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Thief of Thieves
Thief of Thieves

Volume 2: Transatlantic

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Volume 2: Transatlantic

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Underestimated Her

Were too witty for your own good.

Underestimated Her-2.1
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Achievement Guide for Underestimated Her

  • TolcTolc163,123
    02 Jan 2019 02 Jan 2019 03 Jan 2019
    21 0 4
    Volume 2, Chapter 4

    During the chapter, make sure you find all 3 blackmail materials:
    - Accident report in the safe near the computer
    - Newspapers in the cabinet in the attic
    - Court papers in the bedroom closet

    Then ask Han-Jeo to break in and confront the old man cn_B

    Any ending is okay, except the one where Han-Jeo knocks the man out and has his mask taken off.
    This should get you through:
    cn_X You were involved
    cn_X Court papers name you
    cn_Y Got people fired
    optional cn_X Friend got fired

    "Friend got fired" option only shows up if you've looked at the pics on the office wall in the previous chapter, and selecting it will also unlock another achievement.
    If you have not, Han-Jeo will hit the guy, but not knock him out, and he will cooperate (you can reload checkpoint if anything goes wrong).

    After that , you'll have a little chat with the special agent.

    When the option comes up, select "cn_Y Old guy should be glad", which is the obvious 'wrong' option there, so you most probably did not choose it during your first playthrough even if you had the requirements right.

    edit: added 'violence' requirement, thanks to Wise Owl 2000 for helping clarifying this.
    edit2: clarified optional last dialogue when confronting the old man, thanks to Ryn0 L.
  • Wise Owl 2000Wise Owl 2000346,462
    25 Dec 2018 02 Jan 2019 03 Jan 2019
    7 0 4
    There are 2 requirements for obtaining this achivement.

    1. Obtain all 3 pieces of Evidence, when searching the Station Masters house, before asking Han-Jae to ring the door bell. (Volume 2: Uninvited)

    Go through the dialogue options relating to the evidence, then choose "Got People Fired". Han-Jae will either become impatient & assault the Station Master in order to obtain the codes or if you've examined the Photo Wall and remind him his "Friend got Fired"; he will give in to blackmail.

    2. In the following scene with Agent Ikeda, after chatting about the pigeons in the park, choose "Old Guy should be glad"; to let slip information you shouldn't have known.

    Edited: Examing Photo Wall, does not prevent dialogue option showing. (See Tolc's comment)

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