Fortune Island

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Fortune Island

Drift Club Island achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Drift Club Island

Earn 21 Stars in Drift Club on Fortune Island.

Drift Club Island0
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How to unlock the Drift Club Island achievement

  • N30YRDN30YRD371,435
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    This achievement is very easy... There's only 7 events and you use the formula drift cars...

    ::::FOR 3 STARS::::
    Stage 1 - 120,000 - Follow the route with the blue marker
    Stage 2 - 190,000 - Follow the route with the blue marker
    Stage 3 - 300,000 - Follow the route with the blue marker
    Stage 5 - 500,000 - Ignore the route to the RIGHT and TURN LEFT AT THE START, head down hill the same way STAGE 1 takes you, Turn RIGHT again where STAGE 2 ends, follow road to the end, TURN LEFT and you should be at the top of the Festival drift around there for remaining points to 500,000k
    Stage 6 - 450,000 - Follow the route with the blue marker... But be quick as this track can catch you out on time if your slow
    Stage 7 - 1,000,000 (easier than it sounds) - Follow the route with blue marker, yiu should have at least 600k by the time you get to the festival as that's half way marker, there's bags of time, I usually hit the finish line with about 1 min 30 secs to go...

    Now if you like me, and your not very good at drifting this is my setup for doing all of the above 3 stars...

    Turn ABS, Traction and Stability OFF
    Gears Manual
    Rewind ON (just in case you need it)

    Now as the race starts you want to press the B button twice to get you into 3rd gear and that's it... No need to change fearing as these cars are so powerful that you don't need to worry about speed...

    Also once I got to the amount needed for 3 stars I quickly headed for the finish line, there is tones of time and you should get it no bother :-)

    Any other help needed just ask


    EDIT: If doing this with a partner the person with the highest DRIFT POINTS scored is what the team score will end as... I noticed this today (01/01/2019) with StopSpazinOut... After they asked me for help, and his achievement popped at the end of the 1 million point challenge

    EDIT 2: As of today (13/04/19) I helped PirS92 to do this achievement, and it took a few tries, PirS92 was falling behind (not his fault) and before you used to be able to cut across the grass to catch up this was failing the events... Not sure if this is cause of updates... So NOW:::

    - You can still gain the achievement with your partner getting the highest score
    - YOU MUST STICK TO THE ROADS/DIRT ROADS, its OK to swerve a drift onto the edge of the grass, but full OFFROADING NO!!
    - If you want to cut to catch up, make sure you check the map to see if a road rejoin an event to get to the finish line

    EDIT 3: While recently helping another member I noticed we where failing every event in co-op even when I was hitting more than the 3 STAR marker... I asked the person to try and gain 1 STAR in each event while I continued to get 3 STARS...

    So 1 player has to gain at least 1 star and the other has to gain the amount for all 3 stars
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    Calex dEUSNeeded to switch to manual to get stage 5 the others were fine in auto. Just left it in 3rd and followed the route in the guide and got it but was tight time wise.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 28 Jul 19 at 21:47
    N30YRDSend me a message in xbox and I will do it
    Posted by N30YRD on 09 Sep 19 at 06:58
    N30YRDI'm working backshift this weekend dude, unless you can be in early morning UK time, if not I can be on Monday as that's my next day off
    Posted by N30YRD on 11 Sep 19 at 11:37
    ElSelchoGreat solution! Got everything on my first try without much trouble. Thumbs up!
    Posted by ElSelcho on 08 Mar at 19:44
    FiveWizzGod this achievement is humbling it's tough as nails. Can't get past stage 5. I'd consider myself just above poor at drifting as I did manage to 3 star all the main game drift zones but for some reason finding this so tough. The scores are so huge for such a short time.

    I haven't tried manual gears yet so there's still a lifeline.

    Edit: Doh I had traction control still on. Turning that off helped massively on stage 5. There may still be hope
    Posted by FiveWizz on 14 Mar at 23:46
    N30YRDFiveWizz if your still struggling give me a message on the xbox and I can try and make time to come on and help
    Posted by N30YRD on 15 Mar at 01:13
    FiveWizzThank you very much that's very kind but I have managed it by actually following your advice more closely.
    Buzzin that I finished that; last achievement for the DLC ;)
    Great guide upvote.
    Posted by FiveWizz on 15 Mar at 01:35
    iscasparno need to ever skip the blue line. i tried doing as you said, and couldnt get it. blue line was fine and worked out in the end for me.
    Posted by iscaspar on 25 Mar at 02:55
    AbsohailGreat advice. I followed your instructions about the route. However, I kept traction control, ABS on and kept it on auto. I have trouble controlling the car with traction and abs off. The routes itself are pretty easy to hit the target. I didnt go try to get high on leaderboards as I just wanted the achievements. The only problem with auto transmission is that most of the drifts had to be done around 70-110kmph speed which did hinder me a little but I was able to easily 3 star almost all of them with time to spare and extra scores.

    A couple things I will point out. With my setup I had trouble with stage 5(one where the finish line is at festival) because by the time I got to festival I needed about 120k. Luckily, I had a lot of time and just kept drifting around the festival until I hit the mark. I finished that stage with only 5 seconds to spare.
    The final stage(stage 7) was quite easy. I only had a score of around 420k when I reached the festival but I managed to hit 1M with about 2km left and roughly 2mins on the time. The moment I hit 1M, i went offroad to complete it as fast possible skipping the last few turns. My advice is keep going if you dont hit 500k by the time you reach festival. Chances are you might get 1M when you reach the final destination.
    Posted by Absohail on 13 Aug at 05:44
    x1001x PuppysStage 5 was a bit of a doozy trying to follow OP's advice. Way too hard to remember "where stage 1 ends, where stage 2 ends, etc." Failed like 5 times trying to create my own weird route. I tried out the manual trick and that is what helped. I followed the intended route and got nearly 600k with 15 seconds to spare. I left manual on (because I am lazy) and by kicking it into third gear, stage 6 and 7 were a breeze.
    Posted by x1001x Puppys on 22 Sep at 04:24
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