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HITMAN Legacy: Bangkok

Drop the Bass achievement in HITMAN 2

Drop the Bass

Eliminate both Morgan and Cross in a fall accident and both by dropping a coconut on their heads.

Drop the Bass0
24 January 2021 - 3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Drop the Bass achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,266,436
    12 Nov 2018
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    Drop the Bass 1 - Cross Fall Accident
    Follow the Man Machine opportunity which will lead you to take the drummer's disguise, meet up with Cross, play the drums ultimately leading to a private meeting on the rooftop where you can push him off.

    Drop the Bass 2 - Morgan Fall Accident
    Follow the On the House opportunity which will lead you to take a server's outfit, meeting Morgan and escorting him to the room. Continue following his instructions by completing the inspection ultimately following him to the balcony. Once the bodyguard can't see, push him off.

    Drop the Bass 3 - Dropping Coconuts
    Follow the Bugman opportunity. You'll need the exterminator's outift, grab the insecticide canister, talk to the manager and wait for both of the targets to enter the atrium. Now release the gas using the pipe in the side room. Now enter the lobby and drag their bodies to be underneath a cocunut tree. Once they are under the tree, shoot the coconut to drop it, killing them. Do this for both targets.

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    OhMyGoth1If you knock out the target and then dump them off a ledge to eliminate them, does it count?
    Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 07 Oct 19 at 02:16
    Mouth 420did what was in guide nothing happened
    Posted by Mouth 420 on 17 Jul 20 at 03:43
    Iraeous The ApeMouth and I had same issue. If youre reading this make a save before EVERY kill. For instance 3 or 5 seconds before each, and DO NOT OVERWRITE ANY OF THEM till this pops. You're definitely going to use 5 or 6 anyway when efficiently hunting for all mission story cheevs across all campaign missions anyway. If this didnt pop after (re)doing all of the "accident" kills, 2 falls & 2 coconuts, close game completely from the home menu by pressing pause and scrolling down to ''quit'', then hit manage games and add ons, go to saved data, and delete it. Don't worry, it'll save to the cloud, just has to re sync from the cloud after you reopen the game. If you already know ALL of this have some cake. Then, after all is said and done, re load each manual save and get the kills again. I had to do them all again, but oh well it popped after i did all of this. Even then if it's still glitched for anyone just hmu. I did a few other specific things too, like listening to dialogue all the way through, and another thing or 2. Best of luck!
    Posted by Iraeous The Ape on 22 Sep 20 at 05:03
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  • TNTuxedoTNTuxedo105,967
    16 Feb 2020 16 Feb 2020 16 Feb 2020
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    As Maka has shown, this achievement is best gotten during the Bugman story. However, I would suggest a slight change in strategy:

    To get the exterminator outfit, wait in the large room housing the ventilation system. Both the exterminator and the hotel staffer will eventually walk into this room, making it easier to knock out and hide both of them without being noticed by the guard under the security camera. Hide them in the nearby storage container.

    From here, follow the Bugman storyline until the hotel manager makes the call to Cross. Once she begins the call, go back to the storage container where you hid the hotel staffer and get his outfit. Find Morgan and let him know his room is ready. Lead him into the atrium and stop him underneath the palm tree to the right of the bar near the stairs (being careful to avoid anyone who may see through your disguise). The goal is to have Morgan underneath the palm tree when Cross finally comes down. If you get to the tree too early, Morgan will become impatient and start to walk away; just go back to him and try again (he’ll make a snippy comment about having a map this time).

    Once Cross comes down the stairs, he will see Morgan standing under the tree, approach him, and have a conversation with him. With both targets under one tree, go back to the ventilation room and either (1) change back into the exterminator outfit and gas the room before shooting the coconuts or (2) simply shoot the coconuts through the glass.

    Mission accomplished, without having to worry about anyone seeing you dragging bodies around.
  • AllOvaMyselfAllOvaMyself839,485
    27 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020 08 Sep 2020
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    No offense to Maka, his guide is alright, but to make it a little quicker, do the Morgan push before Cross. The balcony you push Morgan from is literally 2 stories above the balcony where you grab the Drummer. You can vault over Morgan's balcony and slide down a pipe to get to it. Obviously, be sure the Drummer isn't out on the balcony and shimmy to the right before pulling yourself up to avoid being spotted by the guard right in the next room where the Drummer comes from/goes into.

    I also find Maka's solution to the coconuts to be a little too random to pull off. I have to do way too much body movement and I always die.

    So do the Bugman stuff up to where you have Cross come down from upstairs, but then don't poison the lobby. Instead, wait for Cross to walk under the coconuts closest to the window where you'd stand to put the poison in the ventilation (look up to your left), and shoot those with a silenced pistol through the window. You will have to time the drop since Cross doesn't stop under the coconuts.

    After that, you can cross the lobby and use Emetic poison (found beside the exterminator vehicle) to taint the food Morgan tastes from the buffet. Keep in mind that it may take a few cycles for him to taste the food you poisoned and, yes, poisoning the food can be done without being seen in the Exterminator disguise if you time it correctly. Once he eats the poisoned dish, he'll throw up in a nearby trash can out in the lobby that has coconuts hanging above it. You can shoot them through a window with a silenced pistol from the staircase leading upstairs that's just to the left of the buffet from which Morgan eats. Stand about halfway down the flight of stairs itself, between the first landing and the second floor, so you can both hit the coconuts and avoid being seen.

    This achievement glitched on me in the 2016 version (I've since obtained it) but I made these two runs a billion times trying to get it to unlock, so they definitely work. This version of the achievement unlocked properly just after the coconuts fell on Morgan. I didn't even need to complete the level...
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