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Volume 4: Social Climber

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Volume 4: Social Climber

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Straight Up

Went straight on up.

Straight Up-1.8
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Achievement Guide for Straight Up

  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards669,085
    06 May 2019 08 May 2019 23 May 2019
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    Hey guys and gals, here is my achievement video guide for "Straight Up".

    Now, i know people have had issues with this particular achievement and what to do, Sonia getting stuck (She did for me also) among other things.

    SO, make sure to pick sonia to go with you at the end of Chapter 4 "Dinner Guests".

    When you start Chapter 5, "Hit Him Where It Hurts", you sneak your way through a few security rooms and end up in software engineering room (You will know as its brightly coloured and has an elevator in the middle).

    Go to 2:40 in the video to see where the achievement starts.

    Pickpocket the guard that comes out the elevator, let Sonia in from the door on the very right hand side and go up.
    At this point, people have said she gets stuck, she did for me too, either wait around a minute or reload the CHECKPOINT (Not level) and she eventually goes through.

    In this same room, This is the point where Sonia SHOULD say "Hello, whats this, ive found some blueprints" just before she picklocks the door.
    If she doesnt say it, reload the checkpoint and try again, but for me personally it worked first time, so hopefully you guys just following the video should make it unlock for you first time too!

    (Apologies for the long post, but i feel that some details were needed too lol)

    Edit:- (Comment from AcDcs TNT on youtube) Alright, I finally got it to work. This time I replayed Volume 3 from the beginning instead of the end. The only two other variables I can say that might have affected it is 1. I started a New game till it saved before backing out and replaying the last two volumes through. And 2. I completed the optional objectives during Volume 4 "Money Talks" at the investor party, which I wasn't doing during the later playthroughs. Hope this helps someone.

    Edit 2:- (Comment from BStringBean) Really frustrating due to bugs/unknown factors. To get Sonia out of the last set of elevator doors I had to reload 5 times after waiting over a minute each time. Then, no matter how many times I reloaded, she wouldn't pick up the blueprints and they are essential to the achievement. So, I replayed all of Volume 4 (I had let Chip die and handed over the hard drive to Ikeda in Vol. 3). I completed all of the optional objectives in part 1, and I made sure to interact with and speak kindly to Sonia in part 2 and 4; I was also nice to Taraneh throughout the replay as I had been very mean before to get Good Riddance. I'm not sure what was necessary, but this time Sonia picked up the blueprints first time.

    So if anyone is having any issues getting Sonia to get the blueprints, try what these guys have done and hopefully it should unlock for you.

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