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Fortune Island

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Fortune Island

Get Rich and Drive Tryin' achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Get Rich and Drive Tryin'

Find/Smash all 10 Treasure Chests.

Get Rich and Drive Tryin'0
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How to unlock the Get Rich and Drive Tryin' achievement

  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite
    14 Dec 2018 14 Dec 2018 07 Jan 2019
    It is very likely that to do these challenges you will need to use the best tune available on the in-game tune-up download area inside the festival garage.

    When you have done each task, a colourful treasure chest will spawn in a certain area of the map, and it'll be surrounded by coloured shields (in the world, not on the map). If you have the treasure map add on, you can fast travel to the chest on the map.

    Treasure #1: Coffers Of The Tyrant King
    The massive truck stomps around like a T-Rex, roar through the Speed Zone at Festival's Apex.
    Manufacturer: RAM
    Car Name: Rebel TRX Concept 2017 RAM
    Task: Get 1 Star on Festival's Apex Speed Zone

    Treasure #2: Pillars Of Gold
    The Needle Climb has been known to intimidate, when set adrift in an Italian four-five-eight.
    Manufacturer: Ferrari
    Car Name: 458 Italia 2009 Ferrari
    Task: Get 1 Star on Needle Climb Drift Zone

    Treasure #3: The Swiftest Chariot
    A sixty-five wild horse blazed across the USA, follow its trail at Viking Bay.
    Manufacturer: Ford
    Car Name: Mustang GT Coupe 1965 Ford
    Task: Get 1 Star on Viking Bay Trailblazer

    Treasure #4: From Ruins To Riches
    These buildings stood tall, but now have fallen. Jump over them in a three-wheeled Morgan.
    Manufacturer: Morgan
    Car Name: 3 Wheeler 2014 Morgan
    Task: Get 1 Star on Fenholm Ruins Danger Sign

    Treasure #5: The Sword In The Stone
    Legend says the Lady of the Lake will shower with treasure a 3-star R eight.
    Manufacturer: Audi
    Car Name: R8 V10 Plus 2016 Audi
    Task: Get 3 Stars on Lady of the Lake Speed Trap

    Treasure #6: Light of the Lantern
    Will-o'-the Wisp Speed Zone is said to be silly, especially when driven in a Jeep named Willy.
    Manufacturer: Willys
    Car Name: MB Jeep 1945 Willys
    Task: Get 1 Star on Will-O'-The-Wisp Speed Zone

    Treasure #7: Dew of the Ash Tree
    This eighties Lambo was built for dirt, blaze through the forest without getting hurt.
    Manufacturer: Lamborghini
    Car Name: LM 002 1986 Lamborghini
    Task: Get 1 Star on The Forest Run Trailblazer

    Treasure #8: The Skildar Hoard
    This Swedish knight is ready for action, the Lakeside Speed Zone will test its traction.
    Manufacturer: Volvo
    Car Name: Iron Knight 2016 Volvo
    Task: Get 1 Star on Lakeside Speed Zone

    Treasure #9: Of Fame and Fortune
    Korea surprised with this new performance car, sting the Mountain Speed Trap for all three stars.
    Manufacturer: Kia
    Car Name: Stinger 2018 Kia
    Task: Get 3 Stars on Mountainside Speed Trap

    Treasure #10: Risk and Reward
    This house shines like a star, jump to it in a Classic Muscle car.
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Car Name: Nova Super Sport 1966 Chevrolet
    Task: Get 1 Star on Skildar Watch Danger Sign
    Treasure Location Note: This treasure is on the small island with a jetty and a metal ladder on it, in the south part of Westwick Castle Lake. The way I used to get this treasure was doing a massive jump from the west of the treasure over the lake so that you land on the island. According to commenters, it is possible to use an off-road vehicle to climb up the edge of the rocks around this mini island, however, when I tried, I couldn't do it, so I resorted to the huge jump. Hope this helps!

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    beMoDGreat solution, thx. Glitched for me though :-/

    Edit: Unlocked randomly while the xbox was not even turned on :-o
    Posted by beMoD On 18 Dec 20 at 23:46
    HeraizenMany of these you can do with stock.
    Posted by Heraizen On 19 Mar 21 at 12:18
    B4nishedFox@felkadelic You are a god!
    For #10 you don’t have to jump onto the island. I was able to scramble up it using a stock Polaris RZR by approaching somewhat slowly from the west side.
    Posted by B4nishedFox On 05 May 21 at 16:19
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  • busterfrostybusterfrosty
    15 Dec 2018 14 Dec 2018
    Below is a video Showing all 10 Treasure Chest Locations

    TREASURE #1 (00:17)

    TREASURE #2 (00:54)

    TREASURE #3 (01:27)

    TREASURE #4 (02:12)

    TREASURE #5 (02:51)

    TREASURE #6 (03:25)

    TREASURE #7 (03:57)

    TREASURE #8 (04:29)

    TREASURE #9 (05:07)

    TREASURE #10 (5:52)

    Video Credit: “STEVEtheP1R4TE”
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    Br4ndon277Thanks for this.
    (Great help - as always from Steve the pirate. )
    Posted by Br4ndon277 On 18 Dec 18 at 14:09
    YAT0Cracking guide thanks mate
    Posted by YAT0 On 21 Dec 18 at 23:47
    MizerisMoneyCorrection, you can get on to the island in a Polaris. There is a section that you can climb over the rocks. That's what i did.
    Posted by MizerisMoney On 04 Sep 19 at 20:45
  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117
    19 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018
    Step by Step Video Guide explaining how to solve each riddle, and the location of all 10 treasure chests on Fortune Island

    For basic text based instruction open the spoiler below:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I am trying to make quick and simple to follow guides, if you think this guide can be improved somehow please don't just give a negative score let me know so I can improve the channel.
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    The RankmeisterCan I just say that I really enjoyed this achievement! Solving some of the riddles and locating some of the treasure chests was a bit of a challenge but was well worth it, thank you FH4!!!
    Posted by The Rankmeister On 28 Dec 18 at 13:34
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