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Clean Getaway

Performed a clean heist.

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Achievement Guide for Clean Getaway

    30 Dec 2018 30 Dec 2018 24 Oct 2019
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    This achievement is gained over the span of 2 levels.
    This is pretty close to the beginning of the game.

    First, you must not be seen in Act 3 by a specific guard (see below).
    Then, you must Pull the fire alarm before ending the mission in Act 4.

    Technically, there are multiple ways to complete each level.... however, this is what I found to be the fastest, and most foolproof PATH.
    VOLUME 1, ACT 3: Casing The Joint

    Pick the lock of the truck. cn_A
    Take the cleaning uniform.
    Go left, pick the lock of the fence. cn_A
    Go around the house (left), enter the kitchen, keep going right into the house.
    Cutscene begins, showing you BOGDAN.
    Run to the right side of the house, outside.
    Along the way, press cn_Y on Bogdan to Examine him.
    Find the mop and Press cn_A to BLEND IN.
    Wait until Bogdan has a phone call and eavesdrop.
    Once done, run to the left side of the house outside, to find another mop.
    Press cn_A to BLEND IN again.
    Bogdan will come over here and have another phone call - eavesdrop again.
    Try to go upstairs, a guard will go HEY! Now just walk away.
    The guard will go upstairs, follow him (not too closely).
    Elite1111111111 added: You can wait until the actual party to get the security code. That way you don't have to risk going upstairs when you shouldn't be up there.
    At the top go LEFT and pick the lock. cn_A BUT HURRY!!
    Go sneak behind the desk and Hack the computer.
    Make sure you are crouching/sneaking the WHOLE TIME in this room. cn_RB
    You will make a phone call (cutscene). Keep sneaking!!! cn_RB
    The guard will come in and then leave. NOW you leave.
    Go back downstairs. Exit through the kitchen.
    Exit through the front yard.

    VOLUME 1, ACT 4: Party And Larceny

    Walk up to the crowd of people, a guy MIRON will talk to the guard and then walk away - follow him.
    Talk to him. cn_A
    Tell him all 3 things that are YOU GETTING INTO the party. Pretty obvious choices. cn_Xcn_Xcn_B.
    Follow him upstairs & inside - MIRON will tell you he sees his girlfriend - and he runs upstairs.
    Don't follow him. Go talk to his girlfriend and tell her MIRON is upstairs.
    Go find BOGDAN and pickpocket for his keys. I found him upstairs to the right, in the "smoking room."
    Use the elevator to go downstairs to the garage.
    Head to the right (avoiding the guards) - to find the room - Pick the lock cn_A - BUT NO BIKE! UH OH!
    Sneak back upstairs (via elevator) and the cutscene shows the bike on right side of the house.
    There is a FIRE ALARM you must pull, it's to the left of the stairs on the 1st floor.
    It will beep and Bogdan will talk about it.
    Now walk up to the Bike (yes Bogdan is still on it...) - and press cn_A to Steal.

    This will end the level - and the Achievement should pop immediately!
  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards669,114
    02 Jan 2019 11 Jan 2019
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    Excellent Text guide by GrandNoble and great point by F77Bloky on the other guide to get 2 Achievements in 1 playthrough thus avoiding having to do another "Full" run.

    But this is for anyone who prefers video over text, and incase anybody gets stuck on any point. Just follow the video and you will get it easy

  • NerdzillaNerdzilla413,846
    12 Nov 2018 12 Nov 2018 30 Dec 2018
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    Don't get seen by the biker guard in the pre-setup and in the main heist and this should pop when you finish the level! I'd suggest pulling the fire alarm too but not sure if that is required it's just to the left of the bottom stairs next to the elevator!

    Edit: As suggested by F77Bloky You can get both achievements if in 'one' playthrough if you don't get spotted in Act 3 and 4. Then at the end of Act 4 when you can choose to use the fire alarm as a distraction, first choose not to and steal the bike without a distraction. This will get you the "Pool Party" achievement. Right after unlocking it (during the cutscene) press the Xbox button and quit the game.
    When you restart the game you'll be at a previous checkpoint. Now you must pull the fire alarm and then steal the bike, unlocking the "Clean Getaway" achievement.
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