HITMAN Legacy: Hokkaido

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HITMAN Legacy: Hokkaido

Hokkaido Escalated achievement in HITMAN™ 2

Hokkaido Escalated

Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Escalated0
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How to unlock the Hokkaido Escalated achievement

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    Completing The Dexter Discordance will not pop this achievement, so you'll have to complete The Meiko Incarnation, which is really tricky during level 5. Don't even think about doing this escalation until you've reached Hokkaido mastery level 20, as it's impossible to do without using loadout items.

    Level 5 is tricky because it combines the previous complication "Cascade" which requires that you kill the Hospital Director, Akira Nakamura, within 60 seconds of stealing the diamonds, with the "Ninja Biker" complication which requires you to kill both targets while wearing either the Ninja or Motorcyclist disguise, using only the katana, shuriken, or an accident kill.

    This used to be a lot easier because you could knock out Nakamura in the main-floor bathroom and leave a breach charge + fire extinguiser near him, then detonate remotely after suiting up and stealing the diamonds. Now that fire extinguishers have been nerfed and only incur knockouts, a different strategy is required. Propane tanks work better than fire extinguishers, but there is no efficient way to get propane up into that bathroom without screwing up the timing or doing a lot of backtracking.

    All credit for the video goes to Woopzilla. This run is from Hitman 2 so it accounts for all current conditions. Good luck!

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    Calex dEUSThanks, mine didn't go nearly as smoothly as the video but it got the job done amid the chaos that ensued laugh
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 29 Jan 19 at 09:53
    Tyger7I did it without propane tank. Just ran up and threw the star at him.

    *For all except 5th escalation, I used the Seiker 1 which is obtained on Haven Island the DLC. I just waited in bathroom. When target stood still in hallway I shot him with it (makes him sick) then knocked him out in bathroom stall. You're free to then go steal diamonds and then run back up and execute him with ninja stat. I never bothered knocking out the patient in bathroom.

    *I always used the route of sliding down pipe, stealing diamonds, then climbing back up. You can reach that bathroom with 20 seconds to spare. For the exit I always went outside to garden area near the pipe and just used the ledge to hop up and exit with helicopter. They notice but it's too late.

    *With 2nd target i spawned in morgue, knocked out the guys and killed with star. I then when out the door nearby which leads to the pipe. You can make it to the bathroom and poison doctor guy like usual.

    For the 5th the only change I did was change into motorcycle outfit and then I waited til doctor was on bridge, ran up and threw the stat (semi sneaky). They didn't catch me in time to notice. I then exited via helicopter.
    Posted by Tyger7 on 15 May at 06:05
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