacy key by knocking out the lady on the bridge and enter the pharmacy to grab some poison. Now, sneak into Andrea Martinez's compound and wait for her meeting to end to kill her and dump her body out the window. From here, head to the motel to get the hippie disguise and then poison the souvenir before using the glue to put it back together. Take the poisoned souvenir to Jorge Franco to kill him (remember to take out any cameras along the way). Finally, acquire a screwdriver and submarine tech disguise and head to the submarine area and tamper with it so that it can be powered up high enough to kill Rico.

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    AawesomThanks a lot.
    Posted by Aawesom on 17 Aug 19 at 01:56
    Don NielsonWould have been better if this was a silent assassin, suit only guide.
    Posted by Don Nielson on 19 Aug 20 at 11:13
    beets101This is broken for me. When I but the poison in the bus I don’t have the glue even though I have definitely picked it up. Another glitched game then for me. UPDATE it doesn’t go into your inventory but appears once you install poison, I didn’t notice first time round.
    Posted by beets101 on 02 Jan at 17:59
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  • DampfshoppingDampfshopping270,749
    01 Feb 2019 01 Feb 2019
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    One of the easier missions on Master Difficulty. Here's how I did it:


    - Starting location: Coca Fields
    - Coins, everything else is your choice

    From the starting location, go clockwise around the house in front of you, hiding in the coca plants. There's a lone guard, lure him with a coin into the coca, subdue him and take his disguise. From there, move to Franco's Hut. Check if Franco in there, if that's the case, wait. Once the coast is clear, lure the lone guy inside the hut outside using the air condition and subdue him. Hide him in the coca, grab his key and enter the hut. Wait in hiding until Franco enters and works at the table. He should be alone. Kill him and put his body into the hiding spot. Leave the coca fields and head towards the village.

    Make your way through the village to the bar at the far end. You want P-Power's disguise, so wait until he's talking on the phone, then put a coin into the music box to get him to move behind the building. Subdue him, take his disguise and put him into the dumpster. Dispose of your weapon and go to the Delgado Mansion's gate. Knock and get frisked, then follow the wife to Mr. Delgado. Go through the motions as the tattoo artist, and when you are alone with Delgado, kill him with the tattoo gun. You can drag him into the bathroom behind his office, he won't be found too soon.

    Leave the mansion and move to Martinez' compound. Enter the compound by jumping over the wall to the right (there's a lone dude sitting there smoking, leave him alone as he's no danger). Hide in the coca and lure the lone guard towards you (pay attention not to get caught by the camera). Subdue him and take his clothes, then hide him in the dumpster. Go up the stairs and wait under the open window right at the stairs.

    Save your game here.

    When nobody's looking, enter the room through the window, crouch and grab the letter opener. Leave immediately through the window and wait until Andrea comes into the room and stands with her back to you. Throw the letter opener at her head, killing her. Leave the compound the way you came in and run to the bus stop exfil.

    Congratulations, you're done!
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