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Fortune Island

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Fortune Island

Drifters Paradise achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Drifters Paradise

Get 3 Stars on every Drift Zone on Fortune Island.

Drifters Paradise0
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How to unlock the Drifters Paradise achievement

  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip
    14 Mar 2019 14 Mar 2019
    Much like in the base game, the Formula Drift cars are key here. For me, I did all 5 drift zones with the same car -- #13 Ford Mustang 2015 Formula Drift. I believe the Formula Drift pack is available to Game Pass users as well (it was for me).

    With this car I did all 5 drift zones on my first attempt (whereas with other cars I wasn't even coming close to 3-starring any of them).

    The Five drift zones and their score requirements:

    Southland 45,000 points
    Merrow's Perch - 50,000 points
    The Sleeping Giant - 60,000 points
    Skildar Slopes - 70,000 points
    Needle Climb - 200,000 points

    Don't let the point totals mislead you -- I found Needle Climb actually quite easy, for me the one that I came closest to not 3-starring was The Sleeping Giant (req: 60K, I scored 63K, whereas Needle Climb was 200K req, but I scored 233K).

    Aside from these tips all the tips around drifting from this solution might be of help: Solution for "Do you know what 'DK' stands for?" In Forza Horizon 4
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    FiveWizzYes they are. I never bought the game. I have all the cars. Stop spreading false information.
    Posted by FiveWizz On 14 Sep 20 at 00:00
    Dobermann XIt’s available in “manage game” but if you don’t install it from there you don’t get it ingame. It’s why me and other people where unable to use it. Just spread complete informations.
    Posted by Dobermann X On 14 Sep 20 at 13:07
    FiveWizzI can't take responsibility for if you choose to install them or not. They're available to download via gamepass. It seems you have figured that out so what's the problem? They're available via game pass so I spread absolutely no false information. You should apologise if anything.
    Posted by FiveWizz On 14 Sep 20 at 18:13
    Dobermann XI have the game from disc + i'm a gamepass ultimate user. As someone previously said when he tried to get the cars fro the drift pack it was not possible, because it's mentionned nowhere that it's included in game pass. You need to manually download that shit. I don't know why, maybe because we got the game installed from the disc and not from gamepass, but when the game ask you to buy the pack when you can get it for free if you go in the manage settings, it's clearly an issue with how the game manages its content. So other people on the same case will think the same. No it's not included, but in fact yes it is, but you have to go further than the game menu to get it. So this information is needed to complete the guide. But honestly, without this pack it was all doable.
    Posted by Dobermann X On 14 Sep 20 at 19:42
    LvxThanks so much for the car suggestion! Didn't even need to tweak settings. Just used a random tuning and very easily aced all of the drift zones!
    Posted by Lvx On 26 Apr 21 at 17:40
    ChucklestyleI must be literally the worst person alive at driving games because even with the formula drift cars I can't even 2 star Needle. I give up.
    Posted by Chucklestyle On 17 Oct 21 at 03:44
    J PinderI highly recommend the BMW Isetta with a drift tune setup. The shorter wheelbase and strong acceleration really help get and stay sideways along the tracks. It does take practice, though, to throttle the gas and steering to maintain longer drifts along the paths.
    Posted by J Pinder On 26 Nov 21 at 23:59
    ChooseMyFateI used to suck at drifting. Total newb. The #43 Doge Viper SRT10 (2006 Formula Drift) changed that. It basically just wiggles around the entire time and you are always drifting. Hope this helps someone!

    Tune I used with it > 419 189 502 - Author is Tiptronik
    Posted by ChooseMyFate On 26 Jan 22 at 03:23
    RidleyDeckardThis is by far the best tip by ChooseMyFate. I've always struggled with drifting in FH4, but managed 3 stars the first time on all these Drift Zones.
    Posted by RidleyDeckard On 17 Apr 22 at 20:46
    ChooseMyFate@RidleyDeckard Glad I could help!
    Posted by ChooseMyFate On 17 Apr 22 at 21:12
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