Lights out! achievement in Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

Lights out!

Dish out some 'Zone-style' punishment to Lux.

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How to unlock the Lights out! achievement

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    Once you get the the The Castle of Light zone, Lux will intercept you asking you to retrieve his key from the The Unenlightened zone.
    The entrance is in the castle of light zone, so head over there and pick up Lux Sanction Key.

    Important!! Once you get back, do not give Lux the key back. Instead go open the sanction/basement.
    Once you exit the basement Lux and his hired muscle will turn on you. Defeat him for the achievement.

    Important!!!! I got hit with a bug that when I left the zone after killing just lux and came back the enemies were no longer hostel, so if you are playing on iron mutant try to take lux out before leaving just to be safe.
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    Andrinho7xAfter I got out of the basement I fast traveled to the Ark to return some Pripp's artifacts and when I fast traveled back to Lux all enemies were still hostile, including Lux. Achievement unlocked when I killed Lux. Positive vote from me.
    Posted by Andrinho7x on 08 Dec 18 at 10:59
    RayvunousThanks for the feedback, must have just been a bad bug that I got hit with. Played on iron mutant so i couldn't test it.
    Posted by Rayvunous on 08 Dec 18 at 11:45
    MAST3R SHAKE04I just wanted to note that there may be a way to make the fight easier if people are having trouble with it. (I did it pretty early so I think I was a bit underpowered and underleveled). As I got out of the basement I tried to sneak kill a hunter but a cutscene was triggered where the camera moved to Lux and he shouted a bunch, alerting all the other enemies in the area. I got my ass kicked so I reloaded the save. After I reloaded the save the game did not do the cutscene again and I was able to creep around and stealth kill some of the enemies one by one before alerting Lux. It was a lot easier the second time.
    Posted by MAST3R SHAKE04 on 11 Dec 18 at 07:56
    R3DH4MM3RI tried what MAST3R SHAKE04 said but it didn't work for me.
    What worked for me was following:
    I ran out of the room with the slaves and immediately attacked the Hunter.
    The game will save automatically when the Hunter is killed, but Lux will still go on with his Text. He then still attacked me.
    But when I reloaded the automatic save after killing the first hunter Lux left me alone, so I could Stealth kill the other guys.
    Posted by R3DH4MM3R on 12 Dec 18 at 11:08
    RayvunousGlad you guys found a way to make it a little easier, for some reason he didn't attack me when I left the basement.
    Posted by Rayvunous on 12 Dec 18 at 12:39
    JuniorRooney@R3DH4MM3R is bang on the money for easiest way to get this achievement. Only difference for me was no need to load autosave as the Enemy didn't engage after I rushed the lone Hunter. GG
    Posted by JuniorRooney on 03 Jan at 15:57
    WhyattThrashWhen exiting the sanctuary, Lux will start a voice line saying how he’ll make you his new slaves. Briefly after the voice line, a cut scene will start where he sicks his goons on you.

    If you press x to initiate combat after he has started the voice line and before the cut scene triggers, after stealth defeating the first hunter you will be free to stealth kill the entire camp.
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 18 May at 19:14
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