Where's My Car? achievement in Saints Row 2

Where's My Car?

Deliver all the cars to the chop shops

Where's My Car?0
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How to unlock the Where's My Car? achievement

  • Trout JuiceTrout Juice721,451
    16 Oct 2011 16 Oct 2011
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    This solution is not mine, but it helped me get the last 4 cars I needed. It is so good, that I wish I had found it earlier. The credit for this solution goes to user ViperYourMother on the GameSpot Saints Row 2 forums.

    Here's a trick that I've now used on 6 different hard-to-find cars:

    1. Go to the district you need (Like Projects for Mag)
    2. Enter and start shopping at a store (Like On Thin Ice). You don't have to buy anything, just hit Y to shop, and then back out.
    3. As soon as you walk OUT of the store, you should see the yellow car icon driving around 9 times out of 10.

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    salut alloThis works perfectly! Thanks!
    Posted by salut allo on 05 Jan 12 at 07:19
    LonesquiffI used this method on nearly every car and it worked perfectly. It may take a moment for a car to spawn when you leave the shop.
    Posted by Lonesquiff on 29 Jul 13 at 01:34
    mfeforeverGreat solution!! Saved me a ton of time. Additionally, entering/exiting a garage will work the same as entering/exiting a shop.
    Posted by mfeforever on 04 Aug 13 at 20:59
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  • EvoHeroEvoHero155,077
    08 Dec 2008 08 Dec 2008 17 Jul 2011
    20 5 7
    Just complete the lists from the five chop shops in the game, delivering the cars to the nearest chop shop to where you find the car.

    To help you in your journey, complete the Suburbs Fuzz activity to have your police notoriety reduce quickly. On some of the cars, it can make a one-star wanted level disappear into nothing and a three-star go down to a two quickly, which really makes a difference, especially when you go to get the weakly-armored, slow Delivery Truck from Saint's Row.

    If you are having trouble jacking cars for the lists, either create a road block with a large vehicle such as a bus, or take careful aim with a pistol and kill the driver, both of these tactics will be hard to achieve if they are not done right the first time you try--if you fail to stop the car or its driver, the driver will freak out and if you cannot catch up, the game will make the car disappear since it vanished from the view of the camera.

    And remember to SAVE OFTEN. This mantra can't be repeated enough with Saints Row in general, but especially since the game does not autosave at all during this activity, it's important to save either after every delivery or after the really tough ones.

    Other tips:

    (Thanks Gnemlock!) Steal cars and store them in your garage, which may be closer than the nearest Chop Shop and can be delivered with a simple phone call to the car delivery homie.

    (Thanks Spoilt8!) Complete all levels of insurance fraud -- this unlocks unlimited sprint, giving you a better chance to keep up with vehicles.
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    Que Lo Que xDDamn game,it didn't unlock and I collected all cars to the chop shop now what?
    Posted by Que Lo Que xD on 17 Jul 11 at 16:59
    darkling1542I am having the same problem as Que Lo Que xD. Also have that problem with hitman.
    My co-op partner had the same problem.
    I haven't seen much other people having this problem so what the hell is the deal with this?
    Posted by darkling1542 on 21 Dec 13 at 01:12
    Armstrong x360aMine didn't unlock either. What did you guys do to unlock it ultimately? Go back to an earlier save or keep trying on the current one?
    Posted by Armstrong x360a on 20 Feb 19 at 21:25
  • CraiglionheartCraiglionheart663,418
    12 Jul 2012 12 Jul 2012 12 Jul 2012
    13 0 0
    Ok thought i'd put a list of ALL the cars required for this achievement, they can be delivered to ANY of the Chop Shops. Obviously you need to get the list from each of the 5 Chop Shops before the vehicle can be delivered.

    Here's the list.

    Suburbs Chop Shop:

    Downtown Chop Shop:

    Apartments Chop Shop:
    NRG V8
    Status Quo

    Truckyard Chop Shop:
    Venom Classic

    Factories Chop Shop:
    Bag Boy
    Delivery Truck

    You can either horde cars in your garage, and then have your homie deliver them for you, jump into random cars and hope their on the list, or if you select a car from your start menu, it will show up on the map if it's near, and like in Trout Juice's solution you can enter and exit a store in the correct area until the car shows up on the map.

    EDIT: Thanks to A7X Jamie UK for reminding me the you can customise your gang vehicles, choosing vehicles you need for the chop shops, your gang will then drive around in these vehicles, making them much easier to obtain.
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