City of Suffering

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City of Suffering

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Harvester of Pain and Glory

Reach 1500 Score in the City of Suffering (DLC required).

Harvester of Pain and Glory+15.6
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How to unlock the Harvester of Pain and Glory achievement

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    21 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
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    First, to find the City of Suffering DLC you need to travel to the Triglav subsector, Malcorum system, and the planet Myrkon. Note that you will need a power level of 1300 to unlock the Triglav subsector. The entire DLC consists of a single mission on a single map that you can play repeatedly where you'll face off against an endless supply of Drukhari enemies until the mission ends.

    This is an excellent mission for farming legendary items, by the way. You will receive rare loot boxes for completing the mission, and the higher your score the more of them you'll get, and virtually every one will have a legendary item in it. I was getting 4 loot boxes per completion when I finished in the range of 1200-1500 score. Nice!

    How the mission works:
    When the mission begins, you'll notice a red bar on the right side of your screen, along with a numerical counter indicating your score. The red bar fills continuously as long as there is at least one pain catalyst on the map. When the bar fills completely the mission ends. Pain catalysts are the alien looking tower-like structures that buff the Drukhari enemies. You gain score (very slowly) by killing enemies and destroying pain catalysts. Pain catalysts are indicated by a purple circle on your mini-map. Whenever you see a purple objective indicator on the edge of your mini-map, drop everything and hurry there and destroy it.

    To give you an idea of the slow nature of the scoring, killing small enemies gives you nothing. Regular enemies give you 1 point, while mid-level enemies award 2 to 3 points. Commander and elite type enemies will give 5 or 6 points and pain catalysts are worth 10.

    Character build:
    Really just about any build will work here as long as you can both withstand a good pounding and put out some high damage in a short amount of time. I used a ranged Crusader with focus on critical hits, single DPS, and resistances. TIP: I also used the jetpack armor that allows you to make boosted hops across the map along with a high damage autogun. I was around 1450 power level before I could manage a 1500 score on this DLC.

    How to get a good score:
    Rather than roaming all over the map, I found it best to hang out toward the center right area of the map. You can roam around short distances in this area looking for groups of Drukari to exterminate, but keep an eagle eye on your mini-map for the purple objective indicators! The instant you see one, head there immediately and destroy the pain catalyst - and by that I mean completely ignore all enemies, even the ones gathered up around the catalyst. Get right up close and personal so that the pain catalyst is showing as your target and blow it to hell. If you're using the jet pack armor, you can boost jump right into the pain catalyst, which will not only damage the tower, but also wipe out a good amount of the enemies surrounding it.

    After the tower goes down, clean up the enemies in the immediate area for some score. Move back to your center right location on the map, killing targets of opportunity along the way. You can usually make a short north-south route here to find groups of enemies to kill until the next pain catalyst appears. The catalysts seem to spawn most commonly in the north and south parts of the center and right areas of the map. If you get one that spawns to the left side, hurry there as fast as you can....making use of the jetpack armor if you have it.

    You will also discover groups of Imperial Guard soldiers scattered about the map, and indicated by a flag icon on your mini-map. Passing close to these groups will draft them into your service and they will follow you wherever you go, dispensing death in the name of the Emperor. You should acquire these groups whenever possible, but don't go too far out of your game plan to do it.

    When you see the purple indicator on your mini-map, DO NOT stay to kill that last enemy, DO NOT linger for any reason, DO NOT kill the enemies grouped around the pain catalyst first. Get your ass straight to the pain catalyst and take it out before you do ANYTHING else. It takes A LOT of killed enemies to get to 1500 score, which requires a lot of time, so keep those pain catalysts off the map.

    I also noticed that a good indicator of where a pain catalyst will spawn is to watch for the spawning of very large groups of enemies, especially two very large groups in close proximity. Very often a pain catalyst will spawn in right after two large groups of enemies spawn, and you will be right there to bring them the Emperor's justice.

    Main Tips:
    - Be extremely vigilant in watching for the objective indicators.
    - Get to the pain catalysts with utmost haste.
    - Destroy pain catalysts immediately.
    - Pick up a few Imperial Guard detachments.
    - Kill as many enemies as possible in between pain catalysts.
    - Stay centralized! Do not go chasing groups of enemies all over the map.

    The entire key to this is keeping the pain catalysts off the map in order to give yourself the time to acquire the 1500 score.

    The Emperor protects!
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    BeanpotterInstructions unclear, foot now stuck in toaster :(
    Posted by Beanpotter on 25 Jul 19 at 10:20
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 25 Jul 19 at 13:37
    Dan Solo 88Thanks for the solution, it helped. However, it would be worth adding that it’s imperative that you take out any bosses/leaders (the skull icons) that appear as this stops them summoning too many enemies and allows you to manage the crowd. Once I figured that out I hit 1800 instantly!
    Posted by Dan Solo 88 on 21 Apr at 23:13
    TheCrookedManMDIs there any way to lower the Catalyst meter? Even though I was vigilant about destroying the Catalysts, I could not be everywhere at once and it increased pretty quickly.
    Posted by TheCrookedManMD on 29 May at 03:44
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