Update 24: Fortuna

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Update 24: Fortuna

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Ride 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive

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Achievement Guide for K-Driven

  • ScruffinScruffin331,021
    22 Dec 2018 19 Dec 2018 19 Dec 2018
    23 7 22
    I found this by mistake and not entirely sure if it is faster then just driving around.

    You can fall out of the map by charging your k-drive by holding down A button and press down on LS for full speed and run directly into the border straight on (don't hit it on an angle). When you fall off your k-drive and go out of bounds, quickly equip the k-drive again and drive forward a bit. You will start to free fall out of the map and you will be able to perform tricks which you could get 3,000 trick points for standing. When the falling stops it takes you back to Fortuna's gates. I found that the further the distance you were from Fortuna the more distance you traveled. I've been going to the North East of the map which I believe is the longest distance away and each time I get a white tick on the Achievement tracker.

    Here's a video:
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
  • PsycosuicidalPsycosuicidal944,020
    25 May 2019 27 May 2019 27 May 2019
    2 3 6
    For now this works great : (remember they patch this game a lot)

    Set your game to private (invite only/friends) and invite a friend to your game (you must be the host). Now go to Orb Valis and jump out of bounds and.. suprise, you will keep falling (even when your friend leaves your game). There will be no reset of your character after a certain set time (what normally happends).

    For people that do not know how to get out of bounds :
    1st option, look at Scruffin`s solution.
    2nd option, i will explain : When in Orb Vallis open your map. Look at the outlines of the map and you will see thicker and thinner lines. Use your bookmark on a thinner line (we did at to the left of your map near the bottom of the left line). Go there and ones you get close to the edge press sprint (by pressing the left thumbstick) and hold down A and let go of it right when you hit the boundry (or almost hit the boundry). Ones you start falling choose your board and voila there you go. You now keep racking up meters untill the cheavo pops.
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