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13 Dec 19

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Defeat the Elder Dark Ukkoto.

13 December 2019 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Ukkoto achievement

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    30 Dec 2018 17 Jan 2019
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    This fight will likely be most players first boss fight, with the challenges being a fast, hard-hitting enemy and a reasonably dark arena.

    The boss, Ukkoto, has only a few moves: he’ll circle on all fours and then lunge at the player, he’ll hide in a hole in the wall and then burst out, he will stand on one of the four stone pillars in the arena and topple them when he jumps off, or he’ll suck the light out of your lantern. His fast moves are the only real challenge: just keep a full health bar from the gourd or sapotes.

    The only tips are dodging, keeping your lantern out, and taking advantage of his moves. When he’s circling you should stay in motion and be ready to punish him after his lunge. When he’s in the wall I’ve been able to hit him once or twice but the weapon movesets don’t really work well for this; avoid standing right in front of the hole he’ll be bursting from. When he’s on the stone pillars just stay clear … falling rubble can hurt and stun your character. When he sucks the light out of your lantern you can try to back off but I find that remaining locked onto Ukkoto allows me to keep track of where he is in the darkened arena.
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