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Unlock Everything

17 January 2020 - 2 guides
This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the BFA achievement

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    DLC EDIT UPDATE: Many are reporting that this achievement is now bugged. According to the tracker it is still unlocking for some people, but the bug appears to be common nonetheless. Hopefully THQ addresses and fixes this.

    The BFA achievement requires you to unlock all other achievements to unlock this.

    -It does not have to be done in one single playthrough.
    -If it doesn't unlock right away, save the game and turn off your Xbox and relaunch the game. (Seems to be the case most often)
    -You don't have to find literally everything such as angelic artifacts to unlock this. There are a total of 6 Essence of Chosen along with 72 Angelic and 72 Demonic Artifacts in the game. You only need 5/6 to get the achievement, so you can miss a few and still unlock everything.
    -You can get every single achievement in a single playthrough on apocalyptic difficulty, although "For Whom the Bell Tolls, "Demon Meddler" and "A Parting Gift" are missable. If you do miss them start a new game on Story difficulty and remember that you only need the 4 hollows to do the Abraxis sidequest, so as soon as you beat Gluttony go to the Scar without worrying about Sloth or Wrath.

    As far as apocalyptic difficulty goes the biggest tips I can give are:
    -Don't dodge too early. Dodge right before their attacks come in contact with Fury, not when their attack animation starts,
    -Buy a lot of fortification shards. These greatly reduce the damage you take and allow you to survive most boss fights easily.
    -If you die during a boss fight when you used shards, close out of the game as soon as Fury does her dying animation and before the black loading screen. This will prevent the game from autosaving and allow you to keep your items, as grinding for them can become a huge pain.
    -Save all the humans as soon as you get all 4 hollows. The rewards you get for saving them are nearly game breaking and make some of the later bosses a joke.
    -Keep most attributes balanced.
    -Defeat all the Chosen bosses as soon as you can and use "The essence of chosen" to max out your enhancements. There are 6 total Essences you can get per run, and only 5 are needed for an achievement.
    -If you are doing apocalyptic on your second playthrough and just need that achievement, its possible to fight Pride right away as soon as you meet her (which is available after you have the first hollow). This will probably be patched, but it pretty much allows you to beat the game by only fighting her and the final boss if you feel confident in your dodging abilities.

    Edit: Appears the early pride fight is patched. Perhaps playing offline with an older patch could get around this.

    DLC Edit: With the introduction of DLC, a few extra options have become viable. First of all, you can now get unlimited Essence of Chosen via the crucible. New game plus was also introduced and this could likely give you a much easier way of beating Apocalyptic as you will already be fairly leveled up and equiped from previous runs. Just make sure you change your difficulty to Apocalyptic before you land the finishing blow on the final boss.
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    headXcrash popped during the reload after the Gluttony fight, during the first APOCALYPTIC playthrough. tho i did unlock Made of Sterner Stuff from NG+ pack. maybe it just counts to 49?
    Posted by headXcrash on 07 Dec 19 at 13:38
    WhyattThrash Same as others, needed to reboot the game and as soon as I pressed “Continue” on the main menu, it popped.
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 22 Dec 19 at 21:44
    Philip Andrews This achievement unlocked when I completed my first run (on apocalyptic) and while still missing 3 of the base game achievements. But I had done 4 of the DLC ones. So I assume it indeed counts total achievements and unlocks when you hit the 49 mark and not simply all the base game ones.
    Posted by Philip Andrews on 09 Feb at 19:58
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