Velvet Rope achievement in Saints Row 2

Velvet Rope

Complete all levels of Crowd Control

Velvet Rope0
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How to unlock the Velvet Rope achievement

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    15 Sep 2012 14 Sep 2012
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    There are two sets of 6 levels to get this achievement.

    Levels 1-3 shouldn't pose much of a problem, just press LB to grab them, sprint to the nearest blue arrow, and throw them into it, killing them in an amusing way (jet engines, trampolines, a gong, etc).

    Levels 4-6 are a bit tougher, as the fans are very numerous and begin to use baseball bats; even pistols and rifles towards the end of Level 6. Therefore, throw when you have the chance, but a safer method is to use the baseball bats they drop (you must obviously kill one first to obtain it) and just hit them with it as they get near the celeb. You only need to hit each crazed fan ONCE for the money to be added to your total.

    You get:
    $100 for a punch
    $250 for a melee weapon hit or a gunshot
    $750 for a throw into the environment
    $1000 for a throw into a blue-arrowed object

    You'd be surprised how quick the money racks up from just getting melee hits, but try and get a few throws in when you can.
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  • x2ix2i127,859
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    There are to locations for crowd control on the map each with 6 levels inside. You take the role of a bodyguard for celebrities who must keep the crazed fans at bay. Every now and then a fan from the crowds will run at your celebrity target and either hassle them too much or beat the living daylights out of them.

    You must hold LB to hold them in a human shield and get rid of them by throwing them into various objects throughout the level - things such as helicopter blades, tractors, gravestones and more, each giving a money percentage when you do so.

    If the celeb gets too aggravated (determined by the meter in the top left) you will lose the round, if you manage to fulfil the requirements of earning money you will win.

    Doing this Co-Op is a definite way to make this easy as one can focus on protecting the celeb whilst the other can try and earn some dollar. Viewing this map will help you locate the activities:

    Use this website to locate all of the missions and strongholds:
    Map no longer available, sorry.
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    doc2084Baseball bat method does not work after lv4 due to ALL crazed fans have guns! Is there a way around this bug/glitch in single player?
    Posted by doc2084 on 31 Oct 11 at 00:28
    chris wattzThere should only have guns during the later stage of the last levels, I found the last 30 seconds especially troubling. You should try to still throw guys in lvl 6, say if a group of 2-3 come, take out two of them and throw one of them into a nearby obstacle quickly, once the next sort of wave comes you'll still have time to smash them. Using the baseball bat to smash them quickly is a necessity however.
    Posted by chris wattz on 14 Nov 11 at 02:48
    Mobius EvalonYou absolutely have to whore the hazards (bulldozers, subway trains, trucks, police, etc.) when the celeb gets near one. I blew through levels 5 and 6 pretty easily because the crazy fans mobbed the celebrity within tossing distance of a hazard, so they kept her stationary while I tossed all the fans in one by one.

    In addition, the celebrity and location is always random. I got through level 6 mostly because it took place on a railroad platform and most of the fans got run over by the train or simply got stuck down on the tracks because they couldn't figure out how to jump up. If it doesn't work out, restart and try a different map.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 14 Dec 11 at 20:39
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