A Long Excursion achievement in Microsoft Wordament (Mobile)

A Long Excursion

Complete 12 Maps.

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How to unlock the A Long Excursion achievement

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    "Completing" a map is accomplished by reaching the final red chest on a map. A total of 12 separate maps between the “Adventure Maps” and "Extra Maps" tabs in Adventure Mode must be completed.

    Reaching the final chest is accomplished by completing all 80 standard levels you come across in a map with a cumulative total of 156 stars between them. This averages out to about 2 stars per level if you are just doing the base levels.

    As you progress through these levels there are other star thresholds that must be met to unlock the next 20 levels and they are as follows:

    1 - 20 --- Automatic Unlock
    21 - 40 --- 30 Stars
    41 - 60 --- 66 Stars
    61 - 80 --- 108 Stars
    Final Red Chest --- 156 Stars

    Each area has one bonus level that is not necessary to continue and is unlocked by 3 starring the mission directly beside it. As these missions are not needed to continue through an area, I would suggest passing them up after unlocking
    Microsoft Wordament (Mobile)Bonus PaymentThe Bonus Payment achievement in Microsoft Wordament (Mobile) worth 46 pointsEarn 3 stars in a Bonus Puzzle.

    and getting all 3 stars in an Adventure Map for
    Microsoft Wordament (Mobile)A Long WalkThe A Long Walk achievement in Microsoft Wordament (Mobile) worth 67 pointsGet a 100% Completion on a Map.

    Fast Levels
    The easiest way to keep track of yourself and put in minimum effort in keeping track of your stars after getting these achievements and making sure you are moving on from level to level as quick as possible would be to 3 star maps all the way up to and including level 38 and from then on once you unlock any star requirement in a level you can continue to the next level.

    (38 Levels * 3 Stars each) + (42 remaining Levels * 1 Star each) = 156 Stars

    Generally speaking, the easiest star that appears is for the "unique" tile that the level contains. such as an optional letter tile (U/K or E/V), Suffixes and Prefixes (EN- or -ION), or Corner letters all being the same letter. These can usually be reached within a few words and therefore much faster than the point requirement star.

    If these are not noticeably easy for the level you are on, then generally the other easy star to obtain is for spelling words of a certain length (3 letter words, 4 letter words, etc.). Simply look for the required length words to get the star quickly and move on.

    Using Hints (Thanks to Tatey for the comment)
    If you get stuck on a star or don't want to focus, you can use the "Hint" button (light bulb emblem) to get a free word. Using this highlights a path to take to obtain a word for the farthest left star that you do not have completed. This means that you will generally be getting the hint for the specific length words. If you complete that star then you will be getting 3 letter words until you finish the middle star which is always total points. And if you complete the points star you will get the hint for the final star challenge.
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    The Manic MooseThanks for the quick response
    Posted by The Manic Moose on 03 Feb 19 at 08:45
    FaSCoRPwow, I got it and just completed the first section in the 7th map
    Posted by FaSCoRP on 13 Apr 19 at 11:16
    Conflict3d OneI'm stuck at 11 maps but I've finished 13... facepalm Guess I'll just start over.
    Posted by Conflict3d One on 25 Jun 19 at 21:53
    Apostle92627I completed the 12 maps (perfect on the first 11 due to OCD) and didn't get the achievement, so I exited wondering what the issue was. Then I reloaded the app intending to play the bonus puzzle to 3 stars and got the achievement.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 10 Dec 19 at 02:32
    HockelsI had the same problem - big thanks to apostle92627. I was upset I didn't get the achievement but closed the App and went back in and it popped right away!
    Posted by Hockels on 11 May 20 at 17:59
    GremlinLord615I'm kicking myself for not realizing this! I have 100% on 9 maps before looking on here. Definitely quicker to just 1 star levels after you get enough. +1
    Posted by GremlinLord615 on 22 May 20 at 17:07
    GamerZz vII’m really confused. So wait I’ve completed 9 worlds in the “Adventure Maps” section and I’m meant to complete 12? Or what I’m confused what this has to do with the “Extra Maps”
    Posted by GamerZz vI on 24 May 20 at 00:33
    The lMlanGamerZz, I no longer have the game installed so it may have changed the way menus look or are titled. But you must complete 12 IN TOTAL. This can be all adventure or it could be a mix of adventure and extra maps.
    Posted by The lMlan on 24 May 20 at 00:46
    Guile132You actually need to have 3 stars on the first 35 stages and the first 2 bonus stages. After that, you can get 1 star for the rest of the stages.
    Posted by Guile132 on 10 Jan at 16:29
    The lMlanGuile132, Playing the bonus stages after earning the other achievements noted is wasted time if you are trying to finish these as fast as possible. Bonus stages are not required to be played to “complete”...so skipping them altogether saves you time. But if you are playing them, then yes do as you stated.
    Posted by The lMlan on 10 Jan at 17:15
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