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Collect all 100 Data Cells in Fracture

Collect all 100 Data Cells244 (60)

Collect all 100 data cells.

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Achievement Guide for Collect all 100 Data Cells

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Alcatraz (8 Data Disks)

1.) After the tutorial teaches you to throw grenades there are two cement pillars to the left. You need to lower the ground to reveal a whole between them and inside is your first data disc.
2.) When you blow up the shed with the rocket launcher in front of it is a garage. Lower the earth to get into the garage and the disc is in the back left corner.
3.) Past the blown up shed in the back right corner.
4.) After sniping the barrels in tutorial you are given a place to go through to continue with the tutorial. Instead just before entering there is a broken wall to the left of the door with a data disc.
5.) A cinematic occurs asking to save your ally solder on the ground by raising the earth in front of him. To the back on an above walkway is a data disk. Raise the ground to get it.
6.) After blowing up barrels and falling in the hole there is a data disk on another higher up walkway. Clear the area of guys and raise the ground to get to it.
7.) After leaving the building you will drop into an outside area. Right at the beginning turn around and it should be behind you on the right.
8.) After getting the submarine rockets it is in the second story of that building in the far right room. You will need to raise the ground where there is an opening in the wall and jump in.

Act 1. Dropship Down (8 Data Discs)

1.) Start of mission behind the drop ship
2.) After Destroying the first AA gun the operator tells you to destroy the second one. On the way to it there is a ramp on the right side that takes you to the roof of the second AA gun. It's on the roof.
3.) After destroying the AA gun you need to fight some guys below in the field. It is on ledge. It is hard to miss. Raise the ground to get to it.
4.) After watching the cinematic where more of your allies are dropped off you can see the disc on a high platform on some ruins. I raised the ground to jump onto the wall then jumped from the wall to the disc.
5.) After 4 continue further and you see a machine gun bunker place. There is a data disc inside to the far left. You can jump in to go get it.
6.) There will be and underground tunnel shortly after 5. When you exit the tunnel it is directly to your right.
7.) You have to blow up a dropship to continue further. When you blow it up. Go check the debris and lower the earth to go inside and get the data disc in the drop ship.
8.) At the end of the level there is a data disc high up in front of the door to continue further. Raise the ground then throw a land spike grenade to get higher then jump to it.

Conveyor Times (11 Data Discs.)

1.) Right after clearing out the room you will find spike grenades to get to the grenade that was right in front of you in the beginning of the mission.
2.) After getting onto the the top conveyor and taken to the second room jump off it is at the bottom of the conveyor belt.
3.) When the conveyor stops. Raise the terrain the use a spike grenade to get to it.
4.) After killing the four guys with shot guns you go into the room after them you need to raise the earth then do an earth spike to get to it.
5.) Reactivate the conveyor. When you get to the first room raise the ground then do and earth spike near it then jump.
6.) In the next room jump out of the conveyor then go to the left is a ramp to go up and get it.
7.) At the end of the conveyor room behind some crates.
8.) After clearing out the first initial waves go down on the ground and in the big green door on the left holds the data disc.
9.) After is says evacuate the building destroying the four energy tubes a little farther is a data disc on a cement beam. Raise the earth then earth spike and jump to get to it.
10.) It's on top of the yellow crane in this open hangar fight. Raise the earth and earth spike to get to it.
11.) When the drop ship takes you across the gap get out and go towards the cliff it will be on the right side.

Dreadnought Tower (9 Data Discs.)

1.) Behind a tower in which you walk up later on. It's on the ground near some spike grenades behind this tower.
2.) After going up a hill you have to use ground raise on a grate to continue. The data is behind some boxes in this room.
3.) Across the trench is a hill that contains the data disc. This area introduces a new enemy to you. To get the disc ground raise and earth spike to get to it.
4.) Continue further the next disc is on top of a building nearly impossible to miss. Raise ground and trench jump to it.
5.) After blowing up a drop ship you come to a pit where you fight some enemies on the right side on a ledge is the data. Raise ground and earth spike to get it.
6.) After passing through a hollow drop ship there are guys on the ledge to your right. Kill them get on the ledge and follow it up the disc is at the top behind some explosive crates.
7.) Down a metal walkway after clearing guys there is a data disc on a roof to the left. Trench jump to go get it.
8.) Jump to the platform below from "7" continue forward till you see earth spike grenades. Jump over them and turn around. Lower the earth under the spike grenades to reveal a disc.
9.) After raising the bridge with a spike continue forward. The disc is hugging the cliff side around the corner.

Dreadnought revealed (7 Data Discs.)

1.) After getting out of the tunnel right in front of you in a cement tube is the disc. You might need to lower the terrain to get it.
2.) On the golden gate bridge high up on the left. Destroy the tower in front of it a little to the left. This will knock it over. Then earth spike below it. Then use this tower as a ramp to go and get it.
3.) When you see the leg of the Dreadnought squash the drop ship with its foot it's directly to your left in a corner.
4.) It is on the foot of the Dreadnought. Not on the areas you go up a ramp, but on a middle fat one.
5.) After you get on the leg it will make a drop off. Get off of it and go to the back corner on a small hill behind a cement barrier carries the data disc.
6.) After you kill the enemies that are dropped off in pods go through the canyon and a broken tower on the right has a data disc on it. Trench jump to get it.
7.) While waiting for an extraction behind the only building in the area is the data disc.

Act 2. Genetic Research Base(12 Data Discs)

1.) At the beginning of the mission behind you at the back on top of the building. Jump to the crate and jump to the roof.
2.) When you reach an open area you can see the disc high above on a ramp. When you clear the area raise the ground and trench jump to it.
3.) After a little cinematic from "2" follow the pipes on the right. A little behind them is the disc.
4.) Destroy the Generators after that go to where the next area is. Before you enter the door turn around. A disc is behind a part of the building now on your right side.
5.) In the next area you are asked to destroy a radar. There is a disc under a movable flap attached to the bunker. Raise the ground to lift it and go in and get it.
6.) On the other side of "5" is a disc High up. What I did was use a spike grenade to lift the flap to it's maximum, then used another spike to get on top. I jumped for the window crouched as I hit the wall and slowly crouch walked in and got it.
7.) Where there is a mention of creepers and loadstone guns it is in the pit next to you underneath a ramp dive in the pit and retrieve it.
8.) You are introduced to a new enemy the "Cheetah" after killing the first wave drop down on the next platform. Take the steps down to the lower area and the data disc is at the end of the steps.
9.) Use the Loadstone to go get it. It's on a high metal platform that isn't movable like the other platforms. Just use the gun to suck you near it. Jump and get it.
10.) When you are introduced to the shield buster it is on top of a building to the left. Trench jump to a small tower then jump to the larger tower then to the building.
11.) After destroying the Shield with the ball it's on top of a building directly on the left.
12.) When you need to take out a shield with another shield buster it is in the building on the left second story.

Recon (20 Data Discs)

1.) At the beginning on a platform to the right. It is above the creepers. Trench jump to cylinder then to the platform.
2.) In the next area you fall down a broken walkway it is to the right across the toxic waste.
3.) When in the vehicle- you will come across a gap you need to jump and then a building before some green light. It is on top of this building.
4.) After grinding below a ramp there is a data disc high up on the right. Get out of the vehicle and raise the ground and earth spike to get to it.
5.) On the ramp running through the middle after you grind more go up further and jump on the ledge on the right. Backtrack to the bridge and get the disc.
6.) High on a ledge after "5" trench jump to get it.
7.) In a downed drop ship after umping a gap with the vehicle.
8.) Across a toxic lake in a small building.
9.) Up on a large ramp on the left after grinding under a gate.
10.) There is a fourth beam holding up a shield. In this area there are two towers defending it. To the right of the sheild is a door you can lift with the earth. The disc is in there.
11.) In a series of tunnels of toxic waste take two lefts and it is at the end of the tunnel.
12.) When the shield goes up on the super computer drop down to the platform to the right. Look behind you. In the tunnel with the toxic waste at the end of that is a disc.
13.) After escaping in the vehicle the disc is on a bridge after some toxic pools.
14.) A half bridge shortly after "12" it's high on the right side. Jump to get it.
15.) On a little ledge where a toxic guy is shooting you. You can't miss it.
16.) After another toxic guy guarding a ramp it is on a ledge to the right. Trench jump to it.
17.) It seems to be in a broken bunker. It would be to your left. Trench jump to it.
18.) After creating a ramp like the game asks on the other side is a disc in a control tower.
19.) On a lower platform to the left after receiving a sniper rifle.
20.) It is in room below the prison at the end of Act 2.

Washington D.C. Intro (10 Data Discs)

1.) There is a couple of guys shoting you in the beginning in a building to the right. It is inside this building on the ground.
2.) Across this building is another one. Trench Jump to the second story to get it.
3.) After getting across a metal walkway with a sniper rifle at the end of it the building across from it has a disc.
4.) On a broken section of Highway right next to "3." You need to use a spike grenade to get to it.
5.) After a save point from "4" you get ambushed by several enemies. The disc is on the second story of the blown up building on your right.
6.) After the ambush are a guys in a far buildings shooting raptors at you. There is a data disc on the roof of the right one. Clear out the area then earth spike to get it.
7.) After getting a ricochet gun it is across from it on a metal catwalk.
8.) Near the end of the alley from "7" it is at the top of the catwalk on the right. Use a ground spike to get it.
9.) After jumping over the fence it is in the next area on the right side in an alley.
10.) In the same area across from "9" behind a fence.

Generator Beams (7 Data Discs)

1.)After opening the doors that lead to the second beam take the door on the left. Jump up when you see a gap in the cieling. There is a metal walkway you can land on, backtrack to get the data disc.
2.) At the 2nd beam room it is a little halway on the second story.
3.) At the third beam it is near the ledge where the beam enters the room.
4.)In the 4th beam room go to the right side that was blocked by rubble in the previous room. Jump on the walkway and backtrack to find a data cell.
5.) One you ricochet the 4th beam to destroy the shield the disc is on the left walkway in the little hallway.
6.)When you meet the spike hydra it is on the top of one of the beam generators.
7.) Entering the last beam room the disc is on the right behind some rubble.

Dreadnought Destruction (8 Data Discs)

1.) In the building on the right where guys are shooting you it's on the second story.
2.) When the car runs through the wall it is on the building to the left on the second story.
3.) You find a mole gun kill the enemies that come at you and on the right side a 2nd story ledge has a data disc.
4.) Right across the screen you can see this on your left side.
5.) Building infront of you when you drop down from "4."
6.) Across the battlefield on the right from "5."
7.) Across from "5" at the end of this area in a broken building on the left second story.
8.) In the dreadnought it is in a little walkway inside the shield you have to destroy so don't blow it up until you get it.

**That's it all of the data discs!
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