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Deadly Resourceful

In Act 4 Chapter 4, kill a Swarmak using a different weapon to pop each Blister on Insane or above.

Deadly Resourceful+16.5
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Achievement Guide for Deadly Resourceful

  • Siegfried CRSiegfried CR603,709
    09 Nov 2018 09 Nov 2018 12 Nov 2018
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    Easy method to get this achievement that worked for me and my friend , act 4 chapter 5 in coop , the host set the difficulty on insane the second player on easy ,the guy with the lowest difficulty will clean all the way until the swarmak , when you face the swarmak you have a checkpoint every time you actívate a Transformer so , the guy with the lowest difficulty will actívate the first Transformer and he will destroy 2 blisters , actívate second Transformer and destroy 2 more blisters , actívate third Transformer and destroy 2 more blisters , now actívate the fourth and final Transformer , you will have one more checkpoint and just two blisters remaining but you just have to destroy one more , on this point the host will pause the game , the second player will have to go to the Main menu and rejoin but set the difficulty to insane , now the guy who is going to get the achievement first will destroy the last blíster and when the cinematic start that guy will have the achievement , when the achievement pop , the host must close the game very fast before it saves , and now you have a checkpoint with just one blíster remaining , now the other guy will destroy the remaining blíster and the achievement will pop for him , just keep in mind which weapon you used on any blister , in total you have to destroy 7 blisters but you will find more than 7 weapons around the place. Forgive me about my English i speak spanish and good luck PURA VIDA
  • Drastic Ed xoDrastic Ed xo288,296
    09 Nov 2018 09 Nov 2018
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    @Seigfried CR - Kudos it works, we captured it on video here Thanks.

    ACT 4 - Chapter 5 (Achievement say chapter's wrong)

    Have a friend host on insane, you join on casual to start with. Pop 6 blisters with alternate weapons, quit then rejoin but on insane and destroy the last blister.

    Our video guide on this:

  • TetraNovaTetraNova392,573
    08 Nov 2018 08 Nov 2018 28 Nov 2018
    25 2 24
    Achievement details are currently incorrect, the swarmak is faced at the end of act 4, chapter 5.

    This must be done on insane or above.

    I have not tested if it is possible in Co op, but I assume that as long as the blisters are popped with different weapons,and both players are on insane, it would work. Will update when this has been confirmed.

    This is possible in Co-op, and there's a player swap/ quick method explained in the other solutions for this.

    There are a few reports of this achievement being buggy, and not unlocking, the only suggestion I have at this time is to damage and destroy each blister with one weapon only, using explosive weapons on the second / fourth / sixth blister to prevent splash damage from explosives.

    During the fight with the swarmak, a checkpoint is triggered after every transformer is destroyed, so blow one up, pop the 2 blisters that get exposed (with different weapons), pop the next transformer, rinse repeat. The game will save which weapons you have used to pop the blisters at each checkpoint, so get the more annoying weapons out of the way first, before the swarm start spawning in.

    Dieing does not appear to affect the achievement (I died 10+ times during my unlock attempt).

    You will need 7 different weapons for this achievement. Thankfully, an infinite supply of standard ammo is available near the room entrance, and boomshots, torque bows, markza rifles, longshots and mulchers are around the arena and in 'roof snot'. Hopefully you are carrying different primary weapons from those stated above, if not, swarm drones spawn with hammer bursts halfway through the fight. Add in your pistol, and you have up to two extra weapon compared to the number of blisters, giving some room for error/ play style preferences.

    The achievement will pop a few seconds into the cutscene after the fight is over.

    Good hunting and please vote / comment with suggestions and improvements :)
  • Piyi PiyiPiyi Piyi242,996
    13 Nov 2018 13 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
    14 0 1
    Edit 1: I added more info about what you can do between "waves" and what weapons I took.


    I got the achievement playing alone, so I'll add the weapons that I used and at what moment

    (I can't help you with what generator I destroyed first because I forgot it, but the last generator was the right generator (not the generator near the entrance))

    First wave: Destroy almost every pod, except the ones on every 2nd floor. It's easy to fight with juvies now than later. I had the Hammerburst before the Swarmak, and I picked the Boomshot that is near the left generator (near the entrance) (1st floor). Put 2 grenades tags not so far so you can hear when they exploded and get ready if some juvies are near you

    I was standing on the first floor of the right generator (not the generator near the entrance) After I popped the first blister with Hammerburst, I switched it for the Boomshot. I never changed the Lancer because I forgot to clean every pod and on 3rd wave I fought with 5 juvies, and Lancer helped me to destroy the generators very easy



    Second wave: I didn't have much trouble with this, I picked the Mulcher near the infinite ammo. I was on the same spot that before. If you have grenades, tag them like on first wave



    Third wave: After the checkpoint, change whatever weapon you have for the torque on the left, (Don't change Lancer), if you still have grenades, tag them. After that, run as fast as you can to the left generator (near the entrance) (2nd floor). Now change the Lancer for the Boomshot near the ammo box. Fire at will at the Scion Mulchers. If you get active reload and a little of luck, you have killed the 2 Scion with the Boomshot, then took again the Lancer. If you didn't killed the Scions, do it ASAP. This is risky, but it's one of the best places to stay to destroy the blister near the tail with the Snub. After you destroyed the blister, remember to run near the generator so the missiles don't kill you. You can try to get the Torque Bow's arrow to the knee from here, and if you run out of ammo, you can go to the far right genertator to get more ammo for the Torque Bow. If you were asking why I didn't destroy the pods from the 2nd floor, is because 75% of the time a Swarm can climb the stairs and he appears near you, and if you have the pods, they try to cover and then shoot you (or Marcus), this is a real life guard (Mostly of the time if you don't have the pods the Swarm runs to kill you with melee, or he can DBNO Marcus).

    (Maybe you can try Gnasher over Snub because you are very close from the blister, but I never tried it) (I tried with the Longshot, but it was very difficult)

    Snub pistol
    Torque Bow


    Fourth wave: My final generator was the right generator (not the generator near the entrance), so I destroyed it, and I went to the second floor to get the Markza, and I picked the back blister because it's more easy IMO. I didn't have so much trouble like on third wave.

    Markza (back blister, not the chin blister)


    Good luck everyone smile (Sorry for my english)
  • handy723handy723114,004
    31 Jan 2019 12 Feb 2019
    13 0 1
    While you can do this on coop using the swap trick, I just wanted to clarify that it can be done solo split screen as well. This split screen quit and resume on solo method also helped me cheese the In Memoriam achievement. Way easier than I thought it would be.

    1. Start split screen campaign on Act 4-5 with P1 on insane and P2 on casual. Play through to the swarmak with P2.

    2. Have P1 take cover. Pick up a boomshot with P2 and give it to P1. Have P1 take cover in the spawn location

    3. Use P2 to pop the blisters and destroying generators. Keep the lancer for generators and popping the 6th blister. My order of weapons was gnasher, snub, markza, longshot, torque bow and/or mulcher, and lancer. I just switched out my gnasher loadout for the new weapons and kept the lancer. My order of generators was right centre, left centre, far right, and then far left. There is probably a more efficient order, but this worked ok for me.

    4. After you pop the 6th blister, take out the scions as it makes things easier. Use the lancer to destroy the last generator and make your way back to the spawn. Wait for checkpoint to pop and quit. Killing anything that threatens P1 on your way back helps too.

    5. Resume the campaign solo. This should pick up with your P1 in cover, holding the boomshot with 6 blisters popped. Aim at his face for blister #7 and the achievement should pop shortly into the cutscene. Then I quit the game before the next chapter started to ensure that I had the checkpoint to help some others that were looking for it.

    Note: that if you resume and host a friend for this save to help them, you have to give the boomshot to them so they can fire the last shot.
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