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Personal Propulsion

Personal Propulsion

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How to unlock the Personal Propulsion achievement

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    This achievement is awarded for building the Seamoth.

    To build the Seamoth you will need to have scanned Seamoth fragments to acquire its blueprint.

    However to create the Seamoth - you will also need to have scanned the Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments to acquire its Blueprint.

    Acquiring the Blueprint for the Seamoth and the Mobile Vehicle Bay
    Subnautica has elements of RNG which means the place I found my Mobile Vehicle Bay and Seamoth fragments to acquire their blueprints will differ from where you will find them in your game. But I can still give you an idea of where you should be looking.

    Please be aware that typically you will find fragments near or inside Aurora wrecks. I don’t mean the huge crashed Aurora ship, although you will find some objects littered around it.

    But scattered all around this underwater world are wreckage’s of the Aurora. And inside the wreckage’s, or in the surrounding area, there will be boxes, containers, and fragments sitting around.

    Aurora Wreckages
    These Aurora wreckage’s look like medium-to-large metal structures that are sitting on the sea bed. The wreckage’s are normally 60-100m deep under the surface. Meaning you’ll need to venture a bit further away from the “shallows” (which is the immediate radius surrounding your Lifepod) if you want to start encountering Aurora Wreckage’s.

    There are normally doors, large holes torn into the structure that you can enter through, or small air vent passages you can use to get inside of the wreckage’s.

    Some wreckage’s require a little more effort. Like using a Repair tool to fix a door so you can open it. Or using a Laser cutter to break a door open.

    Once inside wreckage’s you will often find fragments and PDAs laying around the rooms. If you scan these objects you’ll unlock blueprints. Most Seamoth fragments are normally sitting on the sea bed just outside the wreckage’s. So explore the whole area surrounding the wreckage. And the little metal boxes and other large containers tend to have objects sitting inside of them. So make sure you scan those objects too.

    Some Blueprints only require one fragment to be scanned. But for the Mobile Vehicle Bay and Seamoth you will need to scan several fragments before you unlock their blueprint. Once you’ve found a fragment keep searching around that same area as there will usually be more fragments nearby.

    Another important thing with Aurora Wreckage’s is to keep watching your oxygen levels closely whilst you’re searching inside or around the Aurora wreckage’s. You’ve got to be careful you don’t run out of oxygen whilst you’re deep inside some of these wreckage’s. Becuase you will die. And for that reason alone I recommend saving your game regularly too in case you underestimate how quickly you can return to the surface again.

    Always head back up to the surface for air every so often. Let your oxygen tank fully replenish and then head back down to complete your exploration. Some Aurora wreckage’s are more complex than others, and your path out of the wreckage and up to the surface may take longer than usual.

    Don’t just look for the big Aurora structures only. Exploring around you will find metal beams, metal boxes and other metallic objects laying around on the sea bed. These often indicate there are some fragments to scan too. Perhaps some of the metallic objects are the fragments.

    More often than not, if you don’t find the fragment you’re looking for, you’re still going to find another fragment you were going to need later on anyway.

    Building the Mobile Vehicle Bay
    So once you’ve acquired the blueprints, you’ll need to create the Mobile Vehicle Bay and the Seamoth. You’ll need to farm for certain materials to create these. The Mobile Vehicle Bay will be created using your Fabricator in your Lifepod.

    Mobile Vehicle Bay requires:
    - Titanium Ingot (Created using Titianium x10 in Fabricator)
    - Lubricant (created using Creepvine seed cluster x1 in Fabricator)
    - Power Cell (created using Battery x2 and Silicone Rubber x1 in Fabricator)

    Note: A Battery is created using Copper Ore x1 and Acid Mushroom x2 in Fabricator.
    Silicone Rubber is created using Creepvine seed cluster x2 in Fabricator.

    All of the above requirements will be clearly stated within the Fabricator menu.

    Building the Seamoth
    Once you have created the Mobile Vehicle Bay, you must deploy it in the water, preferably somewhere nearby your Lifepod. The Mobile Vehicle Bay will float on the surface of the water.

    Once deployed, approach your Mobile Vehicle Bay until you see the interact option to Climb on to it. Once standing on it you will be able to deploy a Seamoth.

    Seamoth Requires:
    - Titanium Ingot (Titanium x10 in Fabricator)
    - Power Cell (Battery x2 and Silicone Rubber x1)
    - Glass x2 (Glass x1 is created using Quartz x2 in Fabricator, so altogether you’ll need Quartz x4)
    - Lubricant (created using Creepvine seed cluster x1 in Fabricator)
    - Lead

    Achievement Unlocked
    Once you create your Seamoth the achievement will unlock.

    Please Note: I unlocked this achievement on Freedom mode. So it will definitely be unlockable on Survival and Freedom mode.
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    TheOtherBarberDid this unlock retroactively for you once you started playing the game again (if you had played it in Game Preview) or did you just get Subnautica and play it on launch day? I didn't get this after putting over 2 days of time into my Freedom world before the game officially launched with achievements...
    Posted by TheOtherBarber on 09 Dec 18 at 17:33
    ell635I’ve been playing Subnautica during the Game Preview. However I started a new game and unlocked the achievement through new progression.

    I heard about the retroactive achievements and loaded a very old 2017 save file where I had the Cyclops. It popped the Cyclops achievement and another for scanning the observatory base on the island where Sunbeam get beamed lol.
    Posted by ell635 on 09 Dec 18 at 22:32
    RevRico420Please note, as of the full release there are widely reported bugs with new games. These include resources, fish, and blue print parts not spawning in. I unlocked these achievements retroactively, but started a new game with the update. I've not been able to find any silver or mobile vehicle bay fragments at all on this play through, so am now progress locked. Supposedly, according to the unknown worlds forum, they're working on a fix.
    Posted by RevRico420 on 10 Dec 18 at 17:34
    ell635Thanks RevRico, I’m finding Silver extremely rare.
    Posted by ell635 on 10 Dec 18 at 18:14
    ell635To anyone reading this comment section - it has just been announced that resource spawning issues has been resolved. But if you’ve been affected, you will either need to venture to unvisited places for the resources, or start an entirely new game. A bittersweet fix, but a resolution nonetheless.
    Posted by ell635 on 12 Dec 18 at 07:54
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