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Thief of Thieves
Thief of Thieves

Volume 2: Transatlantic

2.871,837914 (50%)2-3 h
Volume 2: Transatlantic

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...Now You Don't

Erased the evidence of discressions past.

...Now You Don't-0.1
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Achievement Guide for ...Now You Don't

  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards669,114
    05 Jan 2019 12 Jan 2019
    14 1 0
    Volume 2 - Act 5

    Wise Owl 2000's Guide was great, but i wanted to show you that it can still be done even if you call the carousel and only 2 guards instead of 3 get distracted.

    As you can see, i make a few mistakes, but still easily get it. So, just follow the video, plan ahead and you will get it with no issues.

  • Wise Owl 2000Wise Owl 2000347,158
    25 Dec 2018 28 Dec 2018 28 Dec 2018
    11 0 0
    Volume 2: After Hours

    You need to sneak into the Guard Shack & remove the video tape of your last visit to the Station.

    Head over to the Carousel & pick the lock to access the controls. You can then ask Han-Jae or Sonya to operate cn_B the Carousel.

    Move back over to the left side of the entrance, but remain crouched in the shadows. When all 3 Guards are close together, press cn_B again to start-up the Carousel. As long as all 3 Guards go to investigate the noise, you will be able to safely sneak behind them.

    Move over to the shipping container on the left of the Station; there's a Guard that patrols the front & side of the Guard Shack, as well as a video camera that sweeps across the entrance.

    Wait until the Guard starts moving left; then move around the corner of the Station, keeping close to the scaffolding on your right. As soon as you reach the Guard Shack door, you need to pick the lock, enter & quickly find a hiding place; as a Guard will investigate the unlocked door. You can hide in the locker or remain crouched in the room; to the far left of the shack entrance.

    The Guard will enter, call out for Manuel, then leave; relocking the door behind him. You are then free to pick the lock on the cabinet, in the top right-hand corner, to steal the Surveillance tape. Whilst your here, take the opportunity to disable all the security cameras.

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