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Sins of the Fathers

Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hardcore

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Achievement Guide for Sins of the Fathers

  • Notorious KiwiNotorious Kiwi427,579
    14 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018 19 Nov 2018
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    Where to begin.. The battlefield V campaign / selection of war stories is not long, at all. I don't have an overall walkthrough so much as I do have just general tips and tidbits that I've learnt while doing it. Overall the campaign isn't too hard, the most challenging part is just annoying objectives and enemies that are accurate enough they should be in the SAS. The achievements are thankfully stackable so completing the campaign on Hardcore will give you the achievements for Medium and Hard as well.

    General tips will be tucked behind a spoiler tag for now until more people get their hands on the game. The guide will hopefully serve as a general overview now and may be changed upon request for more or less information. I did the guide for Battlefield 1 on hard and looking back at it it felt severely lacking so I wanted to help a little bit more this time around. Please do comment if there's something I missed, something you found that worked better, it's all useful information.

    I will most definitely be coming back over the next couple days to try and tidy up or consolidate. Please excuse the crappy humour, tired as hell writing this but I was excited to finish the campaign and write a guide that I hoped would help.

    Edit #1: Thanks to Triple Triad777 and P00R GRENDEL for noting that it is possible you may need to resume/restart the very last bit of Under No Flag for the achievement to pop. They have both reported that hitting resume on that particular war story and finishing it off will pop the achievement. Apologies for not bringing this up sooner, I didn't have this issue so I was hoping the achievement was working fine. :(

    General Tips:
    1) Flank: If you see an opportunity to avoid enemies by going around them and moving onto your objective, absolutely do it. There's no brownie points or participation awards going out to Nazi killers today. Many maps you will find opportunities to flank. The first mission of Under No Flag is a big open map, The second mission for Nordlys is an even bigger open map. Most missions in the Tirailleur are very linear but offer huge opportunities to take a side path around the enemy and shoot them from the sides.
    2) Stealth: You channel whatever Ninja Kung Fu master you need to but as it traditionally is for most shooters on harder difficulties, don't bother starting a firefight if there's a tonne of enemies, take your time! There's no monster closets that I know of so once they're dead, they ded.
    3) Supply Stations: Probably the most important one depending on the mission, keep an eye out for the supply stations or weapon drops throughout the map. In the Nordlys mission there's a Bren chilling out near one of the objectives you go to, much better than holding the fort in close quarters with a bolt action rifle eh? If not you may find sticky charges or panzerfausts and let me tell you, they. are. invaluable.

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