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50 all around

Collect 50 of every resource on a level

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17 November 2019 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for 50 all around

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    Easiest place to get this out of the way early on is on Level 15, which is the second Grasslands level on the map.

    To complete this level, you'll need to build a lilypad, which we won't be doing.

    Start the level by gathering the resources laying around, and build a lumber mill as soon as you can.

    Make your gathering as efficiently as possible using the cn_X button when you can, and when you have a lumber mill up and running build a farm. Here you can use the cn_Y button to speed up construction. (You'll get an achievement for each of those button presses too if you've never done them before).

    Your next task will be getting your worker tent upgraded so you have two workers on the go.

    Now gather every resource as quickly as possible, and pave over the bogs and build the bridge to the beehive whilst also saving up the ten wood to upgrade your worker tent to level three.

    Your next target is to upgrade your lumber and farm mills whilst uncovering the path to the sorceress building plot.

    Build and upgrade the stone mine along the way!

    When you have your sorceress, get rid of the Troll (six food) and build the Crystal Mine, then upgrade it ASAP.

    Finally, build the gremlin hut and set him cycling through your upgraded buildings whilst gathering everything as soon as it appears from your buildings.

    By now you should have been gathering efficiently enough to amass over 100 food, earning you the achievement for doing so:

    Gnomes Garden: New HomeGold 100The Gold 100 achievement in Gnomes Garden: New Home worth 117 pointsCollect 100 of any resource on a level

    Once you've hit this, completely ignore the food and focus on your crystal mine, gathering wood and stone alongside until you reach fifty minimum of each.

    As your Crystal Mine was the last thing to be built, this will be your priority for your workers and your Gremlin.

    When you hit fifty Crystals, you'll unlock:

    Gnomes Garden: New Home50 all aroundThe 50 all around achievement in Gnomes Garden: New Home worth 122 pointsCollect 50 of every resource on a level

    If you wish to finish the level, quickly build a Fireman hut and have him get rid of the tentacles and your sorceress grow a lily pad in it's place.

    Here's my finishing screenshot:

    External image
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