Pot Luck achievement in Saints Row 2

Pot Luck

Complete all Samedi missions in co-op

Pot Luck+0.2
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How to unlock the Pot Luck achievement

  • x2ix2i127,856
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    Simple, just start from the first Samedi mission and work your way through them with a co-op partner present (it doesn't have to be the same partner for each mission). There aren't that many to do and as far as I am aware you needn't do every stronghold although some may require you to do before you can advance.

    Just bring up your map, find a Samedi icon and go do it. This will also work towards the 'Remind Me of the Babe' achievement if you haven't already gotten it.

    Use this website to locate all of the missions and strongholds:
    Map no longer available, sorry.

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    Troodon9999If you've already beaten all the Samedi missions solo, you can get this achievement by playing them again from the clipboard in co-op. You don't need to do them in order, just get them all done eventually, and you don't need the same partner for all of them. You also don't need to do any of the strongholds (they're only necessary to advance to some missions if you haven't unlocked all the missions yet).
    Posted by Troodon9999 on 17 Apr 10 at 17:52
    drabikMe and my friend had a glitch for one of the missions where you are loading the truck with drugs. Shawndi would disappear for no reason, and Pierce would stop loading the truck. To sort this out, kill and revive Shawndi before she disappears (before Pierce gets there). Hope that helps someone.
    Posted by drabik on 12 Jul 10 at 07:12
    ll sider inc llwe had the smae glitch and tried but failed with killing her... then we read somewhere you have to kill here between where the boxes are and where the truck is going to be...

    that worked fine so if the first doesnt help try killing her there :)
    Posted by ll sider inc ll on 27 Jul 10 at 05:42
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  • CaMmY95CaMmY95518,402
    14 Jul 2012 14 Jul 2012
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    I also had tons of trouble doing the mission 'Riot Control' Shaundi would always disappear whenever the truck came, i tried all the methods of killing her and stuff... Nothing worked! Until i decided to kill myself. I hosted the game, started the mission and when the timer came on warning of pierce coming got my partner to blow me away! Worked first time. If all else fails try this out. Remember too turn ON friendly fire :) Hope this helps some people out!
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    Taz B IRLgood man yourself works perfectly
    Posted by Taz B IRL on 24 Jul 12 at 21:22
    CaMmY95Glad its helped someone out :)
    Posted by CaMmY95 on 25 Jul 12 at 18:49
    xCHRONIC KAOSxWorked a charm thanks m8..
    Posted by xCHRONIC KAOSx on 19 Aug 12 at 19:04
  • Riispawn NationRiispawn Nation62,534
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    The two solutions made before mine provide the essential information for what to do to obtain this achievement, my solution is just to point out some of the glitches my partner and I encountered while doing the Sons of Samedi missions and what to do if confronted by them.

    -After completing a mission, host gets a black screen: This is kinda frustrating. If the host gets a black screen, that means neither of you gets an autosave and you'll have to replay whatever mission you received black screen on. Can't really get around this as far as I know, and after waiting for 5 minutes without any result, it's safe to say that the black screen will not go away.

    -"Riot Control" mission doesn't complete because Shaundi is invisible and the counter for number of boxes loaded gets stuck at 11/12: This glitch is mission specific! If you're not at the mission I'm talking about, chances are you don't even understand what I mean. However, if you do encounter this glitch and are looking for help, here's the place to be. Right before Pierce brings the truck back and the cutscene gets triggered, make sure you have Shaundi in the back of the warehouse away from the front entrance where the truck will park. Kill her within 5 seconds of the cutscene activating (the beeping noise indicating the arrival of Pierce will get fast), and she should be visible after the cutscene and the counter will hit 12/12 and you will be able to continue the mission.
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