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Achievement Details

Fast for a biped?

Reach 5 stars in Challenge mode in under 4 hours (hard difficulty or above)

Fast for a biped?+3.9
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Achievement Guide for Fast for a biped?

  • GdinutGdinut385,308
    13 Dec 2018 14 Dec 2018
    9 0 11
    There are a lot of players having trouble with this achievement. So i am making this post to assist in how i got it. I will update it as i do need to do another run so i can take notes of the final numbers on each dinosaur

    1. Do this on Isla Matencerros or Isla Muerta, they have the lowest Par times/ requirements on hard, vs the other islands. You can attempt this on other islands but it might be harder.

    2. Do not mod any dinosaurs. I did this with 0 dinosaur modifications. But i incubated everything at 100% genome, or as close to 100% genome as i could. The problem with modding, especially in the last stretch. Is that any small mod will raise the price of the dinosaur significantly Vs you will get more rating if you save the money and just make another dinosaur.

    3. Start building your park from the main entrance, inwards. If you start from the middle or the back, your transport rating will be low and you will level up slower. Also in your initial purchases there should be at least a fast food and a clothing shop to get facility rating at 5 stars right off the bat.

    4. Money comes in slower in this difficulty, so you need to focus on your dig teams. Get the extra dig teams from research centers as early as you can. Have all slots on the Expedition center on Dig Yield. And all slots on the Fossil center on Inventory Space( if you start to get crammed with fossiles change one slot to extraction speed). Never Stop digging. As soon as your team come back, go to the menu and sell the stuff they bring in that you do not need.

    As soon as you can get the research cost upgrade, apply 3 of them to your research center in order to lower research costs. Until i had 3 stars i only built 1 hammond center and would airlift dinosaurs to their pens. When i built Pens 6 and 7, Each had their own hammond lab


    Pen 1.

    6 Triceratops
    1 Edmontosaurus
    2 Struthiomimus
    3 Corythosaurus

    Pen 2 (i call this the variery pen this one helps increase your dinosaur variety and lower the variety penalty for not having enough species) Its also cheap to maintain. Start with the ankylosaurus and add the others as you can unlock them. Other Armored dinos like sauropelta also work fine here or any other herbivore with low social requirements.

    2 Ankylosaurus
    1 Chrichtonsaurus
    1 Nodosaurus
    1 Polachantus

    Pen 3
    3 Ceratosaurus
    3 Velociraptors

    Pen 4
    3 Huayangosaurus
    3 Chungkingosaurus

    Pen 5
    1 Metriacanthosaurus
    3 Dilophosaurus

    Pen 6 and Pen 7

    The next two pens are the most important. As soon as you reach 3 stars. Get to 100% genome.
    Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, Trex
    Build Pen 6 First and build dinosaurs until you have social/population gaps almost filled out.
    Once Pen 6 is close to the cap. Build Pen 7 and keep pushing in those 4 species of dinosaurs in there.
    I only did that for the last hour. I have no idea how many dinosaurs i had at the moment since my closest save is around 3 hours in.
    Dont waste money with Indominous rex, Indoraptor or anything too expensive, you should be able to get there with just these. Your rating must be at least 4800 by the time you finish.

    Managed to get it a 3:54. Will do another run on the weekend and will stream it
  • LitaOsirisLitaOsiris764,674
    11 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2019
    3 0 5
    Map: Isla Matanceros - Hard
    Unique Species: 16
    Dinosaur Rating: 4800
    My Time: 3:31

    What my park looked like:
    External image

    This strategy is slow to start but will speed up. At two hours in I only had 2-2.5 stars but the rest comes quickly as everything is coming together. This strategy also requires just two genetic modifications to be researched.

    Stress Inhibitor (SI - up to 2.0) - I cannot emphasise this enough for carnivores. It keeps them calm during bad weather which is worth more than the cost of having to deal with stressed dinosaurs breaking out of their enclosures. Once a dinosaur's comfort threshold percentage is <=60% it will be fine in a storm.
    Immune Response (IR - up to 2.0) - This is to counteract the negative rating from Stress Inhibitor. It will also give your dinosaurs a longer lifespan and better resilience.

    Park entrance is on the bottom left.

    What to build first near the park entrance:
    - Small Power Station (will be upgraded to a Medium one later on)
    - Substation
    - Expedition Centre
    - Fossil Centre

    You keep expeditions going constantly as this will be your main income. Contracts are also useful but not ones that would take you out of your way. So for example, I would definitely take on any contract that would be natural like reach a certain income per minute or perform expeditions or release dinosaurs. I would stay away from contracts that would get me to sell dinosaurs or take photos of dinosaurs doing certain actions. It's too time consuming for this. I would always save once I completed a contract so if I didn't like the contract I was getting, I just reloaded my save to get another one. And this is an obvious one - make sure to keep your reputation with each faction as level as possible to avoid sabotages.

    Save Strategy
    Another note on saves: save regularly - even keep multiple saves - because it's always better to be able to go back. Especially with bad weather. One time I got a tornado so I reloaded my save and didn't get it the next time. If a disease is running rampant and you can't clear it quickly, reload your save. You might still get an outbreak but you might find you deal with it better this time round. If you're trying to create dinosaurs initially before you have 100% genome and it fails, reload your save. It's not worth losing the money.

    Dinosaurs - General Overview
    I know some strategies opt to go with transporting dinosaurs to enclosures but I opted for two Hammond Creation Labs with gates leading to multiple enclosures. Every enclosure had a Viewing Gallery or Viewing Platform depending on the shape of it so they're mostly wide with the exception of one which is long. That particular enclosure was added last.

    I had 16 different types of dinosaurs only. The variety penalty will go to 0 once you have 16. The main thing is not to worry about getting the 16 unique types right away but over time.

    - Ankylosaurus x2
    - Archaeornithomimus x2 * (Gallimimus)
    - Baryonyx (SI 1.0 & IR 2.0) x2 * (Metriacanthosaurus)
    - Chungkingosaurus x3
    - Crichtonsaurus x2 * (Dracorex/Nodosaurus - just have one of these, max is 7 population)
    - Ceratosaurus (only carnivore without SI) x3
    - Corythosaurus x6
    - Dilophosaurus (SI 1.0 & IR 2.0) x21
    - Diplodocus x10
    - Edmontosaurus x4
    - Huayangosaurus x3
    - Sinoceratops x2 * (Torosaurus)
    - Struthiomimus x4
    - Styracosaurus x2 * (Kentrosaurus - requires 3)
    - Triceratops x4
    - Velociraptor (SI 2.0 & IR 2.0) x6

    [- Tyrannosaurus Rex - I had one of these ready to be released with no mods just in case but it wasn't needed at all. This thing costs nearly 2 million. 3 Ceratosaurus' with no mods will cost less and have a higher combined rating.]

    *DLC dinosaurs - brackets are suggested alternatives.

    From the numbers you can see my star dinosaurs are the Diplodocus which is a giant herbivore and the Dilophosaurus which is a small carnivore. They are extremely easy to manage and they will not fight with each other.

    For the herbivores I didn't have mods on them initially but as time goes on and you start having better income I would add the IR 2.0 mod on just for a better rating. By this stage you will have a Success Rate on your Hammond Lab so you don't have to worry about the incubation failing. For the carnivores the mods mentioned are a must.

    External image

    Dinosaur Enclosures
    In total I had 6 of these. In order I created the following:

    (In brackets is max population size and max social size)

    Enclosure 1 (nearest park entrance):
    I added all of these straight away once the genome was viable enough.

    - Corythosaurus x4 (pop: 24, max: 13)
    - Edmontosaurus x4 (pop: 25, max: 15)
    - Struthiomimus x4 (pop: 25, max: 20)
    - Triceratops x4 (pop: 16, max: 6)

    Enclosure 2 (above Enclosure 1):
    I treated this one as one for unique dinosaurs so as they become available through expeditions/fossil extractions I added them.

    - Ankylosaurus x2 (pop: 8, max: 4)
    - Crichtonsaurus x2 (pop: 8, max: 5)
    - Sinoceratops x2 (pop: 16, max: 7)
    - Styracosaurus x2 (pop: 14, max: 5)

    Enclosure 3 (to the right of 1&2):
    Similar to Enclosure 2 but with a larger capacity. If you wanted to you could switch the Chungkingosaurus with the Struthiomimus in Enclosure 1 to fit more in but I found it wasn't necessary. Plus too many dinosaurs in the one enclosure can be a problem when trying to contain outbreaks.

    - Archaeornithomimus x2 (pop: 21, max: 16)
    - Chungkingosaurus x3 (pop: 18, max: 12)
    - Corythosaurus x2 (pop: 24, max: 13)
    - Diplodocus x6 (pop: 24, max: 8)
    - Huayangosaurus x3 (pop: 20, max: 13)

    Enclosure 4 (over by the second Lab on the left):
    You will have these two dinosaurs before you have the majority of the ones in 2&3.

    - Ceratosaurus x3 (pop: 20, max: 3) - create first, needs no mods
    - Dilophosaurus x12 (pop: 22, max: 12) - only create these when SI 1.0 is available

    Enclosure 5 (over by the second Lab on the right):
    Same as 4 for having these dinosaurs before having the majority of the ones in 2&3.

    - Baryonyx x2 (pop: 16, max: 2) - only create these when SI 1.0 is available
    - Velociraptor x6 (pop: 20, max: 6) - only create these when SI 2.0 is available

    Enclosure 6 (in-between 3&4):
    This is used purely for rating. Keep adding these two in here. You will pass the 5 star rating at this point.

    - Dilophosaurus x9 (pop: 22, max: 12)
    - Diplodocus x4 (pop: 24, max: 8)

    The only thing is you will have to transport the Diplodocus because it's too slow. By the time it walks the path I have from the Lab to the Enclosure it has a red food and water status bar. The Dilophosaurus is great and will run into the Enclosure.

    You don't need much for the guest rating.

    - Gift Shop x1
    - Fast Food x1
    - Hotel x1 - you don't need this until your capacity rating drops a bit. I just left space to put it in later.

    I researched the following and just added them near Viewing Galleries:
    - Arcade x2
    - Clothes Shop x2
    - Restaurant x2

    Best thing to do is to just check your Island Facility Rating. If a rating is low just add another building.

    Research Upgrades
    You don't need to research everything but certain things should be prioritised over others. You also don't need a Research Centre until you pass 1 star. Multiplier indicates how many levels are applied to the actual building.

    - Expedition Centre: Dig Yield x3 - should be first on the list.
    - Expedition Centre: Team Bravo, Charlie

    - Research Centre: Research Speed x3 until you get Research Cost then reduce to x1.
    - Research Centre: Research Cost x2 - only research a max of one level of everything necessary until you get this.
    - Research Centre: Team Bravo, Charlie

    - Fossil Centre: Inventory Space x2
    - Fossil Centre: Extraction Speed x1

    - Power Upgrades: Improved Output 3.0
    - Power Upgrades: Outage Protection 3.0
    - Power Upgrades: Reduced Upkeep 3.0
    -- Only apply these to the Medium Power Station. Manage your power on the Small Power Stations initially by switching off stuff you don't need.

    - Hammond Lab: Incubation Speed 4.0
    - Hammond Lab: Success Rate 3.0
    - Hammond Lab: Hatchery Capacity
    -- These vary over time. For example initially it's better to have the Success Rate upgrade in all the slots on the Lab but then as genomes get better and the success rate gets higher this can be switched in favour of getting dinosaurs created as quickly as possible.

    The only other buildings I had were the Ranger Station which I created early on and the ACU Centre which I didn't create until I was creating Enclosures 4&5.
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