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Code Cruncher-0.7
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  • xX C Town XxxX C Town Xx301,195
    20 Dec 2018 20 Dec 2018
    15 1 3
    Morgantown Airport has 2 terminal that can be hacked. Enter the airport and on the first floor there is a vendor bot. Behind it is a room that can be entered 2 ways. Lockpicked directly behind vendor or go around to the other door and hack the terminal to open it (Requires 1 Hacker skill) . On the second floor is the command room (Responder HQ terminal in this room). There is a storage closet with a terminal that can be hacked. The airport is filled with low level scorched. After fast travel to Morgantown Station, cost 0 caps, leave game and reload and head back into airport.
  • crazykandymancrazykandyman289,918
    16 Dec 2018 16 Dec 2018
    6 1 0
    With the new update it made server hopping alot harder so the YouTube video is not updated. With the new update, when you load into the world at Abbies bunker and you previous unlock it in a different server moments ago it will auto unlock it. So to bypass it, you have to fast time to different location. So what I did is fast travel to abbies bunker, unlock terminal, fast travel to highland marsh(cost 1 cap, south west of abbies bunker), quit to main menu, then load new world fast travel to abbies bunker and the terminal is ready to be unlocked again. Hope this helps.

    Edit: you can also put your camp nearby and fast travel there to save caps and less of a chance of spawning in the world near enemies.
  • Motorsport JediMotorsport Jedi158,258
    20 Nov 2018
  • Chris HirschyChris Hirschy658,710
    13 Oct 2019 13 Oct 2019
    0 1 0
    Everytime I entered Morgantown Airport (cause Server switching or restarting), the terminals were hacked.

    I searched alternatives and found "Arktos Pharma" ( You will find this location between Slocum's Joe (West) , Greg'S Mine Supply (East), Helvetia (South). This building is showed on the world map.
    Arktos Pharma has 4 level 1 terminals to hack.
    this is a rough orientation guide.

    First terminal in the Entrance Lobby. (Low levelled Scorchers and Robots everywhere.
    Run to the garage, climb up the broken floors to the attic.
    second terminal next to a power armor.
    climb down.. behind the vehicels. a tiny worksjop.
    break the lock and you are in the laboratory..
    Room to the left
    third terminal
    Go out of the Room and go left. rearmost left edge
    fourth terminal

    This Run took me about 5-8 minutes (incl, loading screen) Much quicker than the Morgantown Airport run.

    And restarting. the process might help.
    Credits of upcoming terminal list goes to User "FredRowactual" of Reddit

    Leveled Terminal Locations:

    Level 0 Terminals.

    Upstairs - Camp Mclintock, main building

    General Managers Office - The Whitesprings Resort

    Control Tower - Wade Airport

    Basement Area - Morgantown Aiport

    Storage room controls - Morgantown Airport

    Enterance to Abbie's Bunker - Mire

    Harper's Ferry Armourer - Harper's Ferry, requires jumping into the compound and avoiding/killing level 40 mrk VII turrets

    Harper's Ferry Armourer - "Same as above"

    Receptionist's Terminal - Poseidon Energy Plant

    Fuel Storage room Terminal - Poseidon Energy Plant

    Lighthouse Keeper's Terminal - Landview Lighthouse keepers house

    Terminal - Garrahan Mining Headquarters, through the door, turn right follow the monorail tunnel right to the end

    Terminal - Garrahan Mining Headquarters, opposite side of the security door, you just hacked through

    CEO's Terminal - Garranhan Mining Headquarters

    Manager's Terminal - The General's Steakhouse

    Manager Smith's Terminal - Mama Dolce's Food Processing

    Macfadden's Terminal - Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

    Level 1 Terminals.

    Fujiniya Intelligence Base - Under Mama Dolce's, through the hatch and turn right.

    Fujiniya Intelligence Base - Down three flights of stairs next to a locked caged.

    Supervisor's Terminal - Dryer Chemical, Right of the complex. Building with the two chimney's and the sign

    Maintenance Terminal - Red Rocket Mega Stop

    2nd floor of Sals Grinder's - Beckley

    Security terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Mainframe Access Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Maintenance Office Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Guest terminal - Sunnytop Ski Lanes: Room 2

    Terminal - Shed, just north of Flooded Trainyard

    Terminal - Train Tickets building - New Appalachian Central Trainyard

    Terminal - Watoga Civic Center

    Level 2 Terminals.

    Transit Hub - Watoga Transit Hub

    Engineer's Terminal - Watoga Emergancy Services

    Manager's Terminal - Appalachian Antiques, Near Watoga

    Headmaster's Terminal - Watoga High school

    Cafe Terminal - Drumlin Diner, Watoga

    Terminal - Ranger's Station - Cranberry Bog

    Security Station Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Mainframe Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Mainframe Access Terminal x 2 - In very close proximity of each other: [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Terminal - Admin Office: Garrahan Minning Headquarters

    Terminal - Train Watchtower, Flooded Trainyard: Warning - Dusky & Glowing Yao Gui's inhabit the area. [Levels 66 & 76]

    Foreman's Terminal - Kerwood Mine: Requires Kerwood mine key to access

    Terminal - Fort Defiance: Requires access to the BOS area behind the laser grid

    Mining Supervisors Terminal - Monogah Mine

    Level 3 Terminals.

    Foyer Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Monitioring Station - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Security Command Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Mainframe Access Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Security Station Terminal - [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie - Silo]

    Gun Range Terminal - 3rd Floor, Garrahan Estate

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