Balance in all things achievement in Darksiders III

Balance in all things

Upgrade 5 Enhancements to Balanced

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How to unlock the Balance in all things achievement

  • Decaying DeadDecaying Dead895,692
    14 Mar 2019 16 Mar 2019
    13 2 1
    while i played through the game i kept a list of all the demonic and angelic artifacts i found. I apologize for the few of them with godawful descriptions of where they were found, but its surprisingly difficult to know how to explain it. It may or may not be helpful for going back to find some, but yea. If you feel the need to give me a negative vote then that's unfortunate, but i'm just putting this up to give some form of help, so i hope you don't.

    On that note, the best advice i can give with this list is use it as a reference or checklist. This isn't all of them, and i stopped writing them down around once i got to the last area. I also apologize if i wrote one under the wrong artifact, but if i didn't you will need to find 4 more Angelic artifacts. I hope this helps at least someone

    haven - crossroads
    haven - crossroads - building behind brute
    haven - crossroads - up cliff, through hole by Serpent Hole
    haven - west end - up cliff
    haven - west end - up cliff, through hole, across chasm
    haven - west end - parking garage
    haven - north end - road dead end
    haven - south end, beside church
    haven - top of a building?
    hollows - catacombs - after stupid bug-fire puzzle
    hollows - on bridge beside fire golem
    hollows - antechamber - behind where ancient was
    nether - in hole by fire bug thing?
    nether - room with Wrath fight
    nether - room after room with Wrath fight
    nether - greeds room
    nether - hallway after greed
    nether - cistern - big room with water
    in the spiders maze
    spider caves - big glowy room, with juggernaut enhancement
    spider caves - sloths room
    bonelands - usiels room
    bonelands - in a warehouse?
    bonelands - up wall climb after peacekeepers building
    bonelands - dead angel on a cliff, outside of warehouse
    bonelands - in an office through a wall after 2 pipes
    bonelands - lusts room
    bonelands - cargo ship - across wind gusts, in warehouse
    depths - cave after big lake after eroded pipeline
    depths - sunken tracks - at moveable train
    depths - sunken tracks - beside the kraken?
    depths - eroded - above around the water
    depths - through 3-sword door, under water, through cave by train
    depths - forgotten - cave above the water
    depths - forgotten - building above the water
    hollows - molten cave - continue up
    haven - north end - under church
    haven - north end - pit with brutes

    haven - crossroads - up wind boost
    haven - in building overlooking haven crossroads
    haven - west end - across chasm
    haven - west end - up cliff, through hole, fall to cliff
    haven - from last, through hole, jump down, through red web
    haven - north end - in building through purple
    haven - south end, on top of the church
    haven - south end - under church - green ooze room
    haven - above the maker
    haven - north side - up in the building
    Haven - crossroads - through hole beside Serpent Tunnel
    hollows - beside lava
    hollows - behind fire waterfall
    hollows - top level of the crypt
    hollows - catacombs - room with big ambush
    hollows - catacombs - across big statue
    hollows - molten cave - up first cliff
    hollows - blistering bridge - wall climb beside serpent hole
    nether - greeds room?
    nether - above subway arches
    spider tunnels - after being taken by spider harvester
    spider tunnels - after being taken by spider harvester
    spider tunnels - run up the subway car, by a human
    spider tunnels - in subway area
    spider tunnels - water tunnels
    spider tunnels - room harvester grabs you in
    bonelands - just before hulking carcass
    bonelands - hulking carcass - in warehouse through hole
    bonelands - hulking carcass - cave in the cliff
    bonelands - hulking carcass - in a hole inside a warehouse
    bonelands - in a warehouse up a magnetic wall
    bonelands - after usiels room
    bonelands - hangmans tree - by the big tree
    bonelands - inside a warehouse
    bonelands - inside a warehouse by a big crawly guy
    bonelands - cargo ship - defeated kraken
    bonelands - cargo ship - across wind gusts
    depths - under water in minefield
    depths - in a building after leaving water with broken train
    depths - big lake after second Serpent Hole
    depths - sunken tracks - doorway beside SH
    depths - forgotten - up waterfall

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    LaughinGuoLol. just use glitch to copy 200 each
    Posted by LaughinGuo on 06 Jun 20 at 16:45
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  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade1,056,497
    06 Dec 2018 06 Dec 2018
    14 11 11
    In this video I will show you how to obtain all 6 of the essence of a chosen before using them to upgrade the 5 enhancements. You will be getting the achievements one of the chosen, can you restore the balance, and balance in all things. Alongside the approximate amount of demonic and angelic artifacts required to upgrade the 5 enhancements.

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    DesgraciaHumanaThis glitched on me a while ago. Ive had 5 (now 6 thanks to the crucible) balanced Enhancements but im stuck at 80%, it would not pop for the life of me. Ive tried to delete the save in my Xbox and resync with the cloud, tried to upgrade a 6th one, and im out of ideas. Funny enough BFA poped earlier today when syncing the save and I havent done my apocaliptic play. This game is so broken.
    Any help?
    Posted by DesgraciaHumana on 05 Mar 19 at 10:43
    I have the same problem. Currently 4 upgraded but tracker is at 60%.
    Maybe the achievement tracks the first upgrades? I put some levels into one enhancement, but stopped later and focused on another one. Maybe the first you put points into are kinda locked?
    Just a theory....
    Edit: Mine fixed itself after a restart
    Posted by Tenreth on 22 Apr 19 at 19:13
    Phoenix C64this as many other achievements can be obtained cumulatively in several playthroughs, as long as they are NG+ on the same save slot
    Posted by Phoenix C64 on 15 Dec 19 at 15:13
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