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Duke of Stilwater

Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater

Duke of Stilwater+2.3
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Achievement Guide for Duke of Stilwater

  • Rufus GufusRufus Gufus525,738
    07 Oct 2012 27 Sep 2012 23 Dec 2012
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    All credit for these videos goes to gamerfourlife99 who posted them on youtube.

    These are the best video guides I could find for this achievement online. They are high quality video (HD) and sequentially show where to find each of the 80 stunt locations found in Stillwater. Using these guides I estimate it took around 4 hours to find all 80 jumps.

    As a word of warning many of the videos are long and there is generally no cut between each of the jumps...that is you see how gamerfourlife99 navigates between each of the jump sites.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide please feel free to contact me either via TA or xbox.
  • gammatron9000gammatron9000227,291
    14 Apr 2011 14 Apr 2011 22 Dec 2013
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    Here's the videos I followed...
    Keep in mind #80 is story-related, found at the end of the second Ultor mission called "Pyramid Scheme"
    The rest are pretty easy to get. The videos are a LOT easier to follow than the silly maps. Also if you've already got a couple of the jumps and the "Jump found" thing doesn't come up on one as you're following the videos, DO IT AGAIN just to be sure (instead of passing it off as one you've already found). Nothing's worse than following the videos and coming up one short at the end.
    It would be best to write down the number of any of the ones that didn't say "jump found", instead of assuming you've already got it. That way when you've got 79 found, you dont have to go back through ALL of them.

    Helpful comment from ShimmeringCube:
    For anyone confused with the missing stunts..... You get an extra between 62 & 63. After 74 they stop being numbered but they are all in the videos. Also, for anyone like me scratching your head where the 1st one after the airport is located, its the Southern point on Nuke Island.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    This is not a complete guide, it's a warning to help you avoid missing this achievement

    There is one stunt jump that is not designed to be completed during free roam, it is located in a secret underground tunnel during the Pyramid Epilogue Ultor mission. This unlocks after completing all main campaign missions. At the end of this mission you will grab a B.E.A.R. and make for the exit tunnel at the end of which is the unmissable Unique jump. If you do this in Co-op it will only unlock for the one driving. Also I'd recommend leaving at least one other Unique jump undone before this one, in other words DO NOT leave this one 'til last, you may trigger a glitch where the jump will count in the stats but the achievement will not unlock.

    "It's actually possible to get this one before the mission takes you there; get a light vehicle (Sandstorm works great), manoeuvre yourself above the door you break out of and fall down to the ledge. Break the door down (kick it or fire your weapon at it). Drive your vehicle in enough for a good run up, turn around and drive as fast as you can back through the doorway. You will get credit for the jump that way".
    [ Special thanks to 'Troodon9999' for this ]

    However "If you have missed the last jump in the storyline while playing co-op, replay the mission again and do the jump which will give you 80 out of 80 but will not pop the achievement. So save your game and then exit to the dashboard and reload the game. When the game comes up select to continue and right after the game started the achievement should pop".
    [ Special thanks to 'Kustomkarz98' for this]

    If you have left this until last already and have no saves before your 79th jump and have tried the above solution then the only other option is to delete all save games, start a new game, and complete all main campaign missions first then re-do all the jumps, but hopefully you found this solution before resorting to that.
  • WhiteShadow994WhiteShadow9941,274,986
    22 Jun 2012 04 Apr 2012 04 Apr 2012
  • x2ix2i125,281
    10 Nov 2008 10 Nov 2008 19 Jan 2013
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    You need to hit all 80 gaps in Stilwater, a confirmation logo and sound will play when you hit one saying how many you have left also.

    I suggest if your struggling that you use the following map to find them and tick them off as you do them:

    Map no longer available, sorry.
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