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Moa Money, Moa Problems

Configure a Moa Companion

Moa Money, Moa Problems-2.7
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Achievement Guide for Moa Money, Moa Problems

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    EDIT This solution covers all the steps a new player just unlocking Venus would need. If you are a returning player, look for the bold requirements and and use the parts of this guide you need. For high-level players (you've completed nightmares or Sorties) you should do the hardest bounties to earn standing.

    Note: I'm told that using plat (real money) to buy a moa directly will not earn the achievement.

    Before you can earn this achievement, you'll need to complete the basic Solaris United quests.

    1)Earn some standing by talking to EUDICO and completing bounties. While you are doing these, look for gas bags on the ground near plants. Popping these with an attack gives Mytocardia Spores. You'll need to find 55 Mytocardia Spores to build the simplest moa, but you have a while to work on that.

    Also look for Thermal Sludge containers near Corpus outposts. You will need 15 Thermal Sludge.

    2) Talk to THE BUSINESS. Spend 500 Standing on SPECKPROD FISHING SPEAR and equip it to your radial wheel in your cn_start > EQUIPMENT > ARSENAL. You might also want Broad-Spectrum Bait.

    3) Fishing is the fastest way to acquire more standing. Go outside Fortuna, press cn_down and select your fishing spear while near a body of water. You might see robot worms ("Fish") swimming in the liquid. Fish are more likely where the surface of the water gleams. You may need to wait up to five minutes for fish to appear.

    Catch fish with cn_RT then cn_RT again when the slider is in the red zone. You catch different fish in the center lake, surrounding ponds, or inside caves. You'll also catch different fish depending on temperature. Hold cn_back to view your map and the current temperature. Catch all the fish you can until you have 10 Brickies and 10 Tinks of any kind. Brickies are found in warm ponds, while Tinks are found in cold ponds.
    This map can help you fish: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/6/6f/For...

    4) Return to THE BUSINESS. Choose "Dismantle Servofish" and select ten brickies and ten Tinks of any kind to dismantle. This should give you 10 muon Batteries and 10 Dissipator Coils.

    5) Still at THE BUSINESS. Choose "Provide Servofish." This lets you trade other fish for Standing. For now, provide all remaining fish until you hit your daily limit on standing. Fishing and providing is the fastest way to earn standing. However, right now, you need at least 2500 Standing.

    6) Visit SMOKEFINGER. Spend 2500 Standing on the SUNPOINT PLASMA DRILL and equip that, too.

    7) Go back outside. When near caves or rocks, equip the Drill and look for blue or red cracks. When one is nearby, the drill will show egg-shaped geodes on the left side of the screen and the map. Some cracks are hard to find and some are nearly impossible. Point the drill at a crack by holding cn_LT. You should see one or more flashing dots. Hold cn_RT and connect the flashing dots. Continue holding cn_RT, and look at the spinning ring. Release cn_RT when the light is near the center of the white brackets. You will always get at one rock, even if you screw up, but you might get more with a well-timed release.

    Now is a good time to work on
    WarframeVallis SpelunkerThe Vallis Spelunker achievement in Warframe worth 211 pointsExplore all of the caves in Orb Vallis

    Visit every cave and mine it.

    8) Return to SMOKEFINGER. Look at "Trade Gems for Solaris Standing." You need to keep:
    60 Travoride
    60 Axidite
    30 Phasmin

    Again, trade everything else for Solaris Standing until you hit your daily limit or the rank cap.

    9) You will need to get 6500 more Standing with Solaris to purchase the next few sets of blueprints. If you are still rank zero with Solaris, I recommend getting up to rank 1, "Outworlder." See
    WarframeMoney Can't Buy HappinessThe Money Can't Buy Happiness achievement in Warframe worth 793 pointsReach top standing with Solaris United

    For advice on gaining rank and Standing.

    10) Return to SMOKEFINGER. You need to buy:
    Smooth Phasmin x 10 blueprint
    Travocyte alloy x 20 blueprint
    Axdrol Alloy x 20 blueprint

    11) Visit LEGS. Choose "Buy wares." You need to buy:
    Drimper Bracket blueprint
    Para Moa blueprint
    Drex Core blueprint
    Harpen Gyro blueprint

    12) Return to your spaceship. You need to get 1,000 Circuits and 2 Morphics. It's very likely you already have both, but you can also find Circuits on the regular Venus missions. Morphics appear on Mars and Mercury missions.

    You will also need about 215,000 Credits. The best ways to earn credits is by doing the alert missions or a long survival mission. You could also farm one of the early bosses. Each kill drops a warframe part. You can sell the extra parts for credits.

    13) once you have all of that, visit your Foundry. Press cn_LB twice to get to your mining blue prints.
    Use Smooth Phasmin x 10 three times
    Use Travocyte alloy x 20 three times
    Use Axdrol Alloy x 20 three times

    Collect the result, then Press cn_LB twice to get to your Modular blue prints. Use the four blueprints you got from LEGS.

    14) Wait 24 hours, then collect the results.

    15) Return to LEGS on Fortuna. Choose "Configure a Moa Companion."
    For Model, choose Para Moa
    For Core, choose Drex Core
    For Gyro, choose Harpen Gyro
    For Bracket, choose Drimper Bracket.
    In the bottom right you should have the option to create for 5,000 credits. The achievement will unlock immediately after you choose that.
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