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Thief of Thieves

Volume 4: Social Climber

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Volume 4: Social Climber

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Plan B

Followed your mentor's lead.

Plan B0
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Achievement Guide for Plan B

  • iPr0 N1nJa xiPr0 N1nJa x101,005 101,005 GamerScore
    04 May 2019 04 May 2019 07 May 2019
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    Volume 4 - Chapter 1:

    In my playthrough Chip had died at the end of chapter 3. However Fl0ydPinkert0n has confirmed that Chip can be alive for this to work.

    Also at the end of chapter 3 during your conversation with the FBI agent, you need to say something to keep her off your tail (I do not remember the dialogue options). Otherwise she will be in London and Redmond won't be at St. John's party.

    UPDATE: Ped Sann BR and lestyx have confimed that if you take the hard drive at the end of chapter 3 and give it to the FBI agent then she does not turn up to St John's party and Redmond will be there.

    Play through the chapter as normal, then after finding St John you will have to talk to one of his friends to get an introduction with him. You can speak to woman or the white man who will both reject your request for an introduction to St John.

    Do not speak to the bold IT guy because he will give you an introduction to St John and then you will not be able to get the achievement.

    After you fail to get an introduction from St John's friend, Redmond will ask you to follow him and he will talk to St John with you. Simply follow his lead and speak to St John. At one point you will need to say cn_X "That's Idiotic" and after that the achievement popped.
  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards671,018
    06 May 2019 08 May 2019
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    Hello Guys and Gals!
    Here is a video guide made by me, for the "Plan B" Achievement.

    Now, for anyone who has trouble getting Redmond to appear at the party (Like Myself), what you have to do is replay Volume 3, Chapter 3 (Chips Misstep Part 2) and at the end when you are speaking with Agent Ikea, you have to press the "X" Button all the way through (If Chip is alive, If chip is dead by you stealing the Hard Drive, you will need to press the "B" Button at the very end of the convo to distract the agent with Pavonis Hard Drive) and you will know if you have been successful when Redmond says "You did well in there, that will get her off our trail for a bit"

    Its at the start of the video anyway to show you what i mean.
    Hope this helps!

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