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How to unlock the Kingpin achievement

  • PDwizzlePDwizzle341,766
    22 Feb 2011 16 Jan 2011 05 Dec 2011
    111 15 30
    Ok... so the whole point in getting this achievement is earning money in your stash. All these solutions are great solutions and can, in time, earn you the achievement.

    Myself, IIISetIII, Bucknut Kevin, and Manifest95 have come up with an alternative solution.

    Of course, there are 32 total multiplayer badges, 20 of which are non-ranked badges that you can boost in player match. The other 12 are ranked badges that you have to play in ranked matches to earn money to advance in that badge scale.

    My final stat is 49:02:31 total multiplayer play time. That does not count the time in between match set ups.

    Here is the list of ranked badges:

    1 New Jack $0
    2 Thug $2,500
    3 Killa $10,000
    4 Gangsta $25,000
    5 Soldier $55,000
    6 Assassin $105,000
    7 Enforcer $187,500
    8 Dominator $310,000
    9 Terminator $501,250
    10 Executioner $776,250
    11 Kingpin $1,198,125
    12 Kingpin of Kingpins $2,198,125

    A list of all non-ranked badges are posted at the bottom of this solution.

    I am going to explain the IDEAL solution for the 12 RANKED badges.

    1. First thing you will need is someone that is capable of bridging host so that you will not have to deal with random players. Kind of like a ranked player match. Not mandatory, but very, very highly suggested. If you do not have one, you can still go by this strategy with the chance of having to deal with randoms and making your sessions last longer..

    2. Ideal total of players playing is 4. This is the minimum to start a match. Set up 2 parties of 2.

    3.The bridger will search first and secure a lobby (as most bridgers already know this.) The best map so far that I have used so far is Ranked>Strong Arm>Oldtown. It's a realativly smaller map compared to the others.

    4. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES!!!! VERY IMPORTANT. Winnings that your team earns for winning an activity adds to your team total and does not count towards YOUR personal earnings in the game, thus affecting your stash in the end. The activities are Racing, Snatch, Mayhem and Insurance Fraud.

    **EDIT** I stand corrected. Winnings do go towards your ingame cash, although, not doing the activities helps keep things even across the board.

    5. At the start of the match, Team A will kill Team B a total of 25 times per player. Once that amount is reached, Team B will then take over and kill Team A 25 times per player. Once both teams reach 25 kills per player, Team A will kill Team B a total of 5 times per player. Again, once that amount is reached, Team B will take over again killing Team A 5 times per player. That will put both teams at $90,000 for the match.

    If all goes as planned, each player will be able to get 3 more kills each, totaling 33 kills per player, which earns each player $49,500 in-game money. The percentage out of the $49,500 that goes towards your stash depends on the rank of the player. This will equally maximize each players stash per match.

    Each team should take turns on who will will the overall match, typically the team that gets the first kills, since there is a win bonus added towards your stash.

    -Some of the non ranked player badges you could earn using this strategy are: Trigger Happy, Brain Surgeon, Mass Murder, No Questions Asked, Leadfoot, Assault and Battery, Track Star, Original Gangsta, Team Spirit, Pimp, Nut Job, and Regulator.

    -If you go for the non ranked badges listed above, you will not maximize this solution.

    -Avoid shooting pimps

    -Avoid shooting from or into the Mayhem scoring area or let stray bullets strike the vehicles marked with the red arrows. Every so often, you get reward bonuses for doing a specific task during this activity (destroying big cars, destroying luxury cars, etc.) One of the bonuses is "receive a bonus for killing enemy players." You will receive $514 per enemy that you kill. Pay particular attention when the activity starts, and when the Mayhem area moves. You will see what will result in a bonus on your screen during those times. If killing players to receive a bonus happens, pause this strategy and trade kill for kill so that you will end in a tie for the activity. Resume this strategy after the activity is over.

    -Do not run through any of the money spheres during the Racing Activity. (This is iffy. We have tested this where all players collecting one money sphere and there was still no bonus awarded at the end of the activity. More than likely because no one finished the race.)

    -Reload your weapon after each kill so that you do not run out of ammo in the middle of killing the next person. Time is money.

    -Do not use the mini-gun, shotgun, or pistol. These weapons take to long to kill someone.

    -Do not spray any of the tags, with the exception of the sprint tag (only one team needs it for the entire match; do not purposely search for it) and 2x kill bonus tag ( search for it immediately and teams trade off using this tag with each player getting only 1 kill before spraying and 15 kills each after spraying.) That means DO NOT spray the money tag.

    Non-ranked badges:

    1. Road Rage - Kill 30 players with a vehicle impact.
    Just be in a car and hit and kill other players who are NOT on your team. Make sure the kill icon is a picture of a car. 30 of these will not be hard at all.

    2. Trigger Happy - Empty 250 clips by firing continuously (1 trigger pull per clip).
    During a party match get double semi-pistols with unlimited ammo on and keep shooting for about 15 minutes and you should get the badge after the game. Easy to get legit if you play online a lot. You must unload the full clip and make the gun auto-reload for it to count.

    3. Brain Surgeon - Kill 100 players with a headshot.
    Get a sniper rifle and aim at the head and shoot and kill them. It is a 1 hit kill. You do not need the sniper rifle but it is recommended.

    4. Burnout - Kill 15 players by lighting them on fire.
    Use the flamethrower or Molotov cocktail to kill 15 players and make sure it shows the symbol of the weapon you used.

    5. Mass Murder - Score 10 Multikills (Kill another player within one second of getting a kill).
    To get a multi-kill just kill 2-3 people in less than 1 second of the first kill. It may seem hard, but it really is simple. If you run two people over at once it will count as a multi-kill. You will get this by just playing online and in player matches.

    6. No Questions Asked - Play in 10 matches where you score at least 20 kills.
    Just play 10 matches and set kill limit to 25 with unlimited time. With your partner, both get 20+ kills then finish the match. Do this 10 times and you will have the badge.

    7. Leadfoot - Spend 1000 seconds racing in first place.
    1000 seconds is about 17 minutes. During a Strong Arm game, the activity has to be Racing. Be in first for 17 minutes total and you will have this badge. Can be done in Party Mode, just make it so Racing is the only activity. Go through 1 checkpoint and you will be in first.

    8. Saint Picasso - Finish 150 tags.
    You might not get this after 100 tags, for some people it has taken over 250 tags. Just have you and your partner keep re-tagging the same tag. Your partner has to be on the opposite team. Best done while going for "Leadfoot".

    9. Assault and Battery - Kill 30 players with non-pimp slap melee attacks.
    To do this just make it show a fist when you kill someone on the bottom left part of the screen. To do that, hit when they are about to die, this will count as a bare hand kill. Make sure you have 30 of these, you might accidentally get some non bare hand kills, so make sure to count all 30.

    10. Fully Loaded - Spend 300 seconds with all your weapon slots filled.
    300 seconds is 5 minutes. When you press make sure every slot is full. You do not have to have dual-wielding.

    11. Track Star - Spend 6000 seconds sprinting.
    6000 seconds is 100 minutes, or 1 hour 40 minutes. 100 minutes of sprinting is a lot. Turn on unlimited sprint and boost every other badge. Do not drive in any car just sprint everywhere you go. You should get this around your 15th badge.

    12. Original Gangsta - Play 10 ranked matches.
    Just play 10 ranked matches, win or loose, it does not matter.

    13. Team Spirit - Kill 10 players with the pimp slap.
    Get 10 kills with the Pimp Finger. The Pimp Finger is a foam finger with the middle finger up.

    14. Pimp - Play 20 matches.
    All you have to do is play 20 matches. Can be ranked or custom/party. You will get this over time, and most likely get this while boosting for badges.

    15. Demo Demon - Drive 10 cars until they catch on fire, and remain in them until they explode.
    To get this badge, you have to get someone to shoot your car until it catches on fire and drive off while your car is on fire and then you blow up in it. What I did was shoot my car until it had black smoke then got on a long street and had my friend stand halfway down the street. I drove slowly down the street and he shot my car, once it caught on fire he stopped shooting and I started to accelerate. I then just drove and blew up. Getting 10 of these will be easy.

    16. Nut Job - Kill 100 players with a nutshot.
    Get a sniper rifle and shoot someone in the nuts 100 times. It takes 3 shots in the nuts to kill them. They will grab there nuts when they die, that will count as 1 nushot. Girls have nuts. You do not need the sniper rifle but it is recommended and you will not get the Aww Nuts! achievement for doing this.

    17. Party Animal - Host and win 1 Party Lobby.
    Host a party match and win it.

    18. Regulator - End 5 matches with over $30,000 in personal earnings.
    Make a Strong Arm game and set the score to $50,000. Play the activities and win the match. Do this for 5 times. You will get this easily and quickly.

    19. Arr… - Play a multiplayer match on September 19th (International Talk Like a Pirate Day) or December 5th (Day of the Ninja).
    --Play multiplayer on September 19th or December 5th. You just have to plan this out and play on one of those 2 days.

    20. Wrecking Crew - Earn over $50,000 lifetime earnings in Mayhem and/or Demolition Derby.
    Set a Strong Arm game to $100,000 and turn off everything but Mayhem. Make sure to have unlimited ammo. When the game starts make sure you have pipebombs and a rocket launcher. Go to the location and throw pipebombs everywhere. When luxory cars start to show up, blow them up with the rocket. You will make $50,000 in less than 10 minutes this way.

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    EasedSun2742794A few guides on this achievement claim that the money tag and activities don't give any cash to your stash. This is not true.

    I was skeptical and tested whether this was true or not. I had two tests and one control. The tests had me paint the cash tag or participate activities. In the control I only got money through kills.

    In the end, I received the same amount of money after every game.

    I quad-boxed this achievement and had the dummy on my team quit out when the game started. This is because the cash tag splits money across team members. I don't know if the activity bonus for winning is split across team members. This is what could be causing discrepancies.
    Posted by EasedSun2742794 on 08 Apr 17 at 01:25
    MR MITT3NSSomeone may have mentioned this somewhere but I figured I would place it here:

    The ranked badges are all about $$$. So if you boosting kills in strong arm and one team is getting kills (2x kill and sprint badges are what you should tag), the losing team should pick up the $ badge so they will make some money too. Also, we noticed if you can on mayhem, snatch, and insurance fraud the losing team should try to make enough money in those events to win so they get $10K (of course based on your rank, you only get a certain % of that), without getting to $100K before the winning team. When the racing event shows up, you should use that for giving the winning team kills as you respawn very close to the starting point (losing team should not go through any racing checkpoints).
    Posted by MR MITT3NS on 18 Sep 17 at 16:36
    general1179Looking for help grinding out the multiplayer achievements in this game since its free right now.
    GT: general1179
    Posted by general1179 on 05 Jul 20 at 04:00
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  • SmokiestDadnSmokiestDadn514,515
    28 Mar 2009 15 Feb 2009 28 Feb 2009
    54 14 4
    Purpose of post is to share this observation while playing Strongarm to earn cash for my rank badges. Each rank has it's own percentage cut which you take from your in game earnings. I've not seen anything else simliar posted elsewhere so thought I would list it here.

    These percentages relate to matches your team won. Losing side earns a lower percentage.

    $ = Estimated earnings with $25,000 personal earnings on the winning team.

    New Jack------1.2% $300
    Thug------------1.8% $450
    Killa-------------2.4% $600
    Gangsta--------3.6% $900
    Solider---------4.8% $1200
    Assassin--------6.6% $1650
    Enforcer-------8.4% $2100
    Dominator-----10.8% $2700
    Terminator----13.2% $3300
    Executioner---will update in a while
    K of K----------**

    ** I don't have to play past Executioner to get my kingpin achievement so I might not be able to complete the figures for kingpin and KOK.

    Could any kingpins or king of kingpins help me please? Could you please email with the amount you earned 'in game' and how much you took home for your stash so I can calculate the earning percentage. Hope someone can help. If not I'll just have to keep playing.

    The most Ive earned in a single match is about $7,400 from $56,000 in game earning as a Dominator.

    These are rough figures. Simply a guide so you know what you have to look forward to when you are a new jack earning $200 per game.

    Thank you for reading
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    xWEEDMAN 89xExecutioner im getting 16.2% back in my stash.
    Posted by xWEEDMAN 89x on 20 Aug 12 at 00:24
    napoearthIf anyone cares, if the pattern continued it should go to:
    16.2% for Executioner
    19.2% for Kingpin
    22.8% for Kingpin of Kingpins
    Posted by napoearth on 26 Oct 12 at 23:02
    TimutimuHmmm....I'm actually earning on average 2500 as a soldier on the winning team, sometimes 3000.
    As a gangsta I'd consistently earn 2000 on the winning team....
    Posted by Timutimu on 05 Dec 13 at 21:30
  • RealistIdealistRealistIdealist537,194
    02 Nov 2011 01 Nov 2011 28 Dec 2013
    35 7 6
    I don't know who discovered it or suggested it to me but I have found an easier and faster solution to boosting the ranked badges. This is way faster than the killing solution. It may seem difficult but try it out and you'll be a money making machine in no time.

    Get a game of 2v2 (boosters) together and play on "trailer park" (a map that less people have) NOTE: Trailer Park is a part of the "Ultor Exposed" DLC.

    When it begins one team will be the "idle" team. They will find and spray the money tag at the beginning. The "killing" team will go and find any of the following badges (if they're on the map): Super Sprint, 2x bonus kill, or Accuracy spray (only if you happen to find it, don't go out of your way to track it down) do not bother with anything else and if you do see other sprays, don't spray them. Especially not smokescreen, that shit's annoying.

    Now the idle team will let themselves die to the killing team. The idle team and killing team members will run and find each other. Remember it's very important to note how much $ each killing team member has because you don't want to go over it. Each killing team member can get 33 kills each for a total of $49,5000 each or $99,000 total. While this is happening the idle team will win all of the activities (even after you switch). Here's what you should do in each activity if you're the idle team (these are the only activities that trailer park offers):

    Racing: Don't do it. It takes too long. The good news about Racing is that everyone spawns really close to the checkpoint they need next (DON'T go through them).

    Destruction Derby: Do enough to win, maybe $500 or so.

    Insurance Fraud: The idle team will need to win this (so keep your eyes peeled on the amounts), but both teams can get a lot of cash for this one fast. Try to drive a few cars to the middle then get a running start and hit LB, bounce a few times then land on the ground for an easy $2500. However, if you have the x2 kill on then don't bother going for this and just let the idle team get enough to win (a few hundred)

    Mayhem: Do enough to win, but sometimes for half the event there will be a "killing bonus" which will award the killing team $500 extra dollars if they kill the idle team. If this happens the idle team starts killing the killing team until this bonus goes away so they can win (it's only up for a few minutes).

    Finally when the killing team is done killing the idle team will take over the killing and will win. They will keep the money tag and spray the following: x2 kill, accuracy, and maybe pimp slap for fun (or to work on your pimp slap badge, be sure to check that your boosting buddies don't mind!), don't bother with the sprinting spray because as long as one team can sprint to the other it will go fast. Switch off with team members who gets the "top earner" spot because being the top earner awards some extra money in addition to the winning bonus. You should be done with each match around the middle to end of the 4th activity (it will go faster if you get the x2 badge).

    Final words:
    After doing this tons of times averagely I found that my matches get finished every 14-15 minutes, 10-12 if you got the x2 spray. So $49,500 minimum per player multiplied by the % of each rank (see SmokiestDadn's solution) will net you your amount. Being a dominator when I did this I was getting more than $5000 per match which means in about an hour you can get $20000 at minimum if you are a dominator. I found that with the killing solution (having one team win by killing and the other just dying) we always timed out and never got close to the max $ per team. This solution ensures the most equal way to boost without having one group get too much more money than the other.

    I would like to thank Nip 3 O, MR W0DERFUL, CasperTC, Spookyville, helryxs, Feytelein, & MulticronX for helping me to perfect this method.
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    RealistIdealistthanks for your support and feedback.
    Posted by RealistIdealist on 30 Mar 12 at 23:38
    Dancsi27anybody want to help me using this method?? I hate random people where i can only earn 1000-1500$ barely. I have the Arrr. badge, soon the nut shots then i only need to rank until the Dominator rank. i am at level 4 Gangsta (but close to soldier)
    Posted by Dancsi27 on 19 Sep 12 at 20:41
    Big Killa CFantastic guide as this is pretty much the method of choice for boosters. I guess the only thing you could throw in is that Trailer Park comes with the Ultor Exposed DLC. Not really a big deal but just incase people didn't know. +1 from me dance
    Posted by Big Killa C on 04 Jul 13 at 06:04
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