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    If you'd just like a link to where all the Bobblehead spawn locations are. Then open the spoiler below and follow the link. Potential Spoilers ahead within the link.

    Dropping the Bobbleheads for a friend do not work sadly. The same goes for Magazines too.

    I fully believe that just playing the game naturally will net you 10 Bobbleheads minimum over your playthrough from Levels 1-100 but below are two methods I used to try and get the achivdmt just over and done with. Personally I found Method 2 to be more successful over time of a month whilst Method 1 worked for the majority of my first 10.

    Pick up Percepit-Bobble Perk from the Perception tree at level 16 (Minimum requirement)
    Turn the game music down and the radio off as mush as I enjoyed a bit of the Beach Boys, I missed a few "pings" I'd search only when you're not in combat. The audio cue for the perk is relatively quiet and you might miss it if you're running away or double barrelling a Super Mutant (or distracted by swanky tunes) The sound gets louder when you're within a 3 demential radius. But it's range is pretty limited. The Bobbleheads themselves aren't fixed so explosions may have blown them across the room or passing mobs may have knocked them off their spawns.

    Method 1:
    Choose one of the locations that have multiple Bobblehead spawning. I chose the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Centre because the low level surrounding and ease of just spawning in, running around and getting out.
    It's also one of the first area's you'll encounter so hopefully overlooked by a lot of the new players passing through. Run in, find the Bobbleheads. Quit game and then find another Server. It should put you in a new Server and thus hopefully renewing your chance of another shot at them.
    This netted me a good 7 Bobbleheads over time (5 in this Locations and 2 in another) but I'd give it 5 refreshes max before moving on and getting on with the game for a few hours before retrying.

    Method 2:
    I was cheap and saving Caps so I set up my C.A.M.P just outside of Tyler County Fairgrounds (Far Northwest of the map. The Ferris wheel)
    There's 3 potential spawns around the Fairgrounds.
    Searched, fast travelled North to Darling Sister's Lab. Then to Groves Family Cabin and finally the Aaronholt Homestead. Search Quit. Reload. The same route but reversed. This only netted me 3 Bobbleheads overall (Before the Achievement popped) but I gained more XP per run due to enemies spawning all over the place.
    I'd avoid VW Lumber Co. altogether. Just for the shear amount of Super Mutants there and the amount of time it takes to clear them out makes only good if you're farming the XP and rather spend the time fighting.
    I'd opt for this route particularly since there's also 7 chances for Magazines to spawn in these locations too. Magazines seem to be harder to come across and it's a very cheap route to run if you're conscious about Caps. The Ghouls at the Fairgrounds should recover your losses.

    If you guys have have more success in places, please do let me know in the comments and I'll update this solution!

    Here's mine from the month while roaming, questing and farming 26/02/19 - 26/03/19

    Whitespring Golf Course: 16
    Blackwater Mine: 6
    Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Centre: 5
    Tyler County Fairgrounds: 4
    Bolton Greens: 3
    Dryer Chemical: 3
    Camp Venture: 2
    Darling Sisters Labs: 2
    Groves Family Cabin: 2
    National Radio Astronomy Research Centre: 2
    Morgantown Airport: 2
    Watoga Municipal Centre: 2
    Belching Betty: 1
    Philippi Battlefield Cemetery: 1
    Bastion Park: 1
    Pleasant Valley Ski Resort: 1
    Charleston Capitol Building: 1
    Aaronholt Homestead: 1
    Horizon's Rest: 1
    Watoga High School: 1
    The Rusty Pick: 1
    Camden Park: 1
    Deathclaw Island: 1
    Flooded Trainyard: 1
    Drop Site V9: 1
    Big Al's Tattoo Parlor: 1
    Sons of Dane Compound: 1
    Pioneer Scout Camp: 1
    Beckley: 1
    Mosstown: 1
    Pylon V-13: 1
    Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp: 1

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