Long Island Rail Road

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Long Island Rail Road

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M7: Change at Jamaica

Operate the M7 for 700 miles

M7: Change at Jamaica-8.6
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How to unlock the M7: Change at Jamaica achievement

  • erod550erod5501,055,451
    06 Jan 2020 06 Jan 2020
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    I also recommend using the [2005] Ronkonkoma - New York Penn service, but the way I'd recommend doing it is a bit different.

    1. Start up the service and get the train moving and up to 80mph
    2. Set the throttle to Min Power
    3. Pause and make a save.
    4. Walk away and do whatever you want for ~11 minutes
    5. Come back and just before the speed limit drops to 35, quit to the main menu
    6. Load up Last Played and walk away for 11 minutes again.
    7. Repeat until achievement pops.

    Advantage to this is that you don't have to go through the hassle of train startup every time, or have wasted time with the train covering less ground while it accelerates up to 80mph. Disadvantages to this are that you have to check on it more often (11 min instead of 15-20), and if you're not on an XB1X the load times can be brutal, but on my X it was about 15 seconds back to the main menu and about 30 seconds to reload from the main menu back into the train running.

    The train will also slow down a little dropping to 68-ish but going back up to ~72 throughout the run based on the incline grade at various points, but if you give it more than Min Power it will go over the speed limit and then you're not getting credit at all, so losing a little speed is the compromise for not having to babysit it and being able to do other things while it just runs on its own.

    Using this method I went from 37% to 100% in about 8 hours.
  • Dynamite AndyDynamite Andy539,182
    23 May 2019 23 May 2019
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    To earn this achievement you are required to travel 700 miles in the M7 LIRR.

    A good service to run for this achievement is the "[2005] Ronkonkoma - New York Penn" service which will progress your tracker by 2/3% each time. Each speedrun takes anywhere between 15/20 minutes.

    This service requires minimum input as it is 80mph for a good majority of it (there is a drop to 60mph about midway - but it increases back to 80mph, and 35/15mph towards the end at Jamaica), you can set the service of running and come back to restart it.

    It is important to note that you must be at or below the speed limit, if you are above progress will not track.
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