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Play a round of Conquest on each of the launch maps

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Progress towards this achievement will reset if you leave the server

How to unlock the Globetrotter achievement

  • Notorious KiwiNotorious Kiwi558,893
    09 Nov 2018 10 Nov 2018 09 Aug 2019
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    Hi All,

    Launch Maps are as follows:

    Rotterdam (Urban map from the beta)
    Twisted Steel (Open map from the reveal trailer)
    Narvik (Snowy map from the beta)
    Fjell 652

    You do not need to be in the match from the get go, simply joining a match on a map you have yet to do and being there when it complete will give you progress towards the achievement. My final map was Arras and I somehow joined into the post match screen and it still counted. If you are in a part of the world with a lower population than say America or Europe you may need to join one of their servers to pick up a map you need if you are in a rush but don't stress about it too much, all DICE servers have all maps in the rotation so if you're in a server for long enough playing conquest you'll get this easily.

    Please also note that when I joined into Fjell 652 it was part of a grand operation however the day it was on meant the mode was conquest. Fjell 652 is the mountain portion of Narvik and is what comes after Narvik in the Grand Operations.

    I hope this helped if you were confused about anything, best of luck folks!

    EDIT: Please note that this achievement is currently bugged for a lot of people on all platforms. EA is aware of the problem and is working on a solution but don't hold your breathe as it's been broken for over half a year already.

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    Y2Kasper10Broken still April 2020. I've played them all and several others not from this list... unless the warning is true about doing it in 1 sitting. I am at 75% so not sure
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 11 Apr at 04:40
    CauseMe and my friend just unlocked this achievement with no issues, across 2 different days.
    Posted by Cause on 13 Apr at 01:29
    Posted by RayffeSilva on 27 May at 00:26
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  • x athiktos xx athiktos x204,687
    30 May 2019 30 May 2019 04 Sep 2019
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    EA is supposed to be on a fix. The full thread with moderator response can be found here (direct links to moderator statements below in edits):

    EDIT#1 - 6/27/19:
    Update 1.19, Defying the Odds, was supposed to include a fix per EA_Blueberry, moderator communicating with gamers on the thread/link above. Here is a direct link to his statement on said fix:

    Unfortunately, his comments seemingly fall flat as many players are saying nothing has changed after update 1.19

    EDIT#2 - 7/2/19:
    Comment from EA_Blueberry detailing upcoming hotfix (update 4.0.1) addressing server and client hit registry fixes (comment #276):

    EDIT#3 - 7/26/19
    Mentioned in BFV Quality of Life Tracker under "Top Issues Week of July 15" as looking to fix with next update:

    That update 1.21 (4.2), which is now live, appears to not have the aforementioned fix but is instead prioritizing the invisible soldiers fix.

    The achievement fix is now set to be in update 4.4 in August (comments #421, #428):

    EDIT#4 - 7/30/19
    Update 4.2.1 dropped today, this said to add Marita, the new map and playlists.

    The achievement fix is still scheduled to be in update 4.4 come mid/late August.

    EDIT #5 - 8/3/19
    Update 4.4 dropped today and gamers are claiming the achievements are now popping; however, not retroactively...meaning, all your totals for individual ranks and jack of all trades are set at 0. So, if you have 100,000 in each class, the achievement will not pop simply because of this fix. You will need to collect 100,000 again. I suggest going into the class menus and taking note of what your current totals are. If you are at 108,000 for one class, you will likely need 208,000 to get said class complete.

    Patch notes stating achievements are fixed:

    Gamer comments on experiences with 4.4 update and achievements:

    I would also suggest re-grinding these achievements now. It's very likely that if EA tried to put out a retroactive "fix" they would make these achievements unobtainable again.

    Good Luck!
    Notorious Kiwi has a fine guide, but this is to elaborate on the glitch and comments on that guide.

    I got this last night (5/29/19) even with the progression glitch. Before update 1.16 on 5/23/19, I had 6 of 8 maps completed for 75%. After the update, I played DEVASTATION and it bumped my progression to 88% for 7 of 8 completed. The following day, I went back down to 75% after not finding/playing the final conquest map.

    NOTE! I, personally, did not have to play all 8 maps in one lobby, rather, I needed find the two remaining maps I had not played before the update in one lobby to get this achievement. I have, however, noticed that on an achievement that I had no progression on before the update, such as Fender Bender, I had to get all 5 road kills in one lobby to get the achievement.

    Knowing that DEVASTATION was one of the maps I needed, I did an advanced search for TWISTED STEEL, trying to find a game that was nearly completed, but one I could get credit for. I did this because I knew I had played FJELL 652, ROTTERDAM and NARVIK before the glitch and they had already counted towards my 75% progression. I also knew PANZERSTORM and MERCURY did not count towards the progression, so I searched the next map in the conquest rotation and played through until I reached DEVASTATION. As of this date, the map rotation is as follows:

    Fjell 652
    Twisted Steel

    You can find the map rotation from inside the game round by pressing cn_start. Scroll down to the "SERVER INFO" and press A. From there you will see pictures of the map list and there will be an orange bar on your current map.

    The two maps I needed ended up being ARRAS and DEVASTATION. Playing them while in the same lobby (without backing out) helped me get the achievement. If you only have 4 maps completed, I suggest the same strategy by using advanced search and starting at the map just below PANZERSTORM or below MERCURY as they do not count towards this achievement. Continue to play in the same lobby and make notes of progression after each round in case you cannot complete the remaining maps in one sitting. This way, the next time you play you can hopefully narrow your advanced search options.

    The same goes for all Multiplayer achievements such as "GLOBETROTTER," "FENDER BENDER," "JACK OF ALL TRADES," "ELITE," etc.

    Personally, I am just under 100,000 for each class and 500,000 for Jack of All Trades. I don't plan on playing and going over those totals until I hear the fix sticks. (pun intended)

    GL and let me know of your experiences in the comments to better the guide.
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    oO NiGhTbAsE OoI can confirm this achievement is now tracking correctly again as of the 4.4 Update. So the 'buggy' achievement flag can be removed. You no longer have to stay on the same server.
    Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 07 Sep 19 at 18:01
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