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Update 24: Fortuna

K-Driven achievement in Warframe


Ride 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive

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How to unlock the K-Driven achievement

  • ScruffinScruffin559,105
    22 Dec 2018 19 Dec 2018 19 Dec 2018
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    I found this by mistake and not entirely sure if it is faster then just driving around.

    You can fall out of the map by charging your k-drive by holding down A button and press down on LS for full speed and run directly into the border straight on (don't hit it on an angle). When you fall off your k-drive and go out of bounds, quickly equip the k-drive again and drive forward a bit. You will start to free fall out of the map and you will be able to perform tricks which you could get 3,000 trick points for standing. When the falling stops it takes you back to Fortuna's gates. I found that the further the distance you were from Fortuna the more distance you traveled. I've been going to the North East of the map which I believe is the longest distance away and each time I get a white tick on the Achievement tracker.

    Here's a video:
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    PerilousPWNConfirmed this works 3/14/2020, I got it after a few tries and found a consistent way to get progress at (least on Xbox). So to get in the glitch (I had the starting k-drive), I hit the invisible wall in the top left corner of the map angled toward the lower part of the hill. Once I got thrown off my board, I didn’t manage to clear the gap to drop into the glitch, so I quickly rolled (or in melee dropped, can’t remember) to cover the last of the distance. Once I started falling, I pulled out my archwing and flew back from where I came from on the map until I hit the invisible wall again. From there I pulled out my k-drive and got into the glitch. To keep consistent progress, I repeated this cycle: 1. Move in circles/any direction while falling 2. Open Xbox achievement progress tracker menu 3. If the progress bar slightly went up (should be a very very tiny white sliver), then I waited in that tracker menu until I watched the progress bar move up a little bit. Then I would close the achievement menu and repeats from step 1. If no progress was made, I would repeat from step 1. I continued to inch up my progress by 1% until I got it in just over an hour. Hope this helps and provides some consistency/certainty for you guys!
    Posted by PerilousPWN on 14 Mar 20 at 08:52
    BLAZE VIIYea I can also confirm this STILL works as for 09/09/2020 (Heart of Deimos). In Orb Vallis, close to "The Pearl", WEST of the map. There is such a location. Also if you hit 3000 combo the progress for K-Driven will stop and all you need to do is stop your k-drive and enter your Archwing while still falling and stop that and return to your k-drive which resets the combo meter and continues the achievement progress.

    Hope this helps! wave
    Posted by BLAZE VII on 09 Sep 20 at 07:24
    Shadow 00 FoxI did the NW corner of the map, went out like PeriousPWN was saying, worked great! You can keep getting progress past the 3000 combo point marker.
    Right now, I'm sitting in the achievement menu watching the progress tick up, it's ticking up consistently every 15 seconds or so right now as I'm not even in the game menu. :-D
    So, there might be a sweet spot or something, I'm going to take a screen photo, you can always look at my profile so compare my screen.

    I did go out of the map and then used the archwing to fly back up first before going back on the K-drive.
    Using the starting K-Drive.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 03 Oct 20 at 03:36
    KSI Tano 7Found an 'infinite' spot myself haha, out in the 'Orokin Dig Center' area, Southeast corner of the map. Tried the NE corner, that flops me back to Fortuna Gates, NW corner, just does about to 150 trick score, then resets, SW corner did me to Fortuna Gates....SE corner worked like a charm for the infiinite falling while on K-Board :D
    Posted by KSI Tano 7 on 04 Oct 20 at 21:56
    NonfaithTanogrus's spot worked for me after all the others failed and sent me back to the gate. Boring but effective.
    Posted by Nonfaith on 14 Nov 20 at 05:40
    FlolaisThe best spot is the hole in Deimos. Just walk over the edge and use your k-drive once you start falling. Orb Vallis was getting me 1% every 15-20 min. Deimos got me 1% every minute. No need to reset the combo meter. But I got 13% in the time it took me to get to 3000. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSBO3p8OY8s If you stop falling, just reset by hopping onto your board again and it will put you at the beginning of the map.
    Posted by Flolais on 25 Nov 20 at 22:49
    NonfaithThanks for the info on the Deimos hole. Waaaay easier and FASTER!
    Posted by Nonfaith on 08 Dec 20 at 22:37
    JahonCrossgonna try Deimos The Veil is going way to slow.
    Posted by JahonCross on 24 Jan at 23:49
    ShaneanigensI think the Deimos hole got patched, went to the same spot after the Operation: Orphix Venom update and I don't see the hole there anymore.
    Posted by Shaneanigens on 25 Jan at 01:03
    JahonCrosswas the one in Deimos fixed? because I dont see it.
    Posted by JahonCross on 25 Jan at 01:05
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