Pfft! Too easy! achievement in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Pfft! Too easy!

Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode (Any difficulty).

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How to unlock the Pfft! Too easy! achievement

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    Mutation planning
    It is essential to have these skills as early as possible, it makes most encounters with robots or humans much much easier as you will put them down to give you 2 rounds to kill them, rather than 1
    - Bormin: run n gun -> hog rush
    - Dux: Skull splitter -> moth wings -> circuit breaker

    Later in the game you'll get other characters with a few key skills to aim for:
    - Selma: super tendons -> tree hugger -> contortionist -> twitch shot
    - Magnus - telekinesis shield -> sneak -> puppeteer
    - Farrow - circuit breaker -> silent assassin

    Weapon upgrades
    Only invest in the silent weapons early game. Don't bother with the loud weapons until you start to pick up the end game weaponry

    - 1st = tough guy (more time to revive a downed team mate)
    - 2nd = pyromania (don't really want this, it's a means to an end)
    - 4th = medic (likewise, you'l likely not need many/any medpacks tbh)
    - 7th = zapper (makes emp grenades real life savers)
    - 9th = ranger (ah, endgame here we come)
    - 11th = blaster master (turns grenades into aoe nukes)

    The guide below will take you to all the optional areas and collect all artifacts and notes.

    Basic tactics are to abuse three powers, taking advantage of the fact that all powers reset after every battle:
    - hog rush - stun any human or robot long enough to eliminate it, near silent but not quite. You need to add a few tiles to enemies awareness range to determine whether someone will hear you do a hog rush
    - circuit breaker - stun any robot long enough to eliminate it, 100% silent
    - mind control - take control of any enemy, two primary uses: 1) to walk an enemy away from a group to allow for a hog rush stun, 2) to take control of an ememy in a group that can not be divided to shift the odds more in your favour

    1 The Metal Bird
    - A few pieces of scrap
    - Simple fight with two enemies

    2 East Outpost
    - Simple fight after the cutscene, take out the straggler on the left as you approach
    - Artifact 1: boombox (on the picnic table where the enemies were)
    - Chest: gaper (behind the house)

    3 Ark Outskirts
    - Chest: snazzy visor (In petrol station building)
    - Note 1: stalker Clara note (same building)
    - Chest: stalker vest

    ARK: You should have 1 artifact, ~35 weapon parts and ~120 scrap at this point
    - Upgrade crossbow to lvl 2, dismantle 1 stinger
    - Get toughguy from pripp

    4 Hammon’s Cabin
    - Go Left when you enter to take out 2 zone dogs (go loud, make sure to close to 100% hit chance range)
    - Group of 3 in cabin, silently take out the marauder that wonders round the back of the cabin after his conversation, then go loud and take out the shamen as fast as possible
    - Artifact: 2 far looker (where the shamen is)
    - Note 2: zone dog camp

    5 The High Road
    - Meet selma
    - Note 3: evacuation guidelines
    - Big fight once you climb the rocks, but we really want a third Solent weapon before we go there, so head in opposite direction to “the fallen angel”, we’ll return here after.
    - Fight two zone dogs at a small cabin on the way, you can go loud and take them out as long as they are far enough apart as the dogs have no range and second dog will waste a turn sprinting at you
    - Chest: aristo hat (in cabin by zone dogs)
    - Enter the new area to unlock fast travel and return to the ark

    ARK: Should have 2 artifacts, ~200 scrap, and ~40 weapon parts
    - upgrade pistol to level 2
    - Get pyromania from pripp

    6 The Fallen Angel
    - There’s a couple of guys roaming the outskirts of the camp to pick off. One that hangs around near the fruit tester. One that wanders round the back of the chopper. A third that will be the other side of the chopper by the med bot (kill him as far away from the bot as his route allows)
    - Round 1. This next part will be the biggest challenge yet and for a while to come. Go loudwith grenades against the clustered up enemies. They are not going to seperate, so we’re going to throw a Molotov and a grenade to make short work of them. A well placed grenade will hit all 5 enemies killing the marauder. A very well placed molotov will light the 4 survivors on fire. Use tree hugger to root them to the spot and prevent them taking cover
    - Round 2. Use a smoke grenade to put out your guys who are on fire. When the bot arrives let him revive the low level dead guy while you finish off the pyro, but focus on him as soon as he starts to heal the other targets (use the knockback on gaper to interrupt his heals
    - Round 3. The dogs should die by fire at start of next turn so ignore them and finish off husse and possibly the revived marauder depending where he ran off to
    - Round 4+. Focus on the bot, make sure to use the gaper to disrupt his revive, finish off the revived marauder if he ran off.
    - Artifact 3: Hipster fruit tester (by crashed chopper)
    - Note 4: alpha level clearance
    - Chest: explorer helm (in chopper)
    - Chest: mimir needle pistol (by campfire)
    - Chest: Stalker vest (by docks)

    ARK: Should be level 11, 1 artifact, ~270 scrap, 40 weapon parts
    - upgrade needle to level 2. We can now dish out guaranteed 15 silent dmg in single round which is enough to put almost anything down quietly at this point in the game.
    - Dismantle second stinger

    7 Return to the High Road
    - another tough fight, but if you made it through the chopper you should be fine from now onwards...
    - First, silently take out the butcher at the back of the area
    - Next, dispatch the shaman (you need one crit to finish him ... use dux’s skill splitter if you don’t get lucky with first two attacks)
    - Move round the back and take out the hunter, again you’ll be needing a decent crit from dux most likely as he has 16 hp
    - Now only the hunter on the platform and the med bot are left. Go loud, take out the med bot and finish off the hunter. Wait until the hunter is at the far end of his route to buy you some extra time in round 1, use bormin’s hog rush to knock the bot down so you don’t have to chase him around.
    - Chest: Gladiator Armour (by campfire after the shamen fight)

    8 Cave of Fear
    - Head past the pyro, bot, and hunter to the end of the tunnel, clear up the 2 butchers back here silently and return.
    - Focus on the pyro, kill him in one round should be possible. Next take out the new bot, before finishing the last guy. Try to stay in cover while attacking the med bot, and if needed use a medpack.
    - Note 5: I’m sorry (end of tunnel)
    - Chest: State switcher (by ambulance, guarded)
    - Weapon mod; mimir - driver 30 (drop)

    ARK: Should have 1 artifact, ~300 scrap, ~50 weapon parts
    - dismanltle the state switcher
    - Upgrade a selma’s pistol to level 3

    9 The Sea Titans
    - Note 6: message to 555- (just after the path down)
    - Chest: fertility crown (directly north of entrance)
    - Note 7: stalker anton note (near chest)
    - Mini boss alert!
    - The sect pyro is stood right on the edge of bodin’s awareness range so you can eliminate him silently (you now have 16 guaranteed points of silent dmg so no longer are we reliant on a critical hit)
    - Move up the stairs to a house with a marauder and sect hunter to take out silently once they finish their chat and wander off.
    - Drop down toward the boat and you should see that there is just enough room to get on the boat avoiding bodins awareness range. Set up an ambush for the walking butcher on the deck, then quietly eliminate the other one stood on the left walkway by going up the stairs on the right so that you have the high ground.
    - Artifact 4: power brick (on boat)
    - Evac Control Key (on boat, head to pier at south to use it)
    - Now it’s just bodin and a sect hunter. Sneak attack the sect hunter from the ship entrance, eliminating him. Boeing May attack, but most likely will run to cover somewhere. Run n gun + hogrush bodin to knock him out. You have enough firepower to eliminate him before he recovers.
    - Chest: pyro armour (on southern pier, use evac key)
    - Note 8: stalker kalle note (path to east exit)
    - Jump into the rot warren to unlock quick travel & return, do the same for house of bones before returning to the ark

    ARK: Should be level 18, have 2 artifacts, ~350 scrap, ~20 weapon parts
    - get medic from pripp

    10 House of Bones
    - Note 9: red plague protocol (straight ahead from where enter)
    - Clear out the patrols at the front, right hand side, and rear of the building (single isolated enemies with 12 hp)
    - When you get to brother skoog you can silently take out the sect butcher who is standing just outside his detection range.
    - Leave skoog for now and head inside the hospital, wait for the pyro and hunter to finish chatting and take them each out silently (16hp)
    - Chest: boomstick (1st floor of the hospital)
    - Artifact 5: defribillator (1st floor)
    - Go around to the left, wait for the butcher and marauder to seperate and take them each out silently
    - Round the corner is a medbot. Hit it with Dux’s circuit breaker and you will have two rounds to silently eliminate it. Use the hospital building nearby get get height/acc boost.z
    - The sect pyro stood on the edge of Skoog’s awareness range can be silently eliminated leaving just the additional hunter for the boss fight.
    - Knock Skoog down with hogrush and eliminate the hunter (he’ll get one shot off on his turn, but we can live with that) before turning your attention on Skoog ... twitch shot and skull splitter should ensure he is dead before he recovers
    - Don’t forget to investigate the crash site before you leave
    - Meet Magnus (Magnus is great for any tough battles against humans as he gives you the ability to mind control and enemy. You can use this to pull enemies into quieter areas for a loud kill where it won’t be heard, or to manipulate other enemies into weakening a tougher one for you in casss where you can not divide and conquer)

    11 Izza and Fala
    - Watch out for the lvl 45 zone dogs (we’ll come back for them later)
    - Head to the left and set a trap for the polis bot enforcer (16hp 1 armour). Hit it with Dux’s circuit breaker again as we can’t guarantee a one round kill yet.
    - You can go loud against the enforcer. Hit it with a stun and it’ll be dead before it gets a shot off.
    - Head into the main building and set up an ambush for the Shaman at the counter
    - Head up the ladder out front and take out the two guards 1 at a time when the patrol walks out of awareness range of the stationary guard.
    - Move to the front of the roof, root the tank and his companion them with tree hugger, eliminate the hunter before taking the tank out. You might get luck and finish him before he gets into the building, if not he should be on a sliver of HP by the time he walks into your overwatch at the top of the stairs.
    - Chest:Pipegun (where tank and shaman are)
    - Artifact 6: cold box (where tank and shaman are)

    ARK: You should be level 25, have ~500 scrap, 2 artifacts, ~70 weapon parts
    - upgrade the needle to level 3
    - Dismantle the pipegun
    - Swap out the rambino’s crit scope onto any silent weapon that doesn’t have one already (taking us to 17 stealth damage in a round without crits or abilities)
    - Pick up zapper from pripp’s

    12 Iron Serpent
    - swap in Magnus here, mind control will make dealing with the tank much easier
    - We’ll be coming up against enemies that can’t be silently eliminated in one round now. Get them away from any group using mind control (hog rush is not silent), when mind control wears off hog rush and ambush them. Rinse repeat for every human/mutant encounter from now until end of the game.
    - Note 10: stalker Oscar note (hug right hand side as you enter)
    - There’s a patrol at the rear of the building, stun and eliminate him silently
    - The shaman, butcher and tank can’t be separated. Mind control the tank and walk him into the middle of the building, throw a grenade to take 4 points off everyone. Eliminate the shamen while the butcher hopefully assaults the tank, leaving you 3 on 1.
    - chest: rambino (where tank and shaman are)
    - Chest: axe warrior armour (by the train carriage)
    - To take on the zone dogs climb the train to the platform, and lure them to it. They have no ranged attacks.
    - Chest: helm of wisdom (by Eastern exit to metal fields)
    - Visit metal fields to unlock fast travel, return and head to scraplands

    13 Scraplands
    - wiat for chief deadfinger to walk off and silently eliminate the butcher (14hp)
    - Circuit break the medbot patrolling on the other side of the main building (watch out for deadfinger’s patrol overlapping)
    - Eliminate the patrolling butcher when he walks in front of the van
    - Mind control and walk the hunter on the other side of the ambulance away from the building when the guy on the roof is on the other side of the building
    - Take bormin into the roof, set up the other 2 by the ambulance, wait for the patrol to stand next to the wall and hogrush him to knock him off the roof for a stun and extra fall damage before silently finishing off
    - Go round the left side, ambush the boss from the roof with bormin on the ground floor to hogrush stun him.
    - Get on the roof, sub in selma and root the tank before going loud to kill him where he stands, you shouldn’t need a second round, twitch shots from selma and bormin and a crit from dux should take him out in 1 round, the tree hugger is a safety net just incase.
    - artifact 7: melting tool (by tank)
    - Chest: slinger (by tank)

    ARK: Should be level 31, have 2 artifacts, ~680 scrap, ~70 weapon parts
    - get ranger from pripp
    - Upgrade your third silent weapon
    - Dismantle slinger and gaper
    - Upgrade boomstick to level 2
    - We now have maxed silent damage to 21 hp without crits or abilities!

    14 Metal Fields
    - Eliminate the single stationary polis bot front left of the building.
    - Meet Farrow, swap her in, unlock circuit breaker, silent assassin, and stack go and critical boosters from the stats tree after that
    - Note 11: ingmar’s journal (Farrow’s camp)
    - Chest: Polis Armour (Farrow’s Camp)
    - Make sure everyone is carrying emp grenades before proceeding, these are great safety nets incase something goes wrong (if it does you may end up fighting 4-5 bots at once, if this happens don’t panic- retreat inside one of the train cars, the AI is not very good at handling this and you will likely be able to deal with one robot at a time)
    - Head far left, wait for the standard bot to walk off and ambush the enforcer, (remember you know have two silent bot stuns plus hog rush if you ever need it). Once he’s dispatched mop up the standard bot
    - Head toward the back of the building and set up an ambush for another patrolling bot
    - Quarantine Key (next to chest, opens quarantine area with a medpack)
    - Continue west to find another isolated bot to silently eliminate
    - Continue West for another patrolling enforcer, but watch out for a standard polis bot in a building just south on his route! Eliminate both
    - Hug the western border before heading north to find a group of 3 bots. Pick off the one that patrols when he enters the nearby building. Ignore the other two for now.
    - Make way towards the main building to find a lone patrol.
    - You can stun the remaining two, and make use of hogrush to extend 1 stun if you don’t manage to finish both off, but these are the last 2 so you can go loud here. Take advantage of the high ground on the roof of the train cart for a nice acc/crit bonus too.
    - Head to the southwest exit

    15 The Castle of Light
    - This is a safe zone
    - Meet lux to get a side quest

    16 The Unenlightened
    - ignore the main group you come across, continue to the back of the area to pick off a lone patrol and find a chest
    - Chest: gladiator helm
    - Continue to head around he perimeter of the area. Watch out for the giant mech to the North, be sure to switch Farrow in before engaging it!
    - When you get to the other side of the main building, there’s a lone butcher on patrol to take out
    - Back to the main group, the hunter furthest from the tank can be silently eliminated without alerting the other two. Use mind control and walk him away from the camp to be disposed of (with the help of hogrush)
    - Mind control the tank, once his friend is dead knee shot the tank to root him then finish him off.
    - Pick up the Lux key
    - Switch in Farrow ready for the big guy at the back!
    - Make sure both Farrow and Dux have circuit breaker active. You should only need one, but just incase we have a second ready to fire.
    - Chest: explorer helm

    ARK: Should be level 38, have ~850 scrap, ~80 weapon parts
    - Upgrade a boomstick to level 3

    17 Return to the Castle of Light
    - You have a decision to make here ... if you are struggling and want to take less risk, hand the key over to lux (in turn you will miss out on an artifact, lots of xp, and two achievements) ... this guide assumes you do not do this because frankly, we need all the power we can get for the latter stages of the game
    - Artifact 8: Lux's Lights (in the basement when you use the key)
    - When you return from the basement everyone will be hostile, but the enemies are well spread across the map so use the usual techniques to eliminate them 1 by 1. Start with the hunter right in front of you
    - Hug the boundry on the right and loop round to find two guys (14HP) stood just outside the other's awareness range. Easy pickings
    - Towards the main building there is a tank and a sect pyro stood too close together to isolate them, and Lux is within earshot of any loud attack, so we will go eliminate Lux first. As you head up the stairs you'll find a hunter to eliminate with the usual tactic before you reach Lux. Be very careful, Lux is in range of your weapons so double check you are targetting. After the battle again be very careful with how you reform your group as your indivifdual characters will not by default be in stealth mode .. if you switch to another character before reforming the group you will likely aggro Lux
    - When you face Lux, Hogrush and use of twitch & crits should be enough to see him downed silently before he recovers from the stun. Hogrush him before unleashing any attacks, otherwise he will use telekinesis to stop your first shot, it seems to be hardcoded into the game that he will show off with that trick on your first attack.
    - Chest: Lucia Armour (in Lux's room -- 3 points of armour!!)
    - Take position at the three windows in the front room, don't mind control the tank as you usually would, it will bug out your game, but we have plenty of damage potential at this point so swicth in Selma, root the tank and pyro, then eliminate the pyro. Use knee shot with Dux, to cripple the tank for another two rounds and pick him off from the safety of the windows.
    - Fast travel to Metal Fields and make your way to Cultlands

    18 Cultlands
    - Wait for the butcher and pyro to stop chatting and silently eliminate them once the patrol is out of earshot of the pyro. Mind control the pyro to bring him down to the ground to make dispatching him less risky by ensuring you can take 100% hit shots
    - Head through the big mushroom shed to find a Shaman, Tank and Hunter out back. Wait for the Shaman to wander off before silently eliminating him.
    - Before you assult the tank and Hunter head West to find a patrolling medbot to eliminate first
    - The Tank and Hunter can't be seperated, so mind control the tank, silently eliminate the hunter and walk the tank South so that others do not hear him
    - Note 12: Ingmar’s journal (near where you will find the med bot)
    - Inside the main building you will find Brother Lundgren, a Sect Hunter, and a Sect Butcher. Enter from the East side and set up an ambush, once they are done talking the Butcher will wander off into your ambush
    - There's a Pyro, Hunter and Tank just outside, trigger their conversation and wait for the Pyro to wander off, nab him with mind control and walk him further away from the group (just incase something goes wrong) for another silent kill
    - Head back inside the building. With Bormin Run and Gun + Hogrush Lundgren, then fire on the Hunter. Have Dux and Magnus finish off the Hunter. You should have enough firepower to finish off Lundgren in the next 2 turns before he wakes up.
    - Chest: mimir zero g-08 (by Lundgren, 3 armour points and 6!! HP)
    - Outside use the same tactic to knock out the Hunter, focus fire on the Tank (use knee shot to root him) then eliminate the Hunter once the tank is down. You can go loud as these are the last two enemies left which should mean you take no more than one shot off the tank and can confortably eliminate the Hunter before he wakes up.
    - Head North to the Grogg Den Exit, we're going to collect possibly the best gun in the game and spend some of those weapon poiints burning a hole in our pocket at the moment to upgrade it

    19 The Grogg den
    - Set up an ambush for the medbot on the West side of the main building, remember to set Dux's Short Circuit ability!
    - Artifact 8: Grogg Milker (in middle of the main barnhouse)
    - Eliminate the patrolling Pyro when he heads North
    - Up the hill are Chief Pyra, a stationary Hunter and a patrolling Hunter. Wait for the patrols to walk away and silently eliminate the stationary guard
    - Note 13: fishmas bill (in the building up the hill)
    - Chest: Elysium - LR678 (in the build up the hill, best gun in the game)
    - On the other side of the building set up a trap for the patrol, hit him with mind control and move him away from the Chief to silently dispatch in safety (otherwise the chief may be alerted a hogrush if you find you need one)
    - Eliminate the last Pyro down by the campfire then head up to face the Chief. You can hogrush him off the roof for a stun, extra damage, and high ground advantage. This will be more than enough to finish him off before he wakes up.

    ARK: You should be level 48, have 2 artifacts, ~ 950 scrap, 50 weapon parts
    - Upgrade the LR678 to level 2
    - Dismantle one of the Rambino's
    - Pick up blaster master, our grenades (of which we've barely used any so far) now do 8 damage. These are now a great "oh fuck" weapon if you screw up late game and find yourself swarmed. Every character should be carrying 1 hand grenade and 1 emp grenade at all times.

    20 The Rot Warren
    - There are no enemies outside of the bunker so you can explore freely
    - Note 14: Bunker Life (by the patrolling medbot)
    - Eliminate the patrolling medbot and the marauder on the south side
    - Head back and through the boiler room to take out another butcher
    - Head into the main room and up the stairs once the patrolling guard moves away. Take him out
    - Mind control the shaman to start the fight, focus fire on the pyro, then the shaman and finally the hunter.
    - Chest: gladiator armour (by shaman)

    21 Lair of the Horned Devil
    - You want to sneak into the back of the giant shed holding the mech, doing so allows you to reprogram it to fight grey one.
    - After crossing the first bridge head East...
    - Note 15: extreme survival weekends (past the moose billboard)
    - Ignore the tank on the bridge and follow the other path to find a shaman and marauder charting. As usual silently eliminate them once they seperate.
    - Note 16: mimir z600 manual (where shaman is)
    - Chest: rambino (by the note)
    - Cross a shorter bridge to get to the main camp, eliminate the patrolling marauder on the outskirts
    - Head North to find a second patrol
    - Continue to sneak around the perimeter of the camp, enter the barn using the ladder and head over to he computer to reprogram the robot!
    - Return to the front of the camp, mind control the patrolling ghoul and walk him to a safe place to despatch him (incase you need to hogrush due to an unlucky 75% hit roll)
    - Repeat for the pyro that is on a raised platform next to the tank at the big bridge we ignored earlier
    - You can now use the same trick for the hunter stood by the camp fire
    - Loop around and mind control the tank away. You can’t stop him calling for support but we want to be away from grey one. When grey one enters the fight instead of charging for you he will now be busy fighting the robot you reprogrammed. When the tank is gone just sit back and watch the robot and grey one duke it out before mopping up whoever is victorious.
    - Chest: Borg band (in a building in the camp)
    - Artifact 9: el generator (can’t miss it, worth 4 points)
    - Chest: ghoul armour (in the big shed the robot was in)

    ARK: You should be level 54, have 4 artifacts, ~1100 scrap, ~150 weapon parts
    - upgrade the LR678 to level 3 (achievement)
    - Upgrade another boomstick to level 3
    - Get technophobe and butcher from pripp
    - Fast travel to cultlands and make your way West to the next zone

    22 Spear of Heaven
    - Head North hugging the Eastern perimeter until you come across a mimir z200, make sure dux and Farrow have circuit break enabled, silent assassin also helps as will twitch fire on bormin. Ambush it near the broken down mech, you will probably only need one stun however.
    - Continue to follow the perimeter until you come across another z200 loitering around two rusted old mechs. Same again please :)
    - Double back through a building to find another one
    - Head west until you come across a hunter and butcher chatting. Usual deal.
    - Finish the loop around this opening area and huge the south perimeter as you head into the next part where the church is. As you head West you will find a patrolling hunter and a butcher. Time your kills and move on.
    - Continue past the tank and z600 for now
    - Continuing your loop around the perimeter you will come across a hunter and a patrolling butcher. Eliminate the butcher and then hogrush the hunter.
    - Continue to circle the building, there are two chatting pyros to divide and conquer in the usual manner. However there is a patrol on the first floor of the building to keep an eye on as well.
    - Take out the aforementioned patrol on the roof
    - Totally optional, I’m assuming you skip this on your very hard Ironman run. Return to where you found the tank and z600, there’s also a hunter here that you can silently eliminate
    - Totally optional, I’m assuming you skip this on your very hard Ironman run. Take on the z600 first as you can totally disable it with circuit breaker and get a clean kill without alerting the tank.
    - Totally optional, I’m assuming you skip this on your very hard Ironman run. Switch in kneeshot and take the tank out, you can go loud as the guys inside the church won’t hear you over here.
    - Head into the church, swap in Magnus. Open the fight mindcontrollig the hunter, hogrush Hansen and then take him out (should easily be achieved in the second round of attack). Mop up the Hunter once the mind control wears off, hit him with knee shot to stop him running off to aggro the tank and z600. As long as you stay away from the two rows of tiles nearest the wall neither the tank or z600 will aggro on you/hear the weapon fire.
    - Chest: grenadier’s delight (behind Hansen, adds another 2 damage to grenades)

    23 The World Ender
    - Note 17: ingmar’s Journal (in the room behind the crashed chopper)
    - Artifact 10: Holy book of fixing +1
    - Chest: GJR-666 (in a side room in the missile silo, best sniper rifle in the game)
    - Note 18: Geggo’s Note (in the room with the GJR)
    - Chest: Commando Vest (in the room with all the beds)

    ARK: Should have 1 artifact, ~1200 scrap, ~80 weapon parts
    - dismantle a rambino and the scattergun
    - Upgrade the GJR to level 3
    - Get deal maker from pripp
    - Buy a mimir c/r 33 scope

    24 Grave of the Ancients
    - Note 19: ingmar’s journal (straight ahead from the hole in the wall)
    - Note 20: your journey (continue west, past the z200)
    - Now, head to the south east corner of the city, we’re going to start here with a lone z200.
    - Follow the western perimeter until you come across a z600 and z200. Both can be eliminated silently to avoid alarming the other.
    - Further West you’ll come
    - Across a polis bot and 2 enforcers, time your ambush based on the patrol route. Eliminate the patrol first then the two stationary bots.
    - Chest: Mimir - PC98 (where the second of the stationary bots was guarding - best shotgun in the game)
    - If you continue north you’ll come back to where you found the second note and the z200 up on the first floor of a building, honestly I’d ignore it due to the high ground advantage it has you are placing you life in the hands of 50-75% shots and at this point have little to gain and a lot to lose!

    ARK: Should have 1 artifact, ~1200 scrap, ~80 weapon parts
    - dismantle a rambino and the scattergun
    - Upgrade the GJR to level 3
    - Get deal maker from pripp
    - Buy a mimir c/r 33 scope

    25 The Forbidden City
    - As you enter you’ll come across a group of 3 bots. You can only isolate and stealth kill 1 of them, who will have the benefit of half cover as well so we’re going for a full on assault this time. Take position in the building first floor windows. Start the battle with an emp grenade for the two closest bots and short circuit the third. No finish them off
    - After the bridge you’ll see a z800. Don’t be afraid, we’re going to kill it. You should have both short circuit skills back up after defeating the three police bots which means even if you get very unlucky with crits you’ll be able to eliminate it without it getting a shot off.
    - turn right and follow the boundary wall until you reach a patrolling polis-bot to eliminate quietly.
    - Head West to fight a Z800, use an emp grenade and short circuit if necessary to disable it and the two z200s. Focus fire on the z800, when it is destroyed the z200s will self destruct.
    - The final artifact is in the guarded store. It’s up to you whether you want it or not ... but be warned that if you take the sex bot scrap the guards will turn on you and will bring the massive z800 we avoided after the bridge down on you too. If you want the “tea leaf” achievement you need to go take down that z800 as we did the last one, else when it joins the fight it will launch a missle strike that will destroy the building making it impossible to collect all the scrap. Depending how confident you are this entire building can be skipped entirely. You CAN pick up the artifact without turning the guards hostile though. As long as you are confident in taking down the second z800 using stuns there’s no reason to skip this though.
    - Artifact 11: Kommode 64
    - West of Robo Shack lies the exit to The Sealed Gate, Head there before warping back to the Ark

    ARK: Should be level 67, have 1 artifact, 900 scrap, ~95 weapon parts
    - Upgrade the PC98 to level 3 (assuming you have enough scrap, if not sell a boomstick as this supersedes that weapon)
    - Buy the last upgrade at primm’s to unlock the third grenade slot

    26 The Sealed Path
    - This is it, no mistakes here or it’s back to the beginning, the final boss awaits. Swap Magnus back in for Farrow before we start, it’s mutant time and we really want some mind control to help out.
    - Brother Luktar is right across the bridge so be careful, loop around to the left avoiding him for now.
    - Mind control the patrolling hunter and walk him back down the bridge to be eliminated in safety.
    - Continue Left/North and you’ll find Plutonia preaching to a z600, medbot, tank, hunter, and pyro!
    - Mind control the pyro and walk him back to your group for a safe execution(hogrush)
    - I know it doesn’t look like it, but the medbot can now be eliminated without aggro from the rest of the group, swap in Farrow for a second short circuit because the z600 will attack you for some reason even though you are not in its awareness range. You have plenty enough firepower to eliminate both before the recover from their stubs, and if not you have emp grenades at the ready as always.
    - The tank, hunter, and priest can not be seperated.
    - Round 1: Take control from the start the fight off Hogrushing the priest, mind control the tank. As always knock the priest out before attacking so she can not use telekinesis to stop bullets. Use the tank to hogrush the hunter. The hunter and the priest should be dead by the start of round 3, or at the very least the first attack of round 3
    - Round 3: Kneeshot the tank to root him, finish off the priest/hunter if not already done so then eliminate the tank.
    - There are more enemies in this area, but the safest thing to do right now is head into Eden and finish the game. However...
    - Head south east to find a polis-bot and enforcer, conveniently just out of awareness range of one another. Attack the standard bot, the enforcer will be alerted when it explodes on death, so be prepared for the rdight to continue rather than get a reset, you can go loud once the first bot is destroyed though.
    - Head West from here to return to Luktar, his patrol route will take him out of range of his friends so wait for the right moment to hogrush him and take him out.
    - The last three guys are again a nothing to gain, everything to lose battle ... but fairly straightforward case of gaining the high ground on the shipping container, mindcontol the tank and mop up.

    27 Eden
    - Like the World Ender, there are no enemies here, just 5 notes to pick up to complete the story.
    - Note 21: military recall (left at the intersection)
    - Note 22: project cancelled (same intersection, right then right again)
    - Note 23: peace talks fail (in the room after the walkway)
    - Note 24: bone density report (in the room right in front of you after you pass the area with the tree)
    - Note 25: dna analysis (in the next room over)

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    MethodicBR77Great guide Durera, I've used it in my " iron mutant very hard no deaths" run, but with some changes. For example i didn't use Magnus control ability to be safe (achievement bug), so if you rewrite this guide with some new tactics to use instrad of mind control everybody will be pleased. But thanks anyway!
    Posted by MethodicBR77 On 01 Jan 19 at 19:52
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  • JoshJosh#79366,068
    02 Apr 2020 03 Apr 2020 03 Apr 2020
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    if you have the seed of evil DLC you can start a new game on very hard iron mutant with preset characters and just fast travel to eden to get all the difficulty related achievements for the main game.
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